raisesomehale asked for nr 30 from the color me sterek palette :)

I will always find you
Like it’s written in the stars

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An easy way to see how your dragons stack up against one another! Just enter in their length, wingspan, and breed, and they’ll show up in proportion to one another. Finally you can imagine your dragons properly, and/or gawk at how absurd some of the length-to-wingspan ratios are! (Skydancers do not really match the image….)

This is still a beta, so if it borks on you let me know. Otherwise, please enjoy!

Star Trek AU!Western.

Hey mister can you help me 
I’m a loner on the run 
I’m just looking for tomorrow 
And I ain’t gonna hurt no one 

I jumped headfirst into a bottle 
I was looking for a friend 
Came up just short of nothing 
I didn’t find the truth I only found an end 

-Justice in the Barrel-Bon Jovi (x)