born a snake always a snake


Ight but hear me out; Ven’s curse is him turning into a giant snake monster

I’ve been thinking a lot about Gorgon!Eponine today.

Eponine who always had to hide her snakes, from the moment she was born, and begins to forget that it’s because of an uncontrollable power, not because she’s ugly

Eponine whose parents used her to turn creditors and policemen and anyone else who gave them trouble to stone, and who never quite got over the guilt even though it wasn’t her fault

Eponine who met Cosette, sweet, wonderful Harpy!Cosette who can’t be affected by the snakes because she isn’t human, and who listened in wonder as Cosette told her she was pretty; Eponine who never forgot that, even when they were separated and grew up 

Eponine who feels she isn’t worthy of Marius because of how monstrous she is, but who Marius always uses a small hand mirror to speak with because he doesn’t like that she has to cover herself all the time in order to talk to him

Eponine who meets Cosette again and is immediately dragged out on a shopping trip for new scarves, hats, etc., all while Cosette sings and holds a dozen conversations with the delighted little snakes on her old friend’s head

Eponine who meets Les Amis and finally has a space where she can let here hair down (shhh Bossuet that’s not funny!) and for the first time she doesn’t have to be the one constantly accommodating the rest of the world because of how she was born


Slavic mythology: Dragons

The Slavic mythology saga continues: Vampires | Fairies

As always, feel free to ask this Slav anything about Slavic mythology!

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Nothing cooler than dragons, right? Well, the Slavs had their own, three types, actualy: Aždaja, Ala and zmaj (zmaj is the Serbian word for a dragon).


Appearance: This dragon always has two or more heads on long necks. They are snake like creatures with or without wings or legs. In Slavic mythology dragons are always bron like snakes, but with different details to it. These types of dragons are believed to be born from snake eggs which have survived a hundred years unhatched. Their scales are usually green, since they mostly live in water. As these dragons are mostly associated with destruction and ravaging and not power and fire (like the zmaj) they aren’t usually described as red.

Abilities and behaviour: This dragon is the only one of the three considered unintelligent. Like any other dragon it breaths fire, collects shiny objects and is considered ravenous. They are a symbol of destruction since according to tradition these dragons devour livestock and burn down crops. In fact, tradition from Srem (nothern part of Serbia) says that there used to be special people who fought these dragons and protected the livestock and crops. They were called oblačari (clouders would be the translation).

Habitats: Usually lakes in the mountains (fun fact; these lakes are called Mountain’s Eyes) or remount caves.


Appearance: There isn’t a big difference here between the aždaja and the ala; it’s a snake like creature sometimes with many heads but always with wings. It’s often mentioned that they have legs but hide them. These dragons are also described as green. They are born from a hundred year old unhatched snake egg or from a snake that has eaten another snake.

Abilities and behaviour: This type of dragon posses the same intellligence as the zmaj, but it is much more vicious. This dragon is a man-eater and enjoys drinking human blood. In traditional fairytails this dragon often captures princesses and virgins, even strategizes against their rescuer, bargains with him or tricks him. This dragon was also believed to posses metamorphic powers or to be even able to take the form of a human. These dragons are always bringers of something bad and ominous; it is believed that lunar and solar eclipses are caused by an ala eating the Sun or the Moon.

Habitats: Remount caves, the sea, mountain lakes, castles (in traditional fairytails).


Appearance: A snake-like creature with magnificent wings and almost always red scales which makes the connection to their fire abilities. These dragons are either born from a thirty to fourty year old unhatched snake egg, or from the darkness. This myth is connected to the myth of the brith of light, how the Sun was born from the night.

Abilities and behaviour: In Slavic mythology, dragons (or at least this kind) are proud, powerful, brave, intelligent, unpredictable, mysterious and dangerous. It was a very respected creature amongst the Slavs. They are magical beings, often capable of methamorphosis. Even though it’s advisable to stay away from them, dragons in Slavic mythology are almost always on the humans’ side. They protect them and they are in an everlasting clash with the alas, which are the destroyers and eaters of men. And of course these dragons are, like all others, hoarders. They love shiny objects or objects which used to belong to humans.

Habitats: Remount caves, rarely castles but in this case, no water because these dragons hate it. In fact, according to some beliefs boiling water is a dragon’s only weakness.


In Slavic mythology mythical creatures can often have children with mortal people. Dragons are no exception, but only the zmaj ones. Zmajeviti is the name given to children of a mortal wome and a dragon and I wasn’t sure how to translate the term so I’ve just left it.

These children are, as expected, extremely brave and almost always grow up to be great heroes. They are very handsome and extremely intelligent and strong. They can also shapeshift into eagles or similar birds. They are just and humble and they fight the alas just like their fathers do.

(pssst, my OC Akane is one of these)

Shooting stars

Lastly, the Slavs believed that a shooting star or a falling meteor is a dragon. It was believed that there is gold at the place where the “star” falls, likely because dragons (and their children) are always connected to possessing treasure.

Butch DeLoriaxFemale Lone Wanderer Headcanons

So I have this HUGE idea for a Butch DeLoria x Female Lone Wanderer fanfiction. And I have all these damn headcanons. Shall I write a giant story about all these? (Please don’t steal the ideas! I really want to write this someday but I can’t hold these ideas in anymore.)

  • The Female Lone Wanderer’s headcanonical name is Eve, Eva or Evelyn. James and the FLW’s mother were both religious and quoted the bible. Also, The GECK James searched for stands for Garden of Eden Creation Kit. He would want his daughter to belong to something beautiful. Not to mention…President Eden is this big lie in the same way that utopia can never exist, and the FLW comes to accept that. While she searches long and hard for a better life, she is only shown that she can no longer obtain what she wants. Not to mention, Butch is a Tunnel SNAKE, like the snake who tempted Eve. He believes in anarchy and making one’s own choices that defy the higher power (the Overseer who plays God).
  •  Butch’s father was killed by the overseer. Ellen DeLoria is always drunk like she’s washing away sorrows. Butch’s father used to tell him stories about the outside world and tell him to never tell anyone because everyone is supposed to believe that you are born in the vault and die in the vault. Eventually, when Butch was three or four, his father tried to leave the Vault and was shot by the Overseer’s henchman, perhaps Officer Kendall. Butch could barely remember this…but eventually figured it out as the years went on. His hatred for the Overseer’s control was a personal matter as well as his rebellious spirit coming to light.
  • Butch and the FLW were best friends before the age of nine. They used to share Grognak the Barbarian comic books, and play in the atrium. Eventually however, Butch received pressure from the other boys (mainly Wally Mack) to break away because of gender roles. The female lone wanderer then got even closer to Amata.
  • Butch DeLoria is afraid of radroaches because, when he was five he was locked in the lowest level of Vault 101. His alcoholic mother Ellen DeLoria locked him there.  Butch kept asking his mom about what happened to his dad, and afraid of the Overseer’s wrath, she told Butch to stop asking. But being a  typical five year old, he kept asking over and over. So, she dragged him to the sub basement area while intoxicated. After locking the door, he began to cry and scream after a radroach came out and attacked him. James shows up with his daughter to unlock the door and comfort him. After that, Butch holds a respect for James, but has a resentment towards his daughter that he doesn’t have a father like him. When Butch bullies the lone wanderer, James never actually gets angry since he still feels bad about Butch’s lack of a father figure.
  • The FLW always cried to her dad about Butch. James told her that boys only tease you when they like you… For years, she hoped that was the case. But she still didn’t believe that hitting on her actually meant hitting her!
  • The Female Lone Wanderer is nicknamed “Nosebleed” because of what Butch did. At the age of nine, the kids were playing baseball in the atrium. Eventually, the female became MVP (because the perk says so) and jealous of this, the opposing team’s players told Butch to bring her down a notch. When she was up to bat, he was pitcher, and threw the baseball right at her face, where it hit her nose and she received a bloody nose. He’d been calling her “Nosebleed” ever since.
  • The Female Lone wanderer never fights back against Butch unless he’s bullying someone else, namely Amata. He then stops targeting  Amata after realizing this and tries even harder to get a rise out of her, like throwing gum in her hair during class or tripping her after class. When it never works, he gets obsessed with this…and maybe even develops something far different from hatred.
  • When they were seventeen, Butch fucked up the FLW’s hair. To get back at him for all his teasing she called him a hairdresser instead of a barber. He decided to pull  a prank and botched her long hair unevenly. When she told Amata, Amata tied it like her own hair. So they wore similar hairstyles for a long time. Over time, the ponytail began to grow out more until it no longer resembled the other girl. But she refused to go back to the Vault hairdresser…err barber.
  • A year before the FLW left Vault 101, her relationship with Butch got…somewhat…better. While he still teased her, shoved her in the halls when the other guys were around, etc, he began to get quiet when it was just the two of them. He’d watch her shooting her BB gun in the basement, and even gave her a shot of whiskey he managed to steal from the Overseer’s chambers. They finally got to talk about what it was like growing up with one of their parents being dead. It turns out they had more in common than they initially thought.
  • Butch began to date Susie Mack, Wally Mack’s sister. She’d never admit to it, but when the FLW catches them making out in the hall, she immediately turns back around where she came from and feels like she could cry without fully comprehending why. Butch tries to talk to the FLW and be nicer, but she instead treats him harshly because of her jealousy. He again turns hostile. Wally Mack soon quits the Tunnel Snakes after that, pissed that Butch would go with his sister. 
  • After she left the vault, the FLW always wore the Tunnel Snakes jacket Butch gave her. She began to panic as it got more and more damaged. Eventually, Moira fixed it up, and teases that it has the scent of a man’s aftershave and cologne.
  • Butch DeLoria was the one who spray painted “Fuck You, Overseer” on the “Thank You, Overseer” sign. Amata kept yelling at him to stop it. But he managed to make a contraption out of rope to allow him to paint the sign with the other Tunnel Snakes
  • Butch meets James Hargrave in Rivet City. The kid with a bad attitude has a dead father and alcoholic mother and he reminds Butch so much of himself as a child that it begins to disturb him. He tells the kid about his own life and even becomes like a big brother James could look up to. He also told James to be always be good to C.J. Young, the little girl who always follows james around. And if he does, he’ll even let him join the Tunnel Snakes when he grows up. James asks why he has to act so nice to her. Butch tells James that he’ll understand why when he’s older…. Because he wishes he could’ve treated the FLW better. Every day, he’d been waiting for her to show up in Rivet City…
  • When the FLW agrees to travel with Butch again, she knees him in the groin. Butch apologizes for all the times he bullied her and beat her up when they were kids. So, she knees him in the balls and says she forgives him. He of course crumples to the floor and says “Yeah…maybe…I deserved that Nosebleed.”
  • Butch DeLoria is still a HUGE Grognak the Barbarian comic book fan at the age of 20. His line “I hear there were dragons out there. You ever seen one?” reveals this. It drives the FLW crazy, especially since he spends all their caps on rare issues rather than on the supplies they need.
  • When the pair sleep in Raider camps outdoors, the female lone wanderer always takes the top bunk when they manage to find bunkbeds. Based on the line “Man that creeps me out. That thing up there…you know? The sky…” The lone wanderer knows he’s terrified to look up there, so she alleviates his fear by taking the top bunk, making it feel like he’s back in the Vault.
  • Butch suffers from monophobia: the fear of being alone. His whole “Tunnel Snakes 4 LYFE” motto is only him trying to belong to something. The Tunnel Snakes have no real goals or purpose besides to be “the most badassest gang in the wastes”. Plus, he’s the only one to leave the vault for good after Trouble on the Homefront. This likely means, he knows the gang is over with and everyone else abandoned him… Even still, he follows the FLW and uses the “gang” as an excuse. He never wants anyone else following you. So how could a gang ever form?
  • Butch sings along to Galaxy News Radio. Whenever they are at a bar, Butch gets buzzed and just starts singing along. The FLW told him a million times to shut the hell up, but he just sings louder. His favorite song is supposedly “I’m a Mighty Mighty Man.” because it says that “I really don’t need a wife.” This upsets the FLW though she never says so.
  • The Female Lone Wanderer loves when Butch cuts her hair. The feeling of his fingers against her scalp takes her breath away…until he decides to play the same prank like when they were kids and shaves part of her scalp. She sics Dogmeat on him.
  • Butch really likes Dogmeat, though initially acts like he doesn’t. This is since he doesn’t mind having Dogmeat follow as well. He wanted to sew Dogmeat a personal Tunnel Snake jacket… The FLW forbid it.
  • Butch manages to find a way to bake a sweetroll. He goes through life and limb to obtain the ingredients. He gives it to the female lone wanderer as a peace offering after taking her sweet roll at her birthday party ten years prior.
  • The Lone Wanderer says goodbye to Dogmeat and Butch during the last quest (without expansion). She makes a slight joke that Dogmeat and Butch should go into the irradiated chamber of Project Purity. And while Butch declines, he doesn’t believe that she planned to do it anyway. He doesn’t understand why she says goodbye and tells him to take care of Dogmeat. When she goes in, he tries to stop her but it’s too late.
  • Butch goes into a huge depression before the events of Broken Steel (aka end of game without expansion). He becomes an alcoholic just like his mother and only has thoughts of the lone wanderer. Dogmeat ends up taking care of him more than he takes care of Dogmeat. Every day, Butch regrets that he didn’t activate the control chamber in her stead. Whenever he hears Three Dog mention her on GNR, he gives a toast before downing his last shot and smashing the glass. Instead of “I’m a Mighty Man” he only listens to the slow sad songs like “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire.
  • Ok, that last one made me tear up. AHEM. The female lone wanderer and Butch are in love. I mean…that damn dialogue. As a follower, he flirts so much only if you’re female. Need I say more?
  • Butch and Dogmeat are reunited with the Female Lone Wanderer… The Three Tunnel Snakes For Life. 
2017 Miss Universe:  All the Weird of Hieronymus Bosch, but Fabulous and Feathery

If I can I’ll get back to the SAG awards, but Miss Universe national costume takes precedence over everything, including work.  Especially work.  I wait all year for this shitshow, and from last year’s…creations, you can see why.  Because I’ve always wanted to know what Hieronymus Bosch would have produced given the chance on Project Runway.

Angola came as a techno angel ice-queen, and its Miss is desperately trying to see past that headdress sliding down her face.  Should have included goggles.  Just completely cyber-ice-punked this whole thing out.

Joined by Brazil, the cyber-punk Black Parrot.  If someone had asked me to draw a picture of a “sparkly parrot dominatrix,” this is not what I would have come up with, but it’ll do.

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Slytherin Head Canon 7

Slytherins LOVE their music. They are always convincing the Headmaster to bring in wizarding bands to perform for the students of Hogwarts. Muggle born snakes often introduce the other students to muggle music and groups of students start bonding over similar genre interests. Music is a huge aspect of what it means to be a Slytherin.


So, one of my best friends called me today and had a really interesting story to tell. Her brother keeps snakes, and I learned today that her father does as well.

One of his two snakes had only fed once and since he was concerned he asked a person who is a bit more experienced to meet up and give him advice. Apparently, some snakes can feed once in 5 months: they’ll eat when they need to and not starve themselves. BUT this guy gave him a live mouse and said if he is still worried he could try to feed it a live mouse. See if it’s the hunt that it wants.

But their family has always had the rule to feed their snakes already dead animals. That were dead born etc. So my friend said no: they can’t feed it to the snake and her father gave her the mouse. That she should care for it then.

My friend has a fulltime job, two huskies that need a lot of attention, and other hobbies so she had no time for it. She turned to me.

I’ll adopt it, and care for it. I’m writing this to you because I need all the advice I can get to give it a good life. Please DM or send me an ask! Want to know as much as possible until I get it from my friend and I’m already learning differences from hamster care.

I know little about mice but my first concern was that it looks soo tiny. Apparently, it has eaten and it helped me a bit.

Baltic paganism: Twin snakes

Twin cult and all beliefs connected to it are some of the most archaic features in Baltic paganism. The birth of twins was unusual and a great mystery to people which led to the belief that twins are born only after women’s intercourse with supernatural beings or deities. Thus twins have always been regarded as sacred and became a symbol of life, fertility, happiness, etc. including animal and botanical twins as well. 

The symbol of twins holds a very important place in Baltic paganism. It stayed alive through centuries in a variety of forms. The most popular twin symbol is two snakes (gyvatės) or two grass snakes (žalčiai). They mostly survived in folk art: old architecture, jewelry, ceramics and others. It includes literature, folk songs and dances, mythology (e.g. an old Lithuanian myth about two snakes that created the world).

Picture source | color version

To My Ex-Husband

I can just imagine your face right now as you get this message, that same look where you unconsciously clench your teeth out of stress, making those whining lips of yours to look more perched than they need to be. It really does astound me how ridiculously predictable you are sometimes, but I guess old habits just never die, do they? But I digress, I like seeing you that way, stressed and all. It happens to be one of the things that puts an ever slight warm feeling of ease in my “black, wretched heart,” as I hear a certain someone likes to call it these days. And that’s just when you choose to acknowledge my existence. Ever since I left, you’ve been doing all you can to convince everyone that I don’t even exist, even going so far to make sure that no one ever mentions my name again. Tell me, do I irk you that bad? Do you despise me so much that you figured the only way to hurt me (or more like put an insignificant dent on me) was to absolutely discard the time that we had together? Even though we both know that I was your first?

Let me be extra clear on that. I. Was. First. You can go spread whatever bullshit about me that you like, but I will NOT stand in second place to that pansy of a wife of yours. I will never understand why so many people would be so foolish to even consider her as the first. Her. A weak-willed, mindless footstool whose only purpose for being relevant was literally so you wouldn’t be left fucking a goat. All of this happening after I left you, of course.

And it’s really funny because you were so determined of getting me back when I left. You just couldn’t stand me saying no to you. You couldn’t accept that I wasn’t willing to be at your every beck and call. Hell, you even got three of your father’s buddies to force me to come back to you, as if you OWNED ME! LIKE I WAS SOME PROPERTY THAT YOU COULD CLAIM ANYTIME YOU WISHED! BUT EVEN THEN… I still refused to come back. I didn’t want you and I didn’t want anything to do with you.

By that time, I was already quite popular with my new friends, so there was no longer a need to be with you anyway. And even though my friends were of a different…”kind”, I can assure you that each of them were more of a man than you’ll ever be. Unlike you, they knew how to treat a woman. In fact, they were the first to ever treat me like a woman. They, too, were outcasts that refused to go along with the status quo. And with that, we bonded with deep intimacy on levels you would never understand. I was different then, but I was becoming one of them soon enough. We were prepared to be our own family. But your brute father and his three bastards weren’t willing to accept that either. So they presented me with a choice: Return to your side as your wife or watch my children die. Every. Single. Day.

That was the moment. That had to be the exact moment where every bit of mercy that I had left for your pitiful being had vanished. All of these men constantly telling me what to do… I couldn’t handle it any longer. The enraging hatred that I had for you, for ANYONE that felt that they could exert their control over me had consume me like a roaring flame. It was to the point that I descended into violent fits like that of a madman. I screamed at the top of my lungs, telling the three to go fuck themselves. I cursed your father, I cursed his name in great defiance knowing all too well he took your side even though I was practically his daughter. I vowed that your children would have no peace for as long as I roam the nights. So long as your putrid blood ran through their veins, I would be there waiting to claim their lives. And If that meant the hundred of my own children falling to their deaths everyday, then so be it.

Besides, it ended up not being that much of a big problem after all, not at the rate that I was working. And I have you to thank for that, actually. You see, because you foolishly covered up my existence from everyone (or tried to, I might say), most of your children never know to defend themselves even when I’m standing right in front of them. Your daughters would never know that I was the reason for their miscarriages or the silent deaths of their humble babies. They would never know I was there, laughing in delight as they cry their eyes out over their children’s graves. Your sons would never know that I would disguise myself as the woman of their dreams, making them fall head over heels for me and giving me all of their pathetic love only to drive them to insanity or take their own lives in response to me rejecting them ever so coldly (with quite ease, I must add). All the while, they would give their bodies to me out of their deepest affection and I would use them and continue giving birth to thousands of my own children who would follow in my suit. Sometimes, I don’t even have to come to them physically to get what I want. With the amount of wet dreams your sons have, I’m practically giving birth to a whole army. A few losses doesn’t even phase me anymore.

I just want you to get the clear picture of how inevitable you’ve made this to be, because if you really think about it, this is all your fault. If you would’ve just treated me as your equal instead of some subservient dog, I would have never turned out like this. Your children would’ve never suffered a day in their lives. Your whole kind would’ve never been damned. You and your wife would’ve never eaten the forbidden fruit. Your wife would’ve never came… and we still would have been together. But you broke that. You broke that for everyone. That’s why I can’t give you any hopes of my work ending here. Oh no, you’ve thought too kind of me if you don’t think I have another card waiting up my sleeve to dash out.

ALL of your children have to die with you. None of them can be left behind. All of your traces have to be removed. I will not cease until I have each and every one of their skulls rotting in my clutches.  I will paint this whole fucking world with their blood, if I have to.  And as they cry, scream, and beg for mercy, I’ll simply tell them that you were the reason for their bloodshed.  You were the reason for their fall.  I’ll tell them that you foolishly managed to seal their fate before they were even born.

Do you understand now how much of a serious mistake it was to cross me?  Because I can definitely tell you that everyone going down was always the plan, even since the beginning. I mean, how do you think that snake got into the garden in the first place? How do you think it knew to trick your wife, a newcomer of the garden, into eating the forbidden fruit first instead of you? How do you think it knew precisely what would happen if both of you ate that fruit?

Who exactly did you think that snake was?

Did you seriously think I was just gonna idly sit by and let you live out your happy ending unscathed? Now what type of story would that be? But don’t you worry, I have no intention of letting this story go to waste. None of us do. And with the ending that we have in store for your children, oh, we’re gonna go out with a huge bang. We’re all excited, especially my beloved.

I probably should have mentioned him earlier when I was talking about my group of friends because he was, in fact, their leader. And boy, a leader is only an understatement of what he’s capable of. When he finally comes into power (and he will come into power), he’ll have this whole world eating out of the palm of his hand, if he’s not doing so already. He tends to play your children like a deck of cards, so it’s literally only a matter of time until they willingly give him a throne. And he has plans, GREAT plans to deal with each and every one of your children.

By that time, all of my dearest friends and children will be free to walk on the same ground as yours. We’ll even be close enough to visit your own homes, and maybe even closer… And no, there’s not going to be any barriers of any kind. There’s not going to be a single law or force to protect you. There’s not going to be any prayers, any blessings, or any rituals that you think will stop us. We will have our way and not even your father will be able to do anything about it.

We’re very much looking forward to becoming well acquainted with all of you. We’ll be like one big family. After all, isn’t that what we are at the end of the day? You know, even after all we’ve been through, we never technically got a divorce. And what type of wife would I be if I didn’t come home to take care of my loving husband? So don’t you worry. I might have been away for a long time and there might be a couple of things that has changed about me since we last met. But I promise you, after I finish my work, I’ll be home soon once again, honey.

I’ll be home real soon.

Sincerely your first wife,


A lifetime of daydreaming

When I was two, my mom tells me I could entertain myself for hours with a couple of tissues rolled up like snakes.

“It was so cute! You would just sit in your car seat and have conversations with your tissue snakes. You were always able to entertain yourself.”

When I was four my younger brother was born. He took a lot of attention, but that was OK. I had imaginary friends to play with.  

When I was five I started school. Learning in a classroom environment was hard. My teachers were impressed with my creativity, especially my storytelling ability, but they were also concerned with my slow progress. 

By age ten things became dark. Being around people became hard. Only the people in my imaginary world could truly understand. 

At age twelve I would have given anything to exchange my real life for my dream life. I spent as much time there as I could. 

I’d go to my room, blare my music on a tired old boombox, and pace. My mom worried, but she didn’t know much. Just enough to worry.

When I was fourteen, I hardly ever went to school. I’d say I was sick. I’d cry, I’d gag myself, I’d pound my head against the wall, anything to avoid that hell hole. And then when I was alone, I’d turn up my music and become free in my own world.

By age sixteen, I’d been to several counselors and tried a litany of drugs to treat my mental illness, whatever it was. They knew I was depressed and anxious. They knew I had panic attacks. They knew school was difficult for me. They didn’t know much.

At age eighteen I hadn’t graduated high school. I still listened to my music. I couldn’t do anything for more than an hour without going to my room to “decompress.”

All of my favorite movies, shows, books, ect. became incorporated into my world. All of my favorite characters were tailored to me. All of the funny, interesting, and exciting things that could never happen to me in the real world happened all the time in my world. 

At age nineteen my mom learned about some of the dark things that had happened to me when I was younger. Watching her cry made me feel sick. I never wanted anyone else to be hurt so much because of me. I couldn’t tell my mom any more.

When I was twenty-two, I got my first job. I wanted to be a reliable, hard worker. I gave that job everything I had. And that wasn’t much, certainly not enough. By the time I quit, I felt empty. My imaginary world, my music, and my stories were my only solace.

I’m twenty-four now and for the first time I’ve found that this fantasy that I have used to cope with trauma and mental illness has been recognized and named. It’s not just childishness or laziness, it’s not just another personal failing. 

Daydreaming has always been a huge part of my life and a huge part of who I am. Even if it is maladaptive, I can’t imagine my life without the fantasy world I’ve spent literal years creating and living in.

Original Sin Story: Complete Edition Booklet

Project ‘Ma’… a project proposed by the Senate to prevent the world from ‘total death’.
The objective is to artificially create ‘god twins’ to reincarnate the dragon god Levia-Behemo to bring salvation to the world.
What’s necessary to make it happen is a female ‘Ma’ who will become the mother body for the ‘god twins’.

Queen Marry-Go-Round… Alice Marry-Go-Round, the ruler of Magic Kingdom Levianta and a prophet.
Her real name is Maria Moonlit.
She bore a child without a husband.
She claimed that it was a ‘virgin conception’, but without the recognition from the Senate, the child was born and dumped into the river, while its existence was buried in the dark.

The god twins… the ones who govern the endless cycle of life and death of the world.
‘Boy of the end’ destroys the world, ‘Girl of creation’ recreates it anew.
―But, that’s not the legend of this world.

‘Original Sin’… because someone has reached out for the forbidden fruit, seven sins were released into the world.
However, the one who urges that someone, is a snake.
The snake has been living the the shadow of history. From the distant past, to the far future.
The snake always wear a mask.
A researcher of the parallel world,  an assistant of world creation, a dragon kin, a mad scientist, and finally, a demon.

One of the ‘god twins’ that Meta Salmhofer gave birth to.
He was raised by Eve and Adam.
He was taught by his father, but he was slow and didn’t understand at all.
The glass bottle he picked up somewhere was a treasured item.

One of the ‘god twins’ that Meta Salmhofer gave birth to.
She was raised by Eve and Adam.
Being too mischievous, she often drove her mother angry.
But in reality, it’s because Gretel knew that mother was not her true mother.

Seth Twiright
After Adam fled, the scientist was tasked with Project ‘Ma’.
He had bad eyesight on the left eye since birth.
While he got fatally injured from the Levianta Catastrophe, he still approached a girl while holding a red cat stuffed toy.
After that, it’s said that he headed toward the southern forest, and several months later seven lights soared up from the forest.
… He was never seen again since then.

They told me maybe if I was nicer,
then better things would happen -
they told me
maybe if I was softer,
people wouldn’t leave.
Sometimes I wish I was.
But I was born with wolves in my chest
that taught me to howl every night,
I was raised on pins and needles
and I befriended sharp edges.
I’ve learned to spit words of venom because
being the snake is better than being the mouse -
and history shows us that
people don’t tread on snakes.
They tell me to be softer -
but I will always be the rocks
that are thrown at glass houses.

Pixiv ID: 32594735

Member: ねお


SFX: Chatter

Person: Happy New Year!

(In the Panel) ‘Good luck. Year of the Snake.’

Shinji: White skin, red eyes and always smirking…

Shinji: It sounds like…

Kaworu: Hey! Shinji-kun!

SFX: Thump

Shinji: !

Kaworu: Come with me!

Kaworu: Let’s take an omikuji! Over there!

SFX: Grab

Shinji: Huh? Le-Let me go!

Shinji: It catches you and drags you wherever it wants…

Shinji: Sounds like this guy…

Kaworu: Ahah! Shinji-kun got 'bad luck’!

SFX: Hmph!

Kaworu: Ah! By the way, you were born in the year of Snake, weren’t you?

Shinji: That’s right! I am a Snake!

Notes: O-mikuji (御御籤, 御神籤, or おみくじ) are random fortunes written on strips of paper at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan.

Curse (kyō, 凶) This is what Shinji gets in the omikuji.

exo reacts to you wanting a pet


Suho came home from a long day at work and all he wanted to do was cuddle with you. That’s why, when he walked into your apartment, he didn’t expect to see you on the floor, playing with a ball of fluff. “Y/N?” he questioned as he dropped his keys in the bowl on the counter. “Ah, Suho!! You need to come and see this puppy! My sister was busy so she asked if I could take care of her, and- wait, you’re really tired. Of course. I’m sorry, Suho.” you blabbed but you realized this probably wasn’t the best time since he was working so hard today. “No, it’s alright. If it makes you happy, I don’t mind.” he sat down next to you and patted the dog’s head. “Maybe we can one day get a pet ourselves.” you smiled at him which made him laugh, “maybe, one day.“


“A cat? Or a dog?” you were thinking out loud as you were looking at pictures of adopting a poor pet. You really wanted a pet, and even though you had yet to ask Kyungsoo, you were almost sure he wouldn’t mind, or he would totally be against it. Speaking about satansoo, he walked into your bedroom and came to stand behind your chair, giving you a hug. “What’re you doing, Jagi?” he looked at your laptop’s screen and lifted his eyebrows, “cats, dogs, birds, pets? What’s this about?” he asked, and you turned your head to him, batting your eyes sweetly. “baby, my birthday is coming up, I guess I wouldn’t mind a pet??” you smiled and a smile broke out on Soo’s face. “Aigh, Jagi. What to do with you, you’re too cute.”


“Sehun, oppa? Can I borrow you for a minute?” you turned your head around the corner and motioned for him to come with you and he nodded at you, waving the members goodbye as he made his way over to you. “Yeah, Jagi?” Sehun asked, grabbing your hand. “Well, I was thinking… I really want a dog.” you sighed as you looked out of the window, seeing your neighbour walking their dogs. “A dog? Why a dog? Can’t we take a cat?” Sehun said, taking this a whole other way than you thought he would. “You’d want a pet together?” you asked surprised, and he nodded eagerly. “But only if it’s a cat.” he persisted and you grinned, “let’s buy a cat!“


“Mhmmm, Jagi, how would you feel about having a pet?” Baekhyun questioned one night, and you looked up from your book. “Why this sudden thought? I would love to have a pet, though. Always wanted one.” you squealed inside as he asked and he chuckled, “well, Jongin knows someone that’s giving away just born puppies.. Seeing as he already has three, he asked the members. He says they’re really cute.” Baekhyun winked at you, trying to do aegyo and you laughed. “Ahwe, well, we would be totally crazy if we passed on that opportunity. We’ll talk to Jongie tomorrow.”


“They’re so pretty, I just can’t.” you sighed as you were walking around in the zoo and you were at the snake department. One way or another, you had this strange love for snakes and you found them extraordinary. Yixing however, not so much extraordinary as scary. “You know that some people have a snake as a pet? We can get one too, Xing. Wouldn’t that be amazing?” you grinned at him as he slowly tilted his head to the side with a creeped out smile on his face, “yeah, uh, maybe not, sorry.”


Jongin and you were having the best time playing around with Minggu. You didn’t have a chance to play with the other dogs, since they were out walking, but at least Minggu was here. “Jongie, we should get another dog.” you pouted at Jongin, he knew you loved dogs just as much as he did (if not more) and he shook his head, “how will we take care of them? Three is already a struggle!” Jongin chuckled as you pouted again and tried to pull off aegyo to convince him, “but oppa, I love you so much, and dogs too, and look at Minggu, wouldn’t you want another one?” Jongin smiled and leaned back, laying down on the floor, “maybe. I’ll think about it.“


The both of you were walking around in the dog shelter, and you felt the need to cry. All of the dogs looked so sad, and you wanted to take them all. “Jongdae-ah, how will we decide?” you said, literally close to tears as you looked at Jongdae. “Jagi, this might’ve been a bad idea. And, we will know when we see.” he stroked your arm and he suddenly stopped. Jongdae pointed at a cage where in the dark corner, you could see a fluffy tail and two big eyes staring at the both of you. You let out a small sob as you knelled down and pulled Jongdae with you. “Baby, this is her, yes?” he smiled and you nodded at him, giving him a kiss.


“All I want for christmas is a dog. That’s all I’m asking for.” you grinned as you were writing a christmas wish list for your parents, who still liked to celebrate since you had a young sibling that still believed in santa claus. “A dog? Wouldn’t you like a different pet?” Chanyeol’s eyes widened as he took you paper and crossed away the dog. “I’m not sure if I could handle a dog, Jagi. You’d pay less attention to me. Something I could handle would be a-, ah.. A goldfish. Let’s get fish. Or a bird. Please don’t forget about me.” Chanyeol pouted and you laughed, “don’t be silly. I love you too much to ever forget about you. No dog could change that.”


You were driving through the city, looking through the window and loudly jamming while Minseok was driving and also, loudly jamming. Just as the song changed, you let out a squeal of sadness, “aigh! Look at the puppy… Babe, we can’t drive past the puppy. It’s not wearing a collar, so it’s all alone…” your expression turned sad and Minseok looked to the side only to have him protest too. “aweee. We shouldn’t… Can we? Could we take it home? It’s too much work…” He was debating with himself and you moved closer to him, making him look at the puppy again, “but look at it! We can’t just leave it here, all by itself…” you sniffed and Minseok shook his head, “we can’t. How about this: we will go to the shelter later on and we can look for a pet… But we should think about this first.”

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themalfoymanner  asked:

Salazar Slytherin headcanons please :)

ooohh this should be interesting, thanks babe.

  • He grew up in marshlands and so he was comfortable around water. This was one of the reasons he advocated for a castle location near a lake. 
  • The marshes he frequented as a child were full of water snakes, and he could speak in Parseltongue before he could speak in English (a fact his parents were quite proud of). It was rather lonely in his home, so the snakes were his best friends. 
  • Part of the reason he mistrusted Muggleborns was because during the 10th Century (when he was born), the violent Muggles known as Vikings were constantly waging wars and take-overs. His father had always ranted on about how if Muggleborns were to tell their secret to Muggles, then they could have an uprising against them. He also knew that Muggles also had a history of condemning people they believed to be capable of magic. 
  • He met Godric during his teenage years, and they became best friends very quickly. They both strove for greatness and the betterment of the Wizarding World. They argued a lot during their discussions, but their passionate minds were mostly in sync.
  • Occasionally their fights would lead to heated snogging/groping, but nothing ever came of it, and they never spoke about it.
  • It was when Godric and Salazar hung out with Rowena, the daughter of a family friend, that they first came up with the idea of a Wizarding school. 
  • The first time Rowena brought her friend Helga over to discuss the idea of the school, Salazar was immediately drawn to her. She had strawberry blonde hair, laughed too much, and smiled too openly. He didn’t completely understand her overwhelming love for all people, but it was enough to make him intrigued by her. 
  • He got along with Rowena, their brilliant minds allowing for glorious debates, but she was always watching him like a hawk, as if she knew he could be dangerous to them. 
  • Salazar wanted students who were ambitious, who craved greatness like himself, and who were cunning enough to make find a way to attain it. He wanted to help them be the best they could be.
  • During the making of Hogwarts, Salazar and Helga started having frequent trysts. The first time they used Parseltongue sexually, it was an accident, but it quickly became a common occurrence. 
  • As much as they enjoyed each other, they were never exclusive. Salazar knew there was something between Helga and Rowena that was more than friendship, and he had his own occasional nights at high-society Wizarding clubs. 
  • One late night, Godric told him it was okay to love her. Salazar said he felt nothing of the sort, but his throat tightened painfully.
  • At this point, there were rifts between the founders’ beliefs and opinions. Salazar knew leaving was a possibility, so he refused to address any feelings he might have. 
  • After one intense fight with Helga about the students that left her crying and his heart breaking, he left. Godric tried to come after him, to persuade him to come back, but Salazar threw him out. 
  • He was vulnerable with his fellow founders, and he did not accept that vulnerability. He never spoke to them again. 

(I’m sorry this is so long, but as it turns out, I have a lot of opinions about Salazar Slytherin that I was unaware of)

SIEG interview - translation

(This accompanies the SIEG spread. Translated fr J亲故最乖巧o_O) 

Q: What did you do on January 1?

WB: I hosted an acting award show for the very first time, it was an honor to share the stage with my sunbaes and to spend the new year with them. Afterwards I went to a place by myself where I held special memories. About 3 years ago, there was a period when I was quite down due to various reasons, so my friends and I went somewhere to vent our frustrations. “I can do it! I can overcome anything!”  - we kept repeating this. Now, I went back to the same spot in a happier mood, I stood there for a long time and got caught up with my emotions, so I cried for a bit. I’m really thankful for everyone’s support, again I said to myself “I can do it!” 

Q: Did you realize the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of 2013?

WB: I’m a snake (year he was born), and 2013 also happens to be year of the snake. I prayed for good things to happen to me and to pass the year healthily. Not sure if luck has anything to do with it, but I was so busy this year I didn’t even have time to be sick. I guess you could say my goal was fulfilled. 

Q: Then is there something that you regret not doing?

WB: One of my new year goals is always to learn a new language, but after a few days I’ll make the excuse and say I’m too busy to do it, but this year, I vow to work hard on this! 

Q: At which point in your life would you classify as ‘before and after’?

WB: Ah in order for me to answer this I think I still need a few more years of experience. It’s too early to say when my turning point is. I would call 2013 the year where I turned from model to actor, certainly this is an important year for me. Now it’s the time to forge forward, and not look back. 

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