born 1992

[TRANS] Shukan Josei: Profiles

SUGA: Profile
23 years old, born March 9th, 1993. 174 cm, Blood type O. Along with his activities with BTS, he also is known as a music “genius” with his solo activities under the name of Agust D. He said, “When I work, I just work and when I rest, I rest. That’s my personality.” In the studio, he’s usually buried in his bed alongside Jimin, as they wait for their makeup to be done. Brilliant self-analysis.

JIN: Profile
24 years old, born December 4th, 1992. 179cm, Blood Type O. Vocalist. He’s the oldest member of the group, known to be a handsome eater. Rap Monster says that “I’m really jealous of how he doesn’t have any stress.” His personality makes him say things like, “Once I sleep I forget. The tough things, even things I learned (lol). Ah, is that my tea? (lol)” His innocent personality makes everyone around him feel happy.

JIMIN: Profile
21 years old, born October 13th, 1995. 173cm, Blood Type A. Vocalist. He shows expression through the contemporary dance he learned at a Performance High School. Because he sometimes looks like he has soft face, people call him “ChimChim.” During an interview, we told him that his jawline looked sharp, his eyes lit up and said “I’m on a diet,” then turned to Jungkook to say “They said I lost weight!,” with a smile on his face.

22 years old, born September 12th, 1994. 181 cm, Blood Type A. He has many solo activities, including collaborations with other artists. Relied on by others, he’s a super smart yet clumsy leader. When he goes into the studio or when simply greeting staff he would greet them, “Good Morning… aah!,” as he trips on the stairs. He’s a good person.

V: Profile
21 years old, born December 30th, 1995. 178cm, Blood Type AB. Vocalist. He is currently starring in the ongoing Korean Drama, “Hwarang” (broadcasted in Japan from March, on CSDATV). He’s a handsome and interesting kid. During an early schedule, while everyone was sleepy, he came in humming a song. Although it was early, he showed enthusiasm, even asking, “Where will the makeup be done?” in Japanese, but as the schedule was ending he seemed to have a delayed feeling of sleepiness that he was fighting against (lol).

19 years old, born September 1st, 1997. 178cm, Blood Type A. Vocalist. He has brilliant skills in dance, singing, and sports, and is known as the “Golden Maknae.” He was teased by J-Hope who said, “Your legs are shaking” as Jungkook tried to keep a challenging pose for the shoot. But then, he just smiled and told the staff, “I’m fine!”. His manly Busan personality made our hearts race.

J-HOPE: Profile
22 years old, born February 18th, 1994. 177cm, Blood Type A. Rapper. Since he practiced street dance from his school ages, he pulls the group along as the lead dancer. His words “Let’s go,” was also the ones that brought the group in together to start this shoot. During his free time, he was practicing his Japanese pronunciation of “HOPE” with the staff, which was very impressive.

BTS: Group Profile
Their name holds the meaning that their music will push through the negative stereotypes put on millennials by older generations. BTS debuted in Korea in 2013. The following June, they also debuted in Japan. Their 2015 Japanese single “FOR YOU” placed number 1 on the Weekly Oricon Rankings. Last year, they also placed first on the Oricon rankings for their album “YOUTH.” The members also participated in producing their Korean album WINGS, last autumn, which earned the highest placement as Korean Artists on the American Billboard Charts, 26th, showing their popularity across the globe.

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Dark skin model of the week

Model Maria Borges  

Born October 28, 1992 in Luanda, Angola

  • Lived with her siblings and they raised her in Angola during the Angolan civil war 
  • Discovered in 2010 by wining second place at the Angolan contest Elite Model Look
  • Wins Ford Supermodel competition in  2011 
  • One of the highest paid African Models, she was placed in first placed for Forbes’ list of highest paid African Models 
  • Has appeared on magazines like Vogue and i-D 
  • Borges has worked for brands like Banana Republic, Dior, Elie Saab, Emporio Armani, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier among others 
  • Has walked the Victorias Secret fashion show 4 times in a row 
  • In 2015 was the first black model in the Victorias Secret fashion show to wear her natural hair 

anonymous asked:

hi im a very new army like i only became an army yesterday and your one of the few army blogs im following and i want to pick a bias but i need help.i never pick a based on their looks i tend to focus on the personality more and since you know the boys pretty well can you give me a real quick brief summary about the boys and their personality so i can pick a bias?<3

*cracks knuckles* alright. let’s do this.

this is jin. vocalist. real name kim seokjin. born dec 4th 1992. also called mama jin, pink princess, super mario enthusiast number #1, the most handsome man alive. from anyang. feeds the rest of the members to make sure they don’t die of starvation. loves to cook. apparently cooks bland food (source: yoongi). has the voice of an angel. listen to his covers on soundcloud. probably loves the color pink more than you. has a mukbang called eat jin. the oldest. is very caring and motherly towards the group, but knows when to turn on the sass when the kids are acting like they deserve an ass whoopin’. once accidentally posted a picture in their dorm with a condom in the background. once stepped out of a car and became an internet sensation: car door guy. is actually the most handsome man alive. 

this is suga. rapper. real name min yoongi. born march 9 1993. also called min pd, producer min, d-boy, min yoongi jjang jjang man boong boong, grandpa of the group.  enjoys his sleep. can often be seen in the background of videos just chilling on his phone. #Relatable in the form of a man. seems like a tough guy is actually the sweetest thing alive and cries when thanking the fans at concerts and writes 100-tweet-long messages. once spent an hour tweeting from the bath. loves kumamon more than life. balances stuffed animals on his head during fansigns. a grumpy gus. from daegu and dont u forget it. the absolute sassiest thing alive. a great producer. super hardworking. has scented candles in his studio. once licked a bath bomb. 

this is jhope. rapper and dancer. real name jung hoseok. born feb 18 1994. nicknames hobi, your hope, piece of literal sunshine. do not look at him smiling or else you’ll be blinded by how bright it is. expert at girl group dances. likes to hit people. sometimes posts videos of himself/does livestreams dancing titled hope on the street. choreography leader. from gwangju. go listen to his solo song 1verse on their soundcloud. energetic and hella wild. goofy and is a pro at making people laugh. can’t dance in heels. scared of everything. if you watch a video and there is unidentified screaming in the background, that is probably him. is as flexible as a cooked noodle and it terrifies me.

this is rap monster. ignore the stage name. rapper and leader. real name kim namjoon. born sept 12 1994. nicknames: dance monster, rapmon, RM, leader mon, a nerd. waxes poetic about so many things and i love it. philosophical as hell. from ilsan. loves to share his music on twitter #RMusic. hella fashionable, even though his fashion sense is also hella weird. posts #aesthetic fashion pics on twitter called #KimDaily. has a mixtape called RM thats fire. is r-a-p monster not d-a-n-c-e monster. has an IQ of 140 but probably still pushes on doors that have PULL signs. taught himself english. loves to read a lot. once tripped at rehearsal and injured himself. really fucking awkward and an actual dorky nerd. leaves his old contact lenses on the floor of his room. snores really loudly.

this is jimin. vocalist and dancer. full name park jimin. born oct 13 1995. nicknames: jiminnie, pabo, angel on earth. his body is more fluid than a bottle of water. has a laugh that is brighter than the sun and could cure famine and disease. turns into a sex god when performing; it offends me. but knows how to crank up the cuteness. so cute he could probably kill me and i’d thank him. is actually a brat. does everything he can for his members and would probs walk thru hell if one of them asked. doesnt like being short. is the shortest member. super duper giggly and shy when he’s not performing. turns red as a tomato when he’s embarrassed. once grabbed jungkook by the dick on international live television.

this is v. vocalist. real name kim taehyung. born dec 30 1995. nicknames: taetae, honey, sweetie pie, a little shit. is really energetic and crazy. a master at making ridiculous faces at the camera when It Is Not The Time to be doing so. has a square smile that could probably solve global warming. likes to post videos on twitter that make me wanna sue. once bumped his head on a microphone on live television. loves stuffed animals. is a bigger fan of the rap line than u are. loves children and dogs will go out of his way to interact with them. so super duper touchy with all of the members and i live for it. would be the type of guy to prank you by filling your shoes with whipped cream. he thinks you should watch haikyuu! once did the whip on a tv show about pets for no goddamn reason.

this is jungkook. vocalist, dancer, maknae. full name jeon jungkook. born sept 1 1997. nicknames: kookie, golden maknae, spawn of satan. is the youngest and finds delight in bothering and fucking with his hyungs. actually really shy and cute. but then turns into a smoldering muscle pig the moment he’s on stage. my son. adios middle school. was banned from the gym because his muscles were getting too intense. could still beat me up if he tried. listen to his covers on soundcloud. has a very flexible face. the fandom likes to portray him as this mysterious sex god when he’s actually a nerdy shy emo kid who would rather binge watch anime than sleep. his fave anime character is one punch man. might actually be a bunny reincarnated into a human being. once ate a gumball that fell on the ground.

and that my friends is bangtan sonyeondan. 

imagine: modern john and paul
  • John is born in 1990 instead of 1940, Paul is born in 1992 instead of 1942
  • Everything is the same in the early days, they meet at a garden fete blah blah Paul joins John’s band in 2007 instead of 1957
  • BUT, because being gay isn’t viewed as being bad anymore, they get married and live happily ever after
  • They have an actual honeymoon in Paris
  • They don’t blow up and become famous, they’re just regular people
  • Paul is a doctor or something, John is a poet/artist
  • They have a son, Julian, via John and Cynthia (a surrogate mother), and Martha is their dog of course
  • Like just imagine them in public holding hands and kissing like a regular couple without having to worry about being judged by the whole world, or having to hide their relationship
  • And there’s no Yoko :)
  • They might even do a vlog of their relationship, imagine how cute that would be omgggg
  • Okay I’m done

(born 7 February 1992 in Reus, Spain)

“At 14, a La Masia scout came to my former club and really liked the way I played that day. Later on, I found out that he was actually meant to be looking at another youngster who left the following year because he wasn’t playing anymore. Football is like that sometimes, your career changes completely  because of the smallest detail. Mine changed for the better in that game because if it wasn’t for that, I might not be here today.”

PTX Project Time Line ❤️

October 5, 1988- Kevin Oluwole Olusola is born
April 17, 1989- Avriel Benjamin Kaplan is born
September 17, 1991- Scott Richard Hoying is born
May 16, 1992- Kirstin Taylor Maldonado is born
July 24, 1992- Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi is born
April 28, 2010- Trio uploads their first cover on YouTube
June 30, 2010- Video of trio singing Telephone at Choir Concert is uploaded to YouTube
June 4, 2011- PTX is formed
June 5, 2011- PTX auditions for the sing off
November 28, 2011- PTX wins season 3 of the Sing Off
January 10, 2012- First YouTube Cover (Moves Like Jagger) is uploaded
June 26, 2012- PTX Vol. I is released
November 13, 2012- PTXmas is released
March 12, 2013- Radioactive (ft. Lindsey Stirling) is released
April 15, 2013- Evolution of Music is released
May 24, 2013- PTXOfficial hits 1 million subscribers
July 16, 2013- Wizard of Ahhs w/ Todrick Hall is released
August 13, 2013- Superfruit is started
October 20, 2013- Kirstin and Jeremy start dating
October 24, 2013- Evolution of Beyonce is released
November 4, 2013- Daft Punk music video is released
November 4, 2013- Performance of The Ellen Show
November 5, 2013- PTX Vol. II is released
November 7, 2013- PTXOfficial hits 2 million subscribers
December 5, 2013- PTXOfficial hits 3 million subscribers
December 9, 2013- Scott and Mitch adopt Wyatt Blue
December 30, 2013- PTXOfficial hits 4 million subscribers
February 7, 2014- Performance on Sesame Street
March 2, 2014- PTXOfficial hits 5 million subscribers
July 5, 2014- The first session of A Cappella Academy begins
August 3, 2014- PTXOfficial hits 6 million subscribers
August 4, 2014- ‘We Are Ninjas’ music video is released
September 10, 2014- Kirstin and Jeremy adopt Olaf
September 23, 2014- PTX Vol. III is released
October 21, 2014- That’s Christmas to Me is released
November 27, 2014- Performance at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
December 4, 2014- First Grammy nomination for Daft Punk
December 8, 2014- Performance at Kennedy Center Honors award in honor of Tom Hanks
December 10, 2014- That’s Christmas to Me goes gold
December 10, 2014- PTXOfficial hits 7 million subscribers
December 23, 2014- Sup3rfruit hits 1 million subscribers
December 24, 2014- That’s Christmas to Me goes platinum
December 31, 2014- PTX performs on NYRE
February 8, 2015- First Grammy Win for Daft Punk
February 25, 2015- On My Way Home Tour begins
March 6, 2015- Kevin releases ‘The Renegade EP’
April 28, 2015- PTXOfficial hits 8 million subscribers
May 15, 2015- Pitch Perfect 2 is released with PTX as guest stars
June 8, 2015- Scott and Mitch appear on the Grace Helbig Show
June 9, 2015- PTX started saying #s**n
June 14, 2015- Performance on Disney Channel show ‘K.C. Undercover’
June 18, 2015- On My Way Home Documentary released
June 22, 2015- Evolution of Michael Jackson is released
July 1, 2015- Kirstin launches her website/blog
July 4, 2015- PTXOfficial reaches 1 billion views
July 11, 2015- First show of Piece by Piece Tour opening for Kelly Clarkson
October 1, 2015- PTXOfficial hits 9 million subscribers
October 16, 2015- Pentatonix (self-titled album) is released
October 20, 2015- Performance on Today Show
October 21, 2015- Performance on Sprout
October 23, 2015- First #1 Album on Billboard
October 30, 2015- That’s Christmas to Me Deluxe is released
November 4, 2015- Performance on CMA Awards to honor Oak Ridge Boys
November 22, 2015- Star Wars Medley at AMAs
November 30, 2015- Performance on Charlie Brown 50th Christmas Special
December 2, 2015- Performance at Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting
December 3, 2015- Performance on CMA Country Christmas
December 7, 2015- Second Grammy Nomination for Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
December 21, 2015- Empire State Building lights up to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
December 31, 2015- PTX performs on NYRE
January 24, 2016- PTXOfficial hits 10 million subscribers
February 1, 2016- Kevin releases collaborative project “Triptyq”
February 2, 2016- Nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award
February 8, 2016- Pentatonix goes gold
February 8, 2016- Scott and Mitch appear on Gay Skit Happens
February 9, 2016- PTX announces world tour
April 13, 2016- Pentatonix World Tour begins

PLEASE ADD ANYTHING WE MAY HAVE MISSED & SEND IN WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THESE EVENTS TO GET INTO THE BOOK 😋❤️ @superfruitisfcute spent like her whole damn day on this btw 😂

What should you know about me?

My name is Cecilia, my friends often call me Ceci or Cece. Its actually my middle name, because my first one is unpronounceable for non-spanish speakers (Eugenia)
I was born in May 14th 1992, Im a Taurus, though I dont really believe in horoscopes. My numbers are 4, 8 and 19.

The number 4 is for February 4th 1998. The date my best friend was born, my little sister. Is a really bittersweet number, because life has taken her from me in the most ruthless way someone can possibly imagine.

With 8 is the same, She died June 8th 2010, its a number that haunts me, that I want to make sense to it but I never can. Is the number I have tattooed on my arm non thinking specifically on it, I thought I was getting an infinite symbol. But a kid in school once told me, “you have an 8 there”, and he is right, I have it, and I cant erase it from my life.

Why the infinite symbol? it wasnt because it was trendy, though I love it. It is because I have emotions that run wild, emotions that are rollercoasters, limitless. I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I am infinite. My emotions are, my happiness, My sadness, my love, everything that I feel I feel it so deeply, so intense it burns and it freezes and it crushes and spins my whole world. I am infinite.
And 19. 19 is my love number. Is a number so magnificent and so simple. Is the date I met the love of my life. And also happens to be the number of his birthday. it happened to be the year I moved out permanently from my parents home, and it adds up 10. 1 + 9. And somehow, in all the chaos that I feel arround all the time, I feel that conforting.

Thats why I feel 13 conforting as well, it adds up 4, my sister’s number. My best friend number, and even if i always sucked at maths, every time i encounter this numbers, or someone named Lucia or Lucy (My sister’s name) I know somehow im going to be ok. Everytime I had surgery there was a nurse, a doctor or a psychologist named Lucy, so I just know, Im being taken care of properly by my sister.

I do not know if I believe in heaven. I was raised atheist as my parents, and believing God is a human construction for our own shelter and protection, to feel less alone and vulnerable, to feel we have something greater than us. I want to believe that, but its hard to think that this God almighty, this benevolent super man would take away something so fragile and beautiful from so many souls. My soul died with my sister. Now im living trying to put the pieces together, trying my best to deal with post traumatic stress disorder because what I faced was death and horror and heartbreak in the worst kind of way. But back to heaven, I just want to believe there is something more than this, I want to believe that somehow Ill see my sister again. That Ill get to smell her hair and hold her overly warm and sometimes sweaty hands. I want to stare into those black eyes again, and hear her voice that now is long gone and I forgotten. We never think about all the things we have to pay attention to.

You also have to know Im a kind person, and that I always want to help, but I get used very easily so I have to shelter myself from people that only lay their problems out on me and wont be there when I need an ear.

I have bad health, i get sick really easily, mostly because of how depressed I get and my inmune system shutdowns leaving me alone and vulnerable.

You should know I love to sing and paint. And that Im fairly good at both things and I have many friends encouraging me to do those activities more each day, which is amazing because Ive always lacked of something called self esteem, I was severely bullied at school and with my mental disorder is just too hard for me to find a stable ground.

You should know Im an open person, a hopeless romantic and that I wont judge you for any of your choices, that if you are a good, nice and sincere person, I will stand by your side.

You should know I get frustrated easily, and that life hasnt been exactly easy or conforting for me, and when I see people complaining for things that I wouldnt even dare to imagine to have, I tend to be a lil rough. But I dont mean any harm, I just want to let people know that they should appreciate all the things they have and how hard it is for some others that werent so lucky to be born in a nice country or to have access to certain things.

You should know I love Taylor Swift and that she has been my only friend besides my sister for a long time, and that I found confort and explanations of my own feelings in her lyrics, as if I was reading my own diary.

I experieced rejection, bullying, hearbreak, love, happiness, and she was by my side. All this years.

She got to be the only one listening to my crying when my parents were living 400 kms away with my sick sister and I had to stay alone in a house, and “man up” at 15 and just be an adult even though I wish I never grown up.

She got to sing me 22 in my 22nd birthday, and She explained me that even in the toughest moments, he was the best thing thats ever been mine, and that we wont make my parents mistakes.

She got to serenade my mom and me with Best day, feeling those years when barbies and dressing up as a princess were the main activities of the day

She got to be in front of me in Tampa, in 1989 world tour, singing a song of a movie about two sisters whose love was greater than any winter. She got to sing that song to me. Yes, it is naive to think it was for me, but is also conforting and sweet, and somehow I just feel it was ment to be, for me and my sister.

You have to know im passionate, and that I will never ever stop trying to meet @taylorswift and tell her about my lil sister Lucy. I will never ever stop trying to meet her and hug her for all those endless nights crying myself to sleep next to her. I will never ever stop trying to thank her for giving me a reason on 2015 to stay alive and not try to end my life again and for helping me get the proper treatment I needed. Ill never stop trying

Those are things you should know about me, if we are gonna be friends.

new rebel? here some quick facts about DEAN

1) real name is kwon hyuk
2) born november 10, 1992 (age 24)
3) has one brother
4) from seoul , south korea
5) fans are called rebels
6) made his US debut first
7) has one full EP 130 MOOD: TRBL and a single EP with 2 songs LIMBO
8) referred to as DEANTRBL, DEAN, and DEANFLUENZA (the name he used while songwriting)
9) a part of two crews, club eskimo (with members such as punchnello, crush, offonoff, etc.) as well as fxncy child (with members such as zico, and crush)
10) he was a songwriter and producer before debut (as said before) and has produced many hit KPOP singles such as; EXO Growl, and VIXX Voodoo Doll.

HOTSHOT Intro Post

HOTSHOT is a 6 member boy group from K.O. Sound. They debuted on October 31st, 2014 with the song “Take a Shot”.

Junhyuk -

Leader, born April 21st, 1992. 183cm. Dad of the group

He’s a sweetheart (dork) that tries to be sexy

Timoteo (Moonkyu) -

Vocal and dancer, born January 25th, 1993. 180cm. Mom of the group

He’s a huge, lovable dork

Kid Monster (Taehyun) -

Vocal and krump master, born October 25th, 1993. 173cm. 

Words that describe Kid Monster include sunshine, love, talent, and creampuffs. Also “actual angel Noh Taehyun™” (Thanks Peach)

Sungwoon -

Vocal, born March 22nd, 1994. 173cm. Junhyuk’s actual child

Sungwoon is another dork, who is sunshine too (actually, they’re all dork, what am I thinking)

San (Yoon San)- 

Rapper, born August 22nd, 1994. 175cm. His position is blinking a lot.  He speaks French, after living in France for 8 years. Also married to Hojung

San really loves that hat, I think it comforts him

Hojung -

Vocal and maknae, born October 20th, 1994. He’s the manly one, it’s ridiculous how ripped he is. Also married to San. 

When he smiles, you’ll have heart trouble 

Welcome to HOTSHOT!


back in the day when i told people i was born in 1992 they would beat the shit out of me with tire irons but now when i do it they send a drone with a tire iron and beat the shit out of me