Why I love Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz...

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(and to anyone I may have missed - my apologies!)

Greetings Shadow Pond Family/Comrades in Lust! 

First, I wanted to offer my comments on @borisofroyalpains’ suggestion of #okay everybody jump on this and tell me why you love Boris:

*   sophisticated and gracious

*   worldly and authoritative

*   circumspect and devoted

*   highly intelligent and adroit

*   and although lofty in character and dignity, he is still human and greatly in need of life’s affections (his underlying melancholy just breaks my heart…) 

All of this, and more, makes me love, adore, and respect Boris, and he is indeed ‘unfairly gorgeous’ and endearingly masculine in every sense of the word…

Yes, I am consumed by Boris and shall never agree to an intervention; so you can all just give up on me now.

Second,  Chapter 7, Reality, of ‘Music in the Air’ has been posted to A03; sending hopes that you enjoy it and please comment away as you deem necessary.  Thank you for your continuing support; I am immensely grateful to all of you.

I am unable to stop this story of our cherished Horis, their situation continues to unfold and I simply must continue to put it down - more chapters are on the way…thank you for indulging me.