can we talk for a minute about how attractive alan cumming is in goldeneye? if you’re trying to set me up and need a template, it’s this: programming nerd with a dark side and a passion for the internet. as a blanket statement i would marry alan cumming in any of his roles.


Is it possible to be intelligent and look like an asshole at the same time? Not sure, but if anyone comes close, it’s my man Boris Grishenko. Get your stride right this summer and maybe you too can be invincible

1. WWM Printed Washed Cotton Shirt
2. RL Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt
3. A.P.C. Simple Shorts
4. Red Wing 6-Inch Work Boots
5. J. Crew Ribbed Socks
6. Warby Parker Monroe Glasses
7. U.S. Calvary Ultralight Field Watch
8. Laban Swarovski Silver Ballpoint Pen 

“Better luck next time, slugheads”