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the only au i want

the kids live near each other and have sleepovers all the time and steal each others video games

the trolls are also there and kanaya basically lives at roses house because she always has the newest version of the sims with a whole bunch of custom content and they sit there designing fancy outfits and having tea while meddling

vriska and john drag everyone to the movies whenever theres a new one with nic cage and everyone goes just cause they get to pick on them because vriska spends half the movie grapplin at johns hand and john cries on vriskas shoulder during the emotional climax

they all do dumb things like passing notes in class and staying up until six am eating too much and watching infomercials and the worst thing that ever happens is that jade throws a gamecube controller at karkat and he has to go to the hospital to get stitches

after watching every episode of the popular japanese anime "homestruck" jk rowling fell into a year-long coma and when she awoke she knew deep in her heart that she had to construct the story of harry potter

years later a man by the name of andrew hussie read a series named harry potter and was so inspired by the story that he created homestuck the entire world and space-time continuum is balanced completely on these two fandoms looping back and forth to create each other its true you guys jk rowling told me 


mrs lalonde cooks.avi

“wow ur disgusting 4 having safe consensual sex u slut ho bitch how dare you engage in an act you enjoy lmaoo whore”

- facebook and people who are wrong, 2011

“wow ur a virgin how lameee r u five do u have no friends whats wrong with you dont u WANT to have sex do u just have no friends lmao i bet u dont u stupid bitchh lollll”

- facebook and people who are wrong, 2011

i was waiting for my friend to LEAVE SO I CAN DRAW JADE AND JADESPRITE AND DAVESPRITE but instead she stayed and told me this. according to her homestuck goes like this:

ok the main character is dave strider and the one that wears a blue snuggie and they talk to internet trolls who are part of a cult and they FIGHT EACH OTHER WITH RAINBOW WEAPONS LIKE SAILOR MOON and also theres aladdin under the ocean and maybe theres a plot or romance this is a video game anime right