boris is my fave


- I’ll bet you’ve got kind of a lovely face under all that paint, huh? Why don’t you wipe it off someday and have a good look - and figure out how you can live up to it.

bendyhunter  asked:

Hailey what is your favorite ship? Ozzy x Felix Bendy x cuphead Boris x mugs Bendy x Felix Boris x hazel Or... Bendy x you

I like- *sees that last one* *glares* *aggressively plays piano tiles* (Oswald X Felix and Boris X Hazel are my faves)

Finally got around to organizing the Ferret room art wall. I have some more of my digital work to print off. Some art here is by my faves - Boris doodle by vaporotem has Ferret type markings so he looks like he belongs, and Eevee by kuitsuku is just kawaii! My first Ferret gift art of Niku from howlingwolf201 is there, and the Santa’s Ferret poster gifted to me by Alison Parker! Any other Ferret gifts will be put here cause I love them!!