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Gorgeous blog. Beautiful writing. Is this your original work? Amazing crafting altogether. Props. - jeremi

Everything here is a record of my little lone wanders and experiences inspiring me to press the shutter.

I’m really glad you like the outcome. Thank you, Jeremi.


borisla said: Ouch! I wonder what it looks like when shooting with this, did you try?? Sorry for your loss

No worries, it’s just the ND filter. In general, front elements (and filters) are relatively tolerant of cracks and dirt. Makes it a little blurrier at wide aperture, but stopped down you’d mostly see extra lens flare. Not what you want for maximum sharpness and acuity, but still completely usable. I did get a replacement for it though…

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'Gorgeous, JM! Lovely exposure, sharp, but it’s the processing that makes this one: beautifully rendered… much liked here!’

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'Oh, I love this!’

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'You have a very good eye for details. This photo is a lovely confusion of colors, the stonework (wall) and the flowerpots.’

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'Always great compositions!’

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'Ajar’ - f3.5; 1/10s; ISO 400: FL…:

Tony, Rita, Stefan, Lina, Jeremy, thank you for your warm support! I agree with Stefan: in that window I was confused about the curious mixture of colors - the successive layers of old paint on the wall, the pots, the pinwheel … -. Anyway, I still do not understand how I could get a minimum sharpness, shooting at 1/10s :)!

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love the various textures and the tones of this

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Beautiful shot, Errne. Really love this. 

Thanks a lot. I made it HDR at first, but then edited a bit more, using four different programs in all. There is always a risk of overediting, but with the risk there is a chance of reward.  Not sure if it was really necessary, but I’m pleased with the result and glad that you liked it too. luxlit reblogged your photo“Windmills of Stirling” Every Luxlit reblog lights my day and I’m always gratefull. sightofthetombs many reblogs at once is appreaciated no less.
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I think your doing a fine job. Don’t be scared, the more you open up to the community, the less it bites!

Your words really make me feel better and less paranoid :) I do hope I’ll have more cheerful things to share with the community in the future. For now thanks everyone for the kidness.

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Hey great eye for framing and composition, i really enjoy the way your series are built, kind of has some nice story telling to it. Keep it up, glad i stumbled on your page. Cheers, jeremi

Thank you for the compliment ! that really means a lot to me.

In the end, Goldilocks did not arrive... at Hansel & Gretel's house!

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‘So cool! A real gingerbread house!’

Thank you Terry :)… it was a really lovely (but, i’m afraid, not eatable) house!

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'beautiful Juan!’

Many thanks, Monica; I’m glad you liked it. Sometimes you get in one of those places where you feel like a child again!

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Great find and amazing detail shot! Love the title too. :)

I had good light (…and time; indeed I was in a queue!) to shoot, Pete. So I got a ‘sharp’ shot! Thanks for your kind words!

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'Where’s Hansel & Gretel?’

Ha, ha…! Seeing the photo, everyone has thought about them, rather than Goldilocks, Jeremy. The conclusion is clear: I chose a bad title; wrong tale :D!

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'Love the colors! And I am sure Mathilda wants to live in that house ;))’

Thank you, Juergen! No wonder that Mathilda would want to live in this house. But, indeed, I really would not mind doing so!

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'Parece la casa de Hansel y Gretel, o al menos siempre la imagine asi. Excelente composicion’.

Ja, Ja; Gracias Harry! Lo curioso del caso es que lo primero que pensé cuando hacía a foto fue en Hansel y Gretel pero luego cambié  de cuento porque siempre me había imaginado de otro modo la casa de la bruja que se los quiere comer… En fin. Ahora veo, que casi todos hemos pensado lo mismo :D!

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loll, great answer and I agree with you fuzzy! The joke about hearing tits actually made me laugh and I think that you have the right to do what you want with your photos and one of the reasons to post is to get some feedback not give away blindly.

Enh, people can use the anon ask box for whatever they like really.  Usually they just hurl abuse at me.  Point is, I simply do not take things seriously enough to indulge what was a bizarre and rather illogical request, regardless of how much this anon may or may not like my photos.  canona is certainly entitled to her opinion, but this is the way I run my blog.  Even if I lose all my followers and end up sitting alone in a room making soup from banana peels and rocks.  Which I may or may not have already done.

What I’m saying is, don’t try making soup from banana peels and rocks.

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Lol that's some good anonymous sex ask you got your page!! Got me reading all tue way through. :) I take pictures and I'd love to hear what you think about them. Thanks for your neat contribution on tumblr :)

Thank you!!! usually I get people in my ask box telling me to stop lol

They’re evil 98% of the time, brats 1.99% and sweet 0.01% of the time QAQ

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Dude, great stuff, i really enjoyed scrolling through your page all the way down. You have a very good eye for composition and dramatic photography of ordinary subjects (pretty much the stuff I love photography for!!) :D keep up your great and I hope your stuff gets out there cuz it's worth a look. props. jeremi

Thanks a lot