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Arz isn't at Coachella, she went last weekend (when Luke stayed home) and now he's there alone as well and she's on tour with Blackbear which makes it /that/ more awkward lol

shit yeah how awkward, i forgot couples aren’t allowed to spend time apart from one another

To my beatiful followers;

-Please do not forget do drink enough water!
-Take you medicines daily.
-Stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone is different. You are not him or her. You are a special humanbeing who has special talents. Just discover them.
-Eat healthy today! Vegetables and fruits are waiting for you!
-If you are a student, do not forget to study! I know it’s hard and boring. I know you want to play Sims or PES. Just set your time up. You can do both of them if you plan your day.
-Go and do some exercises. You can do 10 Jumping Jacks and 10 crunches in one minute!
-And the most important thing.. Do not forget that I LOVE YOU. Yes, i do. You are important for me. İf you feel bad or good, if you need someone to talk or if you want to ask a question, I’m always here babe.

i’ve been thinking way too much about. fucking. galra empire memes lately

as in memes popular within the galra empire becuase BOY does life get dull when you’re part of a sprawling civilisation that hasn’t been challenged in 10,000 years

i’ve only thought of a few

  • -points at a random object going by outside the ship- “is that voltron”
  • -something incredibly minor goes wrong- “fUCK YOU ALTEA!!!”
  • ‘which lion would you pilot’ quizzes because let’s face it everyone and their progenitors dream of flying one of those babies one day
  • quintessence puns

magnus playing with his rings

Guys help I’m emotional

So I wrote a thing- Its a Langst thing.

It isnt finished and its just in the ‘summarize’ stage but… I dont know if I should expand on it?

Read it under the cut if you wantttt

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