boring things we should know

the reason why I fell for black clover and really got into it so fast is that the narrative arcs move along incredibly quickly, the focus switches characters fast and the story is constantly engaging, you never get stuck on the same problem for longer than five chapters in a row and, even when you do, the problem changes face enough that even while staying the same to you it feels as if you already moved onto something new

which is why I seriously can’t believe they’d go about the anime making it more fillers than anything else

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another day of questioning:  am I really accomplishing anything on this blog cause I rarely write shit anything anymore. Is it even worth it to keep this blog going? I both love and hate writing nowadays, it’s ridiculous.

Let me tell you guys a story. Now ouija boards have always been in my mind for a while. I’d always wanted to do it but I always heard stories and chickened out. Anyway, a couple months ago my friend brought over his sister’s ouija board and since then we’ve been doing it. The first time we did it we got a couple of spirits, nothing intense. The second time we did it, was in a basement. We got someone named Simeon Thayer who said he was 63 years old and when we asked how he died he simply spelled out H O R S E. So we talked to him for a bit and got bored so we said goodbye. Now one thing you should know is we used to write down everything because we like to look the ghosts up. So we looked up this Simeon Thayer and he HAD HIS OWN WIKIPEDIA ACCOUNT. Look him up and scroll down to retirement and read the last paragraph and just be creeped out. I almost fainted. Now like I said, this wasn’t the first time we did it and nothing creepy really ever happened so just kept doing it. But that really made us believe and we got so creeped out we stopped doing it for like 4 months.
So last month my friend told me she did it and that the ouija board spelled out Lucifer. She told us all this stuff and me, being a huge “I need to be proven” kinda person, I told her to come over. So me, her and 3 other friends came down to my basement and as soon as we did it, the planchette moved so quickly I almost let go by accident. It spelled out my friends name.
When I tried to ask it a question it didn’t answer. It would only answer to my friend Ashley. She asked it “Do you know anyone here?” And it spelled out
Dominique was in the corner. She didn’t even wanna be near it she just wanted to be with us while we did it. When she heard us spell her name I thought she was gonna have a heart attack. Then my friend Xavier, who also was not participating, asked a question and the ouija board spelled out. S H U T U P.
Which not gonna lie, made us laugh. But my friend, Megan, got mad and was whispering things like why can’t anyone else ask questions and this is so annoying and she just kept whispering and at first the ouija board went slowly spelling out Shut Up but the more my friend whispered, the faster it got to the point that it spelled out S T O P I T over and over again so quickly that Megan’s fingers fell off the planchette. We all said goodbye and we looked at each other so creeped out. So we turned on the light and I swear what I’m about to tell you, is something I’m still creeped out about. It’s the reason I don’t go down to the basement by myself anymore. The tv I have in the basement, that was right behind Ashley, had a handprint, it was so small, like a child and it was smudged downwards a bit and right next to it was a little foot. I didn’t say anything I just looked at it till my friends turned to see what I was looking at. The room got so quiet I swear I heard everyone’s breath. We looked up Lucifer online and it said that Lucifer tends to be in the form of a child, which explained the very small prints. So we cleaned it off and as I cleaned it, the paper towel got stuck to something. A little piece of my tv by where the footorint was ahd two small holes like a nail scratched dug into it.
“We have to ask it if it left us a physical sign” said Ashley.
So we did it again and Ashley asked if it left us a physical sign. It went to YES. So she asked where.
It spelled out T V.
We all gasped and then Dominique went home. Ashley asked “who else is in the room?” It spelled out D E E.
I laughed. Only my family called me Dee. No one else, not even my friends. But they knew of my nickname so I didn’t make a big deal. Then it spelled out M E G Y M O. Megan gasped so loud, I thought she got like possessed or something. “What the hell is that?” I asked.
“That’s what my aunt calls me. She’s called me that since I was a little girl” Megan said. After that, we stopped.
Until yesterday, when we found out that it was Friday the 13th AND a full moon. For some reason, we just had to do it. We got Lucifer again. When I talked, it spelled out A S H L E Y. Ashley asked him “Are we only going to get you?” and it went to YES. She said “Well we don’t want you….we want someone else" 
It didn’t answer. So we took a break, watched a movie, and waited till night time. Then we went to my room and tried again. We got someone else. We got excited, knowing it wasn’t Lucifer. 

But it was a demon. We tried it three more times. All demons. Every demon we got, we would look up and they would all have a whole bunch of info about them. Then we got Nickar (Nicor). When we looked him up, it said that it was a demon of water that drowns human and causes Hurricanes and bad weather. Wanna know something creepy? Around the time we were talking to him, it started to POUR. Then the whole time we did the ouija board, it thundered and poured. The last demon we got, her name started with an L. I cannot remember it for the life of me. She killed babies and unborn babies but it also said she "warded off evil” and that she was her own kind of demon. She told us she was about eight thousand two hundred something years old. The planchette didn’t move so fast when we talked to her. It was almost gentle. We almost said goodbye when she spelled out S T O P. We asked “stop what?” and she spelled out T H I S. I said “goodbye” because okay I understood what she was saying. We will totally stop but Ashley kept going. She asked “Why? Why stop this?” and it spelled out B A D L U C and then we thought she was gonna say bad luck because she stopped but then the planchette moved again. I F E R. Then the planchette went to goodbye. We stopped after that and we packed up the ouija board and the rain let up, and everything was silent. 

I will never do a ouija board ever again. It’s crazy shit. I’m a pretty religious person, I have a lot of crosses in my room and 2 pictures of Jesus that my grandma snuck into my room when I was little. But even so, as I’m writing this in my room, I don’t feel alone. 

Imgine sitting in class, it is just honestly boring! Everything the lecturer says you know already so it just kinda flows through your head. Looking around there is nobody you know, but then suddenly you catch a look from a guy on the other side of the room. Awkwardly you smile a little and turn away, it seems like he saw you, so after a few moments you turn your head back to him again and there he is, looking at you with an omniscient faciel expression and a smile like he would laugh about you, but not really in a mean way, more like friendly. You show him your tongue and laugh afterwards, he laughs too and so both of  you pull faces the whole class. Afterwards he comes to you: “What a boring lesson! Only thing i didn’t know was you! Next week we should just skip the class and go for a coffee! Oh, by the way: My name is Sherlock and here is my phone number!”