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Okay I was scrolling down to see other images until I found one with and girl name benditta and...I have a few questions... 1) who is she? 2) how did Bendy and Boris lose her? 3)and last does that mean Bendy and Boris are gay????

Cherry: Well first.. Benditta is Boris and Bendy’s daughter.

Second answe- …. you know here is the answer for your second and third question owo  ¯\_ ͡° v ͡° _/¯

You're My Hero

AN: something i needed to get off my chest. Season Finale Spoilers.

I looked from brother to brother, their faces laced with anguish and tears, as I made my case. The world needed Dean and Sam Winchester, it did not need me any longer. I paid my dues. I fought hard and long, I loved even harder, and that’s how I knew it was time.

“I won’t let you do this,” Dean held me at arm’s length, attempting to gauge my reaction. Sam too, was behind him, giving me his puppy dog eyes, clouded with tears, and I refused to let them hinder me.

“You won’t, Dean, but you can’t keep me from doing this,” I broke free of his grip on my forearms, and took a steady step backwards.

“You’ve always been the hero, my hero, and I refuse to let the world end with you both, dead or worse.”

“You’ll get Mary back, I know you will, I have faith in your abilities, but I’m going out there, I’m taking Crowley with me, and I’ll hold Lucifer back just long enough for you to end this.”

I then walked towards Sam, and graced his cheek with my palm, “and you, I’ve loved you since we were kids, and I know that if I do this, and make it back, you’ll still love me, but you’ll never forgive me.”

“And I, Sam, I cannot live a life where you’ll never forget.”

“I can’t watch you go one on one with Lucifer, not again.

"So I’m stepping through that rift and I’m going out like the three of us planned.”

“Blaze of glory,” Dean sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Blaze of glory,” I clapped his shoulder, “the world needs the Winchesters, but it’ll forget Y/N Y/L/N eventually.”

“And I’ve come to terms with that.”

“We won’t let the world forget you,” Sam promised and I believed him. I always put my faith in him. In Dean. In the Winchesters.

I took my Glock, my angel blade, and threw on my jacket, and Crowley appeared at my side.

“Ready, Natasha,” he smirked knowing very well the plan we concocted.

“Ready, Boris,” I took one last look at my boys and walked backwards to the pulsing rift.

“Don’t you dare come after me either,” I knew them like the back of my hand. “Promise me.”

I waited, what felt like an eternity, as they shared a silent conversation, and then spoke in unison,


I also knew that they repeatedly broke their promises so I choked back a sob, nodded at each of them, and turned my back. This was a one way ticket and I finally felt at peace.

“You know very well those bumbling lumberjacks will go to the ends of the Earth for you, Pet.”

“I do,” I finally let the tears come, “I’d expect nothing less.”

We stepped through the portal and as the rift closed, Lucifer’s screams echoed through my soul, and I smirked as I spun the angel blade deftly.

This was going to be one hell of a ride.

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Everything they used to shit on Lexa and call Clexa abusive is happening this season to Blarke: Clarke betraying Boris (he betrayed her last season too), Clarke kidnapping him to keep him safe, Clarke threatening him with a gun and, in the last episode, Boris will "leave her to die". And yet it was only bad when Lexa did it, but when it happens to their ship it's pure demonstration of love. When you look up hypocrisy in the dictionary you find: Blarke fandom.

I can’t fucking wait to see them try to do mental somersaults to explain how it’s different because it’s Blarke. Imma be sitting right here with my popcorn and my whiskey. They’re either going to have to admit that Clexa wasn’t bad after all or they’re going to have to own up to their lesbophobia. One of the two. 

UK politics explained by Avatar: The Last Airbender

Ok so Theresa May is Azula. (she’s by no means as cool but still) Power crazy? Yes. Thinks she alone is the best person to ever exist? Yes. And she’s also on the verge of a breakdown. 

She’s currently trying to do a deal with the DUP or, should I say, the Dai Li in order to keep her place as PM. They’re an uptight, horrible small band of people from a neighbouring land who want to rule through fear and even though May/Azula thinks they’re the one in control in the situation, the Dai Li/DUP have the upper hand are only using her and the deal for their own gain.

We can only hope that the Mais and Ty Lees of the conservative party turn against her by voting against her Queen’s Speech. 

Then you’ve got the failed loser, Admiral Zhao in the form of Boris Johnson. Actually an buffoon? Yes. Made a fool of by his own party? Also yes. The thought of him being in power? Absolutely terrifying. 

Jeremy Corbyn is the Avatar. No one has seen a politician like him in over 100 years and people find it hard to believe he’s actually real. Pure heart, wants to restore balance to the world. 

Bonus: Trump is Fire Lord Osai. Obama is Avatar Roku, gone far too soon.