boris and lalage

Happy lunar new year!

It is the year of the horse, one of my favorite animals ever. There is a really nice Arabic legend about the creation of the horse:

God made the horse from a handful of wind, and said: “I name you Horse; I make you Arabian and I make you the chestnut color of the ant. I hang happiness from the forelock between your eyes and you will be the lord of all other animals. Men shall follow you wherever you go: you will be as good for flight as for pursuit; you will fly across the earth even without wings; riches will be on your back and fortune will come through your meditation.”

I hope you have an awesome year

‘Here, take this.’


'Yes I know that it’s precious, but aren’t precious things meant to be shared?’

- - - - - - -

Keeping up with the theme for the last few days, here’s another piece of fanart, this time featuring Hwei’s adorable characters Boris and Lalage (who incidentally have their own tag on her tumblr).

I originally wanted to give the fanart theme a pass for today because I wanted to draw something based on the emotions I felt after attending a colleague’s husband’s wake. I was really moved as she related her husband’s battle with disease and how she and her daughter coped with the challenges they faced, and in a moment of clarity Boris and Lalage popped into my mind and the rest was history.

I’m glad that she was brave enough to share her story with me, and for that I am sincerely grateful.

“Drops in the ocean” tentative front and back cover

Large portions of dialogue to be rewritten, opening bw pages to be drawn, large double page color spread to be majorly touched up, front cover changes if time, also anxiously awaiting printing shop to reply with whether or not my random color pages can be printed in colour.. Hopefully there is some miracle by which everything can be printed in less than eight working days.

12 days to Comic Fiesta and counting..

Sample page of the comic that is killing me. Status: 7/20(??) pages done (really ‘done done’), not including two colour centrespreads, not including determining fishes of species one would logically put together in an aquarium, not including cover. There are less than two weeks left before I need to travel. I have to work most of those days. I am in denial.


ETA: Btw yes tis indeed the namesake of this account’s name, who was in turn named after the floating city in Invisible Cities