1k Followers Shoutout

So I got to 1k a while ago and I just wanted to point out some bloody amazing blogs (without some of these amazing people i wouldnt even be at 1k rn)

Some mutuals I couldnt live without:

So obv The person I’ll start with first is the one and only @punk-destroya . My amazing wife. I’ve already said in hundreds of posts how much I love her and she knows that. Carley you are simply the most amazing human i’ve ever met and I want to get to know you even more than I do now. I’ll leave it at that or else we’ll be here for a while xx

@goldenlifevsgutter1996 and @luna-lovesu (you two I consider in the realm with me and Carley… like you guys have been there from around the beginning. We love you both so much xx)

(special mention for @omg-i-cannot-even ilysm soph xx)

@loonixart, @aalmaria, @jcyareff, @ithinkyouremybestfriend@poppunklullaby, @gerardstolemycookie, @fronkilovespups, @fuk-out-frank, @littlenerdyemopeanut, @thatoneflowerfangirl, @ieropunkz

Y’all are good people. Thank you for talking to me sometimes. You brighten my day xx ily 

Some amazing blogs that I love:

@boringkilljoy @idontknowhowbuttheyfoundme @vacationadventuresociety @tealroots @xcaffeinebulletsx @ierohero @murderfrank @parachutesfucker @gerardfuckenway @brainstewz @blood-infexions @fabfrnkie @zone-rats @jerseycock @vanitybreaking @attentionreader @fuhking-frnk @boozeysundergroundtattooclub @jerseymisery @awsugar @cryptidway @sweatpea @witchboyiero @murderscene @gerardisnotcis @extremelybadlydrawnemos @mikeyfreakingway @spaghettilimbs @dallnweeks @classical-crap @sevenclowds @cemetryxdrive @mikeys-armpit-problem @cemeterybastard @cemterydrive @bewitchedbooks

i’ll probably cry if I forgot someone but there ya go :)))

I love y’all so much.

Thank you for 1k :)

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm new to the mcr fandom & I was wondering if you have any blog recommendations????

WELCOME TO THIS BEAUTIFUL FANDOM. BE PREPARED TO CRY A LOT. Anyways here are some hella amazing blogs that you should check out: @mychemicalchinchilla @boringkilljoy @gutsmcr @mikeyfreakingway @gerardstolemycookie @awsugar @cryptidway @ithinkyouremybestfriend @kname-less @lestraidel @loonixart @luna-lovesu @tealroots @vacationadventuresociety @victorious-killjoys @witchboyiero @hijokuroo @fuhking-frnk

and there are probably sooo many more i forgot