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By Royal Decree (Part 13)

Summary: Royal AU; you are engaged to be married to the Crown Prince James Barnes. That’s the last thing you want, especially when you meet him and find out he’s the opposite of everything you had pictured. How will you get through it all?

Word Count: 1,770

Warnings: None.

“By Royal Decree” Masterlist

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Bucky blinked and found himself staring at an unknowing Steve. He glowered at him. Imagining himself punching Steve had been great, but he knew that if it weren’t for the fact that they were in the middle of a meeting, Bucky would have Steve sprawled on the floor already.

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Lucifer Playlist

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Hey fellow Lucifans! This hiatus is like a drop-kick to my feels, so I made a Deckerstar playlist to help fill the void! I organised it by character pov and tried to follow the show’s timeline of events, because yes, I am that bored, and my music enthusiasm and anal retentiveness knows no bounds. I have plenty of other songs and for other characters too, if anyone would like me to make another playlist just give me the nod! Enjoy!

You Blew Me Off - Bare Jr. (L)

She Got the Devil - Danny Farrant and Paul Rawson ©

Who Are You, Really - Mikky Ekko ©

Strange and Beautiful - Aqualung (L)

Can’t Pretend - Tom Odell (L)

Monster - Imagine Dragons (L)

I’ll Be Good - Jaymes Young (L)

The Devil’s Dancefloor - Flogging Molly (L)

Down Low - Alex Winston ©

Explosions - Ellie Goulding ©

Eve, the Apple of My Eye - Bell X1 (Both)

I Found - Amber Run (Both)

Love Is Blindness (U2 Cover) - Jack White (L)

Someone To Die For - Jimmy Gnecco (L)

Skin - Rag ‘N’ Bone Man ©

All I Want - Kodaline ©

Blood On My Name - The Brothers Bright (L)

truce | alfie solomons/shelby!reader

@collecting-stories let’s talk about our feelings, everyone, and eat ice cream


A grunt came from across the room.




He sighed this time but gave no other reply besides a harsher scratch against the paper.


“What? What do you want, woman?”

“Ok first, don’t refer to me as woman” you rolled onto your side to stare him down from where he was sat at the desk, scowling at you over his glasses, “and second, I’m bored”.

“I’m working”

“Yes, I know, you’ve been at it for hours now. When are we going to have some fun?”

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Taste It - Jim Moriarty x Reader

this one is so weird ahhh

it’s kind of kinky? but super super weird.

yeah i dont know im sorry

(also kinda gross depending on how you are but yeah. Not what I usually write.)

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“Argh.” He groaned, clutching his head, tilting his head back.

“What?” You asked blandly, unamused with Jim’s dramatic mood lately. 

He sighed, “(Y/n), it’s just so boring.

“Oh yes I know, terribly so, why don’t you go and play with Sherlock again - oh wait” You look up from your book to meet Jim’s eyes. “You killed him.”

Jim rolled his eyes, “Yes, thank you (Y/n), very helpful, thank you for reminding me.”

There was silence in the one room flat. Jim lay spread eagle on the bed, you sitting in the large armchair.

Tick, tick, tic-

Suddenly, Jim got up and hurled the clock from the shelf. It hit the floor, shattering and the cogs and glass skidded across the floor.

You winced, reaching down to look at your calf, which had been sliced open by a stray piece. It wasn’t deep but it stung, the blood ebbing from the wound.

Jim slid down to crouch in front of you, holding your leg in his hands he examined your wound.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You asked angrily.

He looked up at you, a crooked smile on his lips, “Can’t you just taste it?”

“Taste what?” You asked, not sure you wanted to.

“The sexual tension of course.” He smirked, and with one swift motion he licked up your leg, his tongue stinging against your skin. 

You gasped in pain, your hands going to his hair to hold him back.

“There we go!” He laughed as you held him away from you, exposing his pale, pale neck. 

“You’re sick.”

“True. But you’re a bit sick too, aren’t you (Y/n)?” Jim raised an eyebrow, tilting his head and pouting as much as he could in his current position. 

You shoved him back with a foot to the chest and he fell back on the wooden floorboards, laughing. Sliding off the chair, you leaned over him, your mouth inches from his, “I don’t taste anything, my dear friend.” You spat the last word. 

“Let me show you.” Jim murmured, taking you slowly towards him, giving you a chance to push him away again, but you didn’t. Your lips met his in a messy, clumsy, rage fueled kiss. His hands held your shoulders, pulling you down to him and then under him when he rolled over. 

“Can you taste it now, “(Y/n)?” He asked sarcastically, licking his lips.

“Oh just a taste.” You teased. He smirked and went back to kiss you, to give you a better taste of whatever it was he had. 

And it was good.


Mystic Messenger AU (Part 10)

A/N - Wow part 10 is here! Honestly can’t quite believe how many parts I’ve done now for this series. I’ve loved writing it so I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading it. I think the series will end at either part 11 or part 12 so we’re really getting close to the end!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (1) | Part 5 (2) | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 11

(Y/N) couldn’t help but feel scared as Mark continued to drive. The car was completely silent and (Y/N) felt like she could barely breathe. Her phone was in her pocket and she wanted more than anything to message the RFA members to tell them what was happening but she couldn’t risk Mark seeing it. If he did, then that’d be any chance of communication gone. It was better to wait until she would definitely be able to talk to them without any chance of someone seeing the phone. She needed to tell them she was okay, for now at least and that Mark hadn’t done anything to hurt her. She didn’t what he wanted exactly, or why he was taking her specifically but either way she was determined to find out. Although, she wasn’t sure if asking would get her the answers she wanted. Seeing her conflicted face in the rear-view mirror, Mark spoke up. 
“If you’re wondering where we’re going, there’s no point asking as I won’t tell. But you can ask any other questions you have.”
“If I can’t ask where you’re taking me, why are you?”
“Did you not ever wonder how you got into that app? Or why you were told to go to that apartment?”
“Well yes, but I didn’t think it was much more than a coincidence. Nor did I think you would kidnap me.”
“I am part of an organisation that is trying to take down RFA and you are our key to doing so.”
“But why me in particular?”
“Well we weren’t looking for you specifically. Just the first person to download the app once we hacked it and got it into the public domain.”
“But if you’re Jackson’s brother, why are you so against RFA? What happened between the two of you?”
“He abandoned me. He left because he didn’t care. Whatever you think of Jackson is all lies. He left to join that bullshit organisation without so much as a second thought.”
“But he said he left to keep you safe.”
“Well he was lying!” Mark shouted, making the car swerve lightly as his arms twitched from the overwhelming anger. Mark clearly thought badly of Jackson. But nothing that (Y/N) knew of Jackson suggested he would be so heartless as to abandon his own brother. Besides, the look on Jackson’s face when he saw how much Mark hated him said everything. Either Mark was lying or someone had fed him wrong information.

As the RFA members arrived at Jackson’s own home, they all looked around in wonder. There were computers and books scattered everywhere. Notebooks with scribbles of coding were dotted across the room. Anyone could tell a mastermind hacker lived there. Jackson sat at what looked like the main computer, it’s monitor big and professional looking. He typed quickly, trying to load up the program that could track (Y/N)’s phone. 
“Wait, if you can track (Y/N)’s, are you able to track all of our phones too?” Bambam asked, protectively holding onto his phone. 
“Yes. And to answer your second question, yes I do look at where you all are when I’m bored. And yes, Bambam I do know about your regular late night visits to that doughnut place when you think no one will recognise you and see you breaking your diet.” Jinyoung looked at Bambam with a judging look on his face, clearly disproving on the younger’s bad habits. 
“Don’t even start, Jinyoung. Those doughnuts taste damn good.”
“I found her phone! And she definitely still has it because I can see it moving. Mark clearly doesn’t know she has it or thinks she left it behind or something.”
“Where are they headed?” Youngjae asked, leaning on Jackson’s chair to look closer at the screen.
“Well they’re driving through some forest right now. I didn’t realise there was anything out there. There’s currently five of us here and some of us need to go and save (Y/N). I’ll stay here so I can keep an eye on the map and keep you updated on her whereabouts. Who’s going?”
“I am,” Yugyeom said immediately, eager to get (Y/N) back.
“So will I,” Jinyoung started, “I can provide much faster transportation.”
“I’ll go too,” Bambam said.
“Do you need me to stay, Jackson? Or should I go with the others?”
“I should be fine on my own. I’ll make sure to call JB to try and get him to help as well.”
“Okay, good. We haven’t heard from him in a while though. I’m worried,” Yugyeom confessed. 
“It’ll be okay, Yugyeom. We’ll find (Y/N) and get her back safely and everything will be fine,” Bambam reassured him. The four made their way out of Jackson’s house, ready to save their RFA member.

Meanwhile, Mark had parked the car and locked it, leaving (Y/N) in there alone. Her first instinct was to call Yugyeom. 
“Oh my god, (Y/N) are you okay?”
“I guess. Mark hasn’t done anything to hurt me but I’m scared.”
“Don’t worry, we’re on our way.”
“Yes, me, Bambam, Jinyoung and Youngjae are coming to come and get you out of there. Hopefully JB will come too if Jackson can get in touch with him.”
“Okay. I can’t talk long because I don’t know when Mark will be back. Please hurry, Yugyeom.”
“We’ll be there as soon as possible, (Y/N). Just hold on. We will save you, I promise.”
“I think someone’s coming. I have to go. Bye, Yugyeom.” (Y/N) quickly hung up the phone and shoved it in her pocket again so that no one would see she had it. A girl (Y/N) didn’t recognise appeared at the car window alongside someone who looked somewhat familiar. (Y/N) was sure she had seen his face somewhere before but she couldn’t put a name to the face. Mark opened the car door and told her to get out.

She followed the three into a large building that looked derelict from the outside but was thriving and full of technology inside, presumably how they managed to hack into the RFA messenger system. As (Y/N) walked behind them, she took in everything she saw. All of it was vital to finding out what kind of organisation this was and what they had done to Jackson’s brother. Eventually, they walked into a dark room that contained even more computers and had screens displaying the footage from the security cameras. It looked like some kind of control hub for the organisation. 
“So, my pretty little thing,” the girl said, her voice eerily delicate. “Do you know why you are here?”
“Something about bringing down the RFA? That’s all Mark really said.”
“I suppose that’s what we are doing. Bringing it down. But it’s more like a conversion. The RFA will disappear but its members are safe. Unless they don’t wish to convert to my cause of course.” A high pitched, painful laugh emitted from the girl and (Y/N) struggled to keep quiet and not react. Her eyes studied the strangely familiar man, hoping to realise who it was.
“Why are you staring at him?” Mark asked, narrowing his eyes at (Y/N).
“He just seems familiar, that’s all. I’m probably mistaken though.”
“I’m sure you are, my love,” the girl tittered, taking a few steps closer to (Y/N), now the one studying her.

After 45 minutes of driving and listening to Jackson’s directions, the four boys found the building that (Y/N) was now trapped in. Even from where the car was parked, they could tell there would be security cameras everywhere. 
“Any chance you can hack into the security system of this place?” Bambam asked into the phone. 
“Yes, while you were driving I tried to trace the IP of the computer Mark used to hack into the system and it matches up to where (Y/N) is. I should be able to use that to get into the computer system and try and shut something down. I’ll either turn off select cameras or I’ll shut the whole place down if I can. That’ll buy you some extra time to find her.”
“Great,” Youngjae said as the four got out of the car. 
“It might be best to hang up now. Keep texting with updates, Jackson,” Jinyoung added. 
“Will do. Good luck, guys.”
“You too, Jackson.” Jinyoung ended the call and looked to the 3 others with him.
“We need some kind of strategy to do this.”
“How about we just find a back entrance, sneak in and try to find (Y/N)?” Yugyeom suggested, ever more desperate to find (Y/N). 
“It’s risky. We don’t know anything about what that place is like inside. And we can’t risk texting (Y/N) either. Otherwise who knows what might happen if they find out she’s been in contact with us? Oh, Jackson’s sent a message already. Turns out he’s shutting the system down shortly so we can have to get in and out of there as quickly as we can.”
“Let’s do this then,” Bambam said, trying to keep optimistic for everyone’s benefit, particularly Yugyeom’s.

As (Y/N) stood in the room listening to the three talk and discuss where they would keep her, she managed to access her phone. They all had her backs to her and didn’t seem to care about her presence anymore, deeming her too scared or useless to run off. She had reduced the brightness of the screen to be as inconspicuous as possible. Opening up the messenger, she glanced at the profile images on the screen. It was then she realised who the man was. Before she could process what she had realised, all the lights and screens in the room turned off. (Y/N) hurriedly shoved her phone back in her pocket and looked at her 3 captors. They were all equally confused and concerned.
“What the hell has happened?!” The girl shrieked, looking at Mark accusingly. 
“I do not know. It may just be a power cut.”
“Well when will everything start working again?”
“Rika, you know that’s impossible to tell,” the other man said, putting his hand on her shoulder reassuringly. Wait, Rika? (Y/N) stood there confused. The RFA members had all said Rika was dead. Before she could think about it anymore, she heard the sounds of footsteps rushing to the door. Then all of a sudden, she saw Yugyeom, Bambam, Jinyoung and Youngjae burst through. 
“Well, well, well. Look who decided to show up,” the girl, apparently Rika, said.
“Wait, Rika?” Yugyeom said, his voice and face full of shock.
“But, we thought you were dead,” Youngjae said in disbelief.
“Yes you did. But surprise! I’m alive as ever, my boys. We did a good job hiding it, didn’t we, love?” Rika said, giggling as she playfully stroked the the man’s cheek. He was stood with his back to the RFA members so they were yet to see who it was with Rika. 
“What? Love? No, it can’t be…” Jinyoung said, his hand over his mouth. 
“Oh but it is, Jinyoung. Your precious leader isn’t as loyal to you as you thought.”
“What? JB?” Bambam questioned, struggling to take it all in. JB turned around, confirming their suspicions, a look of guilt on his face. (Y/N) could see the guilt all over his face. It was undeniable. What else was undeniable was the fact that JB had betrayed them. He had betrayed RFA and had been working for this secret organisation for god knows how long. It was all so overwhelming. (Y/N) saw how distraught Yugyeom looked and immediately ran to him, holding him close to comfort him. 
“Oh, bless. Look’s like my little cousin has got himself a girlfriend. And it’s the girl we used to break up the RFA. What a lovely little turn of events, don’t you think?” Rika mused out loud, laughing manically to herself. 
“How did you get here?” Mark demanded, speaking for the first time in a while. 
“Oh that doesn’t matter, little one. The fact that they are here makes things easier. Much, much easier.”
“What the hell are you even doing here?” Yugyeom asked his cousin. 
“That is what you’ll soon find out, my dearest cousin,” Rika giggled, looking suspiciously at each of the RFA members. The whole thing set all of them on edge. And by the looks of things, even JB was unsettled. Which, based on the circumstances, was not a good thing.

Sherlock x Reader: The Actress That Fooled Mycroft Holmes

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Gif not mine.

Request from anon: Hi! Could you do a Sherlock x Reader were she is an actress and they prank Mycroft with her acting VERY different so he deduces her wrong? Thanks! I hope it isn’t confusing 😬😬 Love your work!! ❤️️❤️️ The anon who requested ‘Meet the Family’ I LOVED IT!! 😍😍

A/N: Thank you so much! I hope you like it and thank you for the request. x

Rehearsals for the musical Jersey Boys had just finished and you had arrived back at your flat which was 221B. In the play you were playing Frankie Valli’s first wife. Although it wasn’t a major part like you normally play, you were really happy to be in the production as you had always loved it. You enjoyed working at the Piccadilly Theatre and you could just catch the tube to it because it wasn’t too far away. You hoped that Sherlock would come and see it because he loved your acting. However, knowing Sherlock, he would probably always be busy.


“I’m home!” You called climbing up the stairs.

“Y/N,” Your boyfriend said. He was sat in his chair. “I’m bored. Do you want to annoy Mycroft?”

You sighed. "Sherlock,“ You said. "I’ve just got in!”

“Yes, yes I know. But I’m bored.”

“The world doesn’t revolve around you. You do know that, don’t you? Actually you probably don’t as you don’t know it goes around the Sun.”

“The Solar System is not important!”

“It is! Anyway, I have never met your brother.”

“Exactly, you can put his skills to the test. You’re a great actress so you might be able to fool him. Obviously he knows about you. He likes to check up on me. However, he does not know your personality or what you are like.”

“Sherlock I don’t want to make a bad impression.”

“There is your problem! You care too much! What does it matter whether he likes you or not? Mycroft doesn’t like anyone anyway!”

“Okay!” You said and threw your arms up in defeat. “I’ll do it. Just let me get changed first.”


You and Sherlock had been shown into Mycroft’s office in the Diogenes Club. Before leaving you had a change of attire. You put on a short red dress, fishnet tights, black stilettos, and a face full of make up. You would not normally wear this but you had to fit into character. You had also added a few more extras to convince Mycroft.

“Miss Y/N L/N,” He said shaking your hand. “I don’t believe we have been introduced before.”

“No I don’t believe we have,” You replied making your voice sound more articulate than before. He frowned at you and you could tell that he did not improve of you loving his brother. Well your character loving his brother. He did not know the real you.

“Sherlock why are you here?” The older Holmes brother asked. “You never want to see me. Oh wait I know why, it’s to show off your love interest.”

“It is better than you showing up and asking her to spy on me for money,” His younger brother replied.

“Oh I’m sure she’d accept my offer. I have to admit that when I first found out you had fallen in love I was disappointed. I don’t believe in love so that is why. But I thought that I might at least tolerate her. Maybe even like her! However, after meeting this woman, I am appalled. I find it hard to believe that your admiration for this woman has blocked out your powers of deduction. Is it not obvious that she is a whore?”

“I don’t know what you mean!” You exclaimed looked appalled. Sherlock’s mouth was open wide.

“She has been seeing a different man today. Several in fact! There is a scent of aftershave upon her but it is only faint as she has tried to cover it up with her own perfume which has only recently been applied. There is more than one scent of aftershave on her. None match yours, dear brother. She also hasn’t seen you for the majority of today as your scent isn’t on her. She is either recently divorced or is hiding her marriage however the first option is more likely. This is due to her having a tan but missing a line on her finger where a ring would be. This also suggests she has recently been on holiday. Now, her body language. She has been giving me lingering looks since you both got here. She even winked at me. Before she came here, she had re-applied her lipstick. Probably because she knew she was meeting a man. In this case that man is me. I’m disappointed in you Sherlock and very surprised. I guess that love has blinded you. However she is a very good actress to have tricked you.” Tears were brought to Sherlock’s eyes.

“Sherlock…” You began but the man walked out.

“Look what you have done!” You yelled at Mycroft angrily before storming out.


You and Sherlock were laughing all the way back to the flat.

“I cannot believe we tricked him!” You giggled.

“Neither did I!” Replied you boyfriend. “That was a nice touch. With the lipstick, tan line, and the aftershave.”

“I try my best.” And then you kissed him under the light of a street lamp.

my first | yoongi

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Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: fluff + college au

Word Count: 2.5k

Summary: Annoying little overachiever Min Yoongi was your rival, enemy, and competition. But he also was your best friend and your first kiss. 

Reader POV

“Can you come over? I’m literally bored to death.” I said, as I laid on the couch, staring out my window.

My parents were out of town for a week this summer, leaving me alone at home. Most of my friends were all on vacation, while I was stuck doing nothing here. The boredom finally eating me apart, I decided to call one my “best-friends”, Min Yoongi.

“Right now?“ he asked, incredulously.

Rolling my eyes, I said,” Yes right now. I’m bored and everyone else I know is out of town.“

”How unfortunate.“  he stated sarcastically.

“Are you coming or going to be an ass?” I asked annoyed.

“Both.” he said.

“W-wait, what?” I asked, when I realized he had hung up on me already. Figuring that he was coming, I decided to take a little nap until he came.


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Man, what the hell is going on with attack on titan???? I waited like 3 years for some answers and what I get is more questions XD

And I know that I could read the manga, but I don’t really have time and I guess I’d rather wait for the anime.
(Now I’m almost glad someone spoilered me the identity of the colossal and armored titans XD one question less to be answered)

Anyway, this guy reminded me of something 

And then I realized

I can’t XD I’m gonna call him the yaoi titan from now on. I was calling him the monkey titan, but that’s more appropriate LOL

viri-idiana  asked:

AAHhhh I found your blog because of your bakudeku's headcanons! But then it turned into an ot3 headcanons and I LOST IT! <3 I love all your ideas ('': And I love that you're showing more fo your OC's!

I almost forgot this used to be bakudeku! And then @cloversdreams got me into the ot3 (I like read everything involving them on AO3 in one day) and I was done for then.
Ahh thank you, that means a lot. My OC’s don’t get out in the world much, so it make me happy to know you guys like them :3

shamelessly jacked this from @skatinggays <3

  • Relationship status: longterm relationship with my laptop
  • Favorite color: that grey-green color elves should wear
  • Pets: rakushka marushka
  • Wake up to: usually my mom yelling at my brothers woops
  • Cats or dogs: tortoises are just unhappy dogs
  • Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
  • Day or night: night lmao, seeing the sunrise every morning before bed is great but 3am is even better
  • Text or call: don’t contact me (text)
  • Chapstick or lipstick: neither !!!! they feel weird
  • City or country: they both have bugs my dude
  • Last book I read: like, if we’re talking in general, my ethics textbook. last book book I read was Voices from Chernobyl 
  • Last song I listened to: Dark Waves by Robot Koch (wow I wonder why)
  • Five facts about me:
    • just bc of all my russian asks, i’m not ethnically russian. both sides of my family are galician (polish-ukrainian)  c;
    • when i was very little my dad told me i would grow up to be a writer & it remains to be one of the most cryptic things anyone has ever told me, oddly enough
    • i’ve been obsessed with doli for over a year now
    • i can sew, crochet, weave, embroider, and needle felt
    • i joined tumblr in 2011 and can’t regret it anymore

tagging literally everyone who has not been tagged. everyone. jack my post, do it.

one of the most annoying things about my life right now is that there’s all these things that hypothetically would be enjoyable but I don’t have the energy for any of them. Like: helping my mom in the garden, thinking about what vegetables we should plant, playing with the electronics toys I was super excited about in January, going for walks and taking pictures, trying to meet up with friends that live half an hour away, getting re-connected with political stuff I’ve dropped, etc etc etc…

But by the time I’ve done my job to any reasonable standard and eaten enough and been a person all day, I’m just DONE (and it’s a good day when I manage all that). Battery dead, time to recharge, internet/tv/puzzle games on my phone. If I’m lucky maybe I can do some writing. 

And I don’t know how much of it’s anhedonia and how much is I’m just tired because I’m sleeping like shit lately and how much is other brain weirdness, and then well do I need to ask my doctor to start playing with meds stuff? Do I just need to force myself to do things anyway? How do I make that happen? 

Why does everything always have to be so god damn difficult?