Yoooo, so I mentioned that my computer is all kinds of borked and wont even start up. That being the case, I really need a new laptop so I can do the arts! Unfortunately with my mom’s health issues and business at work is super slow, I’m only getting like 5 hours a week (When mom is able to actually take me to work). My boss understands and isn’t firing me (yet), but this leaves me with no money to get a new laptop (What I do make I use to pay my phone and help mom with groceries or bills, whatever she needs at the time).
Can’t do digital commissions RN cause my computer is dead as heckle and mom dont want me to install things on her computer).

Soooo would anyone be interested in traditional commissions?
I don’t have many examples since I dont do traditional often (IDK why?) but I can do colored pencil pretty dang well, crayons, and markers somewhat okay, and I have watercolors as well, but very basic colors and I’m not so good with them.

Sketches are $5, Lines $10, And colors are $25-$30 for single characters, full body (depends on complexity). If you want busts though, then I can cut a bit of the price off for you. They are finished usually within a day (or same day) as payment received!