A Shadow Pond Family member is celebrating a birthday today...

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Hello Shadow Pond Family,

Please join me in wishing @jadziana a most happiest of birthdays!

May all of your Boris/Mr. Scott dreams come true!

Warmest Regards and Friendship,


(I do not know everyone’s birthday, so please forgive me if we’ve missed yours…if you feel like sharing, please do…mine is April 16)

Shadow Pond Family... A new chapter to ‘Music in the Air’ on A03 has been posted.

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It is with hope that all of you are happy and healthy and that life is treating you kindly.

Finally, I’ve been able to post a new chapter of ‘Music in the Air’ and this one is full of fun.  Our dear Horis is in need of some rest and relaxation…hence the name of the chapter:  “Recreation, Chapter 19″.

Some dialogue highlights:

—”I am actually quite hungry now.”

—”I shall bet I look like a dead man now, ja?”

—”Is he bashful?”

—”Please do not be upset with us, Khalil…”

—”We are in so much trouble.”

Oh, does this photo make me happy…unfairly gorgeous on so many levels!