boring things we should know

Imgine sitting in class, it is just honestly boring! Everything the lecturer says you know already so it just kinda flows through your head. Looking around there is nobody you know, but then suddenly you catch a look from a guy on the other side of the room. Awkwardly you smile a little and turn away, it seems like he saw you, so after a few moments you turn your head back to him again and there he is, looking at you with an omniscient faciel expression and a smile like he would laugh about you, but not really in a mean way, more like friendly. You show him your tongue and laugh afterwards, he laughs too and so both of  you pull faces the whole class. Afterwards he comes to you: “What a boring lesson! Only thing i didn’t know was you! Next week we should just skip the class and go for a coffee! Oh, by the way: My name is Sherlock and here is my phone number!”