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what is UP my dudes, im fuckin SICK , and thusly bedbound for a day or two

Ask me questions about my OCs?

Aubrey Wilson: Minuteman aligned - romances Nick Valentine
Nate West: Railroad aligned - romances Hancock and Deacon
Nora Mae West: Institute aligned - no romance
Zachary Harker: BOS aligned/Raider Overboss - ‘romances’ Cait
Derek Evanson: Minutemen aligned - romances Danse

why do job applications expect us to convince them that we are the Best and Most Interesting Most Productive person who is Driven to Exceed Expectations

I am just ok and most people are just ok and most people looking for a part time wage job are just looking for a job where they can make money

very few people are naturally driven to have a Slavish Devotion to the Customer and most service work jobs are so shitty that even already-nice people have to pretend to be nicer than they actually are

like yes, I appreciate that you don’t want to hire an asshole, but I’m just an ok, slightly friendly dude and it makes me uncomfortable to have to falsely assert that I love all people and want to help them sooooooo much just so I can get a job delivering pizzas or something