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So, Bendy and Co. how was it like that first day going back on the stage after everything you had been through? It must have been overwhelming to say the least.

Maybe magical, electrifying, glamorous, absolutely undeniably sensational and above all EXHILARATING! But “overwhelming”..? I guess… sorta, in a way. But you’re right - that is to say the least. -BTDD

(Obviously Boris was also on stage all the time, but after the show was over, well… It’s no surprise that Bendy was up there for a lot longer than they were scheduled.)


Sinclair Broadcast Goup: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver [source]

“Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the country.  That’s alarming considering that they often inject political views into local news.“

Salutations Angie! Just a quick question. Do you sing? Or do you have hobbies you are good at? Like dancing,baking etc.

Also Bendy and buddies are human for 5 asks.

((also available in technicolor, for a limited time! … as in like… they’re only gonna be colored here. on this post…. yerp.))

The former special assistant to President Trump hosts the 90-to-120-second program “Bottom Line With Boris,” which as of last week has been scheduled to run eight or nine times a week on Sinclair’s 173 local TV stations in 81 markets. As the Baltimore Sun points out, Epshteyn will dispense cheerful propaganda on the local news for roughly 13½ minutes each day—nearly a quarter-hour of Trump-friendly agitprop, disseminated to more than 2.2 million U.S. households by a right-leaning company worth close to $40 billion.

How Sinclair Broadcast Group and Boris Epshteyn took administration propaganda from the Oval Office to the local news.

If you are wondering why your barely-hinged Trump-loving family member has recently become completely unhinged, it may be related to the unprecedented amount of propaganda that they are being fed every day.