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Lovesick Boys // Jungkook

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jimin)

Gnere: angsty

Summary: You were friends before it all started and too make sure that frindship stayed the same you both made rules. But those rules were borken

A/N: I had this idea while listening to “Lovesick Boys” from Conan Gray so it’s basically based on that song.

Word Count: idk but ik its small.

Once again (y/n) listened to the words jimin that fell from his lips as he sang a song he made at 3 am for the girl he had been pinning over.

(Y/n) always listen to the songs he wrote for her but she didn’t seem to notice the boy with hurt in eyes as he watched the girl he loved fall for the tricks of his friend.

Jungkook had loved her since he could remember but she decided to fall for the lovesick boy that wrote her a love song and she listens. Stupidly thinking he was the only one that looked at her with love in his eyes.

And it always pained him like a thousand stabs in the back seeing her cry for him. It hurts him watching her eyes, that were always full of life and happiness, die and became a dull color glistening from the tears that they spilled because of that lovesick boy that made her a lovesick girl.

A dumb and naive lovesick girl.

She always came back to him with just 3 words and 8 letters from him.

I love you” jimin said to her time after time and time after time she believed it. 

“Stupid (y/n)” jungkook thought every time. 

She was the girl that made him feel less alone, the girl that made him smile and the girl that could make cloud rush through is mind.


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