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William Nylander - Part 9


I scurry out of my bed, doing a weird hopping dance in the middle of my room because I don’t know what to do. Looking down at myself I regret taking off the dress I wore to the play, but it’s already draped over my chair and Will knows I’ve been home for a while. And to be honest, I don’t feel like changing out of my bed clothes because that would mean putting a bra on.

               Will might be interested in me when I’m all dressed up for the day, not so sure how we will feel about the pony tail straight on top of my head and hobo look, but I guess I’m going to find out. Shoving my glasses up my nose I send him my apartment number and peek out of my room and down the hall. I can still hear Nathan’s even snoring. Tip toeing out, I turn off the lights to the living room and place a small trash can beside his head. Just in case.

               My heart races as I wait anxiously at my door, I told Will not to knock, that I would look for him through the door. I don’t live very far from the arena, if that was even where he was, so he should be here soon. What am I even supposed to do with him? The thought invades my mind and I freeze, I hadn’t even considered what we might do. Glancing around my apartment there’s not a whole lot and because we will most likely have to hideout in my bedroom thanks to sleeping beauty, there’s even less to do.

               I glance through the peep hole again and nearly fall over when a man appears. His hat is dark and pulled low over his ears but I know the posture, the walk. I quickly open the door and usher him in.

               “Down the hall,” I whisper, my hand grasping his arm.

               I lead the way to my room, Kota looking up expectantly from her perch on my windowsill when we walk in. Closing the door softly behind me, I turn to face him.

               He looks at me with eyebrows raised and an amused expression. “Couldn’t even take off my shoes?”

               I blush and glance down, bad mistake. My eyes wander his suit, black and tight in all the right places. When my eyes finally find his shoes my face is baked. “I was just nervous,” I mutter and he laughs.

               “I was just poking fun at you, Y/N. I get it,” he says and moves closer to me, but only to use a hand to brace himself against the wall. Wiggling his shoes off with his free hand and depositing them on the hardwood part of my flooring rather than the carpeting.

               I watch him silently, I had never figured out what I was supposed to do with him. He said he wanted to see me and now here he is.

               “So, other than the drunk boy in the next room, how was the play?” Will asks, straightening back up and unbuttoning his jacket, which I really wish he wouldn’t do. The jacket was puffy and didn’t distract me like his suit jacket does. When he moves to take that off as well I make a noise in my throat and cover it with a cough.

               “I wouldn’t know, I was more focused on keeping Nathan at bay.” The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them and Will frowns at me.

               “What do you mean?”

               I hesitate and he notices, his frown deepening.

               “He’s your friend right? That’s what you called him earlier…”

               “Yes! Yes, he’s my friend!” I snap to attention. “Well,” I sigh and look down at the floor. “I think of him as a friend, I’m not exactly sure what he considers me…” A lie. I know exactly what he wants me to be. “I’m hoping it’s just a phase thing, ya know?” I pick at my finger nails, level with the base of my belly.

               “Y/N,” Will says, but I keep my eyes down. “Y/N, look at me,” he says again and I still don’t. I feel horrible actually saying the words out loud. Why did I tell him that?

               A hand reaches under my chin. Warm and gentle, Will raises my face to force me to look at him. I’m surprised when there’s a smile directed at me.

               “I’m not upset with you. I understand, and I like that you were honest with me even though you clearly looked like you didn’t want to be,” Will says softly and I swallow. His eyes are so blue. “I appreciate it. And I kinda had a feeling it was like that.”

               I frown at him, not just because he lets my chin go, but because of his words.

               “What do you mean you had a feeling?” I ask, walking slowly to the side of my bed. The only place to sit because of the tower of clothes occupying both of the chairs in my room. I gesture that he can sit as well and he follows me, I can tell he’s thinking his words over.

               “Well,” he starts as I slide down onto my bed, leaning against my headboard and pulling a pillow into my lap. “During that game you were all at, every time I looked at you… he was looking at you as well. Every time.” Will says, eyeing my bed a little warily before settling down on the opposite side, his back to my door, facing me.

               I chew on the inside of my cheek, picking at pillow in my lap.

               “Did you look at me often?”

               I can’t believe I just asked that.

               Will laughs and I blush furiously. “Yes, a little more than was necessary.”

               I can’t help the next question, I’m already embarrassed, why not add to the embarrassment.

               “Can I ask why?”

               I peek up at him, another amused grin on his face.

               “I figured that was obvious,” he says simply and I give him a skeptical look. “Alright, fine. I had noticed you at the game a while back, you were sitting across the ice near the penalty box and I think it was just your sister with you. I don’t know how I noticed you that first game, I just looked up during warm ups and there you were. You were laughing at something that your sister was saying.”

               I eye him, his eyes are on the pillow I’m still picking at. His cheeks are a faint pink, his hat still low on his head and I resist the urge to pull it off him. I remember exactly what he’s referring to. The only other time that Rian and I had sat near at the glass.

               “I don’t know, I just kept finding excuses to find you in the crowd after. I don’t think you ever so much as glanced at me,” Will chuckles softly and I smile.

               “I doubt that. I watch everyone,” I tease and he gives me a look.

               “See, here I am, trying to tell you how I thought you were the prettiest girl I had seen and you continue to wound me,” he clasps a hand over his heart, falling dramatically back onto my bed. I giggle as his head flops down by my leg, his hat finally coming off much to my happiness.

               “I am not wounding your ego, William,” I roll my eyes, hiding my laughter.

               “Oh, but you are,” Will nods, not sitting back up.

I keep my eyes trained on his face though I’m very tempted to look down at his shirt tightly pressed against his chest and stomach.

“Then when I saw you right next to the tunnel, I nearly fell over. I had looked for you in the area you were the last game, I had thought you weren’t there. Then when I turned around, there you were. So I threw a puck at you without thinking and was greatly relieved when you were distracted and didn’t see who did it.”

               Will smiles again and my breath catches in my throat. How can one person be so pretty?

               “Then when you finally looked at me, I was so relieved. Like I had been waiting for it since the last game. But then I hit you with the damn puck,” he shakes his head and presses his palms against his eyes. “I felt so horrible when I saw it was you doubled over in the stands. I begged our trainer to stitch you up, it’s against policy for some reason but I whined enough that he gave in. When you didn’t come back… I couldn’t focus on the rest of the game I felt so horrible.”

               Pressing my lips together, I reach out slowly, grabbing one of his wrists in my hand and pulling it gently away from his face.

               “I was fine though, just a cut. The trainer just thought it was best to keep me there so I wouldn’t blush so much with people staring at me, to help the swelling I think he said,” I offer a small smile but his eyes are on my hand, still around his wrist.

“Sorry,” I say, moving to drop it but he twists his hand, pulling mine closer to his face and forcing me to lean forward in the process.

               “And you say I have callouses,” he teases and I scowl.

               “Shut up. I’m an editor, do you know how much writing and scribbling I do every day?” I ask him, pushing my hand forward which he doesn’t expect and I clamp it over his face.

               Will laughs, his lips pressing against my palm and turns his face to escape my grip. “No, I don’t. But I hope to find out,” he says, taking my hand back in his, though I don’t think he realizes it. I have to shift farther down on my bed so I don’t break my back while he idly plays with my fingers, tracing the veins just visible on my skin with his own fingers.

               “What are you thinking about?” I ask him softly, unable to take the silence any longer.

               “Trying to think of a good date idea,” he answers and again I smile at his honesty.

               “I don’t think you have to try too hard, Will,” I reassure him. He makes a face like he doesn’t believe me, still staring at my ceiling. I take the time to study him. His eyes look a bit tired, but he just played a hockey game, it’s expected. His hair is a wild mess, half in his hat and half out. I clench my free hand in a fist to avoid reaching out and stroking it.

               A goal horn from my T.V. sounds and we both look up at my screen, watching the goal reply.

               “Sick,” Will says, turning his head back towards my ceiling.

               “Sorry it’s so boring in here,” I say, flicking my eyes down to him and then back to the T.V.

               “Boring? I’m not bored,” Will says blinking up at me.

               My heart flutters for a reason unknown, his long eyelashes brush his skin, the shadows of them dancing on the hood of his eyes when he stares up at me.

               “Whatever you say,” I sigh and my attention is caught but a black fuzzy stuck in his hair. Reaching out slowly, so he sees my hand coming, I grab the piece of lint and drag it from his hair. It’s even softer than I thought it would be. We both watch the fuzzy drift down to the floor when I let it go.

               When I set my hand back down on my leg, inches from his head he turns to look at me.

               “I’m sure there’s more,” he says and his eyes glitter like a child’s making me laugh.

               “Sure there is.”

               I bring my hand back to his hair, swooping the floppy strands back off his forehead. Will’s eyes close and I chuckle.

               “I thought girls were the ones who always want their hair played with?” I tease him and he squints at me with one eye. A sliver of a sapphire.

               “You aren’t playing, you’re searching,” he admonishes.

               “Right. Just searching,” I whisper, his eye closing again. A content expression moving across his face as he flips my other hand still being held captive in his. His thumb nail scratches again my palm and my belly clenches. I inhale sharply and I know Will hears me. He continues the slow assault of my palm and I shift in my spot, unsure what to do and bewildered that something so simple could have that big of effect on my body. Finally, unable to take it anymore, I squeeze my hand closed, halting his progress back towards my wrist.

               “That tickles,” I whimper, my breathing shaky and my face on fire.

               At this, Will looks up at me, clearly pleased with himself. “Just tickles?” He asks in a low tone and I whimper again, this hand is stronger than mine and he opens my fingers up, continuing the trail. It hurts, but not in a way that I pull away. Instead it feels like a hot coal on my skin, spreading warmth up my arm.

               “Thought so,” he whispers, sitting back up and scooting so he’s sitting beside my knees and his knees are at my hip. Never letting go of his hand.

               I hold his gaze for a moment, an electric feel in the air as we stare at each other. Daring each other to look away first. I fight back a smile and he raises his eyebrows.

               “Something funny?”

               “Apparently the air in my room is a little dry,” I say, flashing my eyes to his hair and back again.

               Immediately, Will raises his free hand to his hair and feels the strands standing on end. I giggle at the exasperated expression on his face.

               “Every damn time I try to set a mood with you,” he moans and I fall back onto my pillows in a fit of giggles as he tries and fails to flatten his hair back down. Will blinks at me several times as I try to contain my laughter, a smile playing across his lips.

               “What?” I ask, gasping for breath.

               “It’s a pretty sound when you laugh like that,” he replies and I take a deep breath in.

               “Here,” I start, stretching across my bed to my nightstand to grab a bottle of lotion. When I reach out for the bottle the small mirror beside it shows Will’s reflection, and his eyes trained on the seat of my pants. I press the bottle to deposit some of the lotion onto the palm of my hand, trying to press the thrill of excitement that flashed through me down.

               “You know, it’s rude to stare,” I raise an eyebrow at him as I rock myself back onto my heels in front of him. A wolfish grin appears, one I hadn’t seen before and my stomach clenches again.

               “Sorry,” he says. He doesn’t sound sorry at all.

               I rub my hands together, letting all the lotion sink in, Will watching me.

               “Alright,” I say and lean into him, running my hands along his hair and making it sit back down on his skull. “Hair tips 101,” I grin at him and startle when I realize how close I’ve put myself. “Uhh…” I trail off, letting my hands finish their job before falling weakly to his shoulders. “All better.”

               Will hasn’t said anything, just watched me silently, his face dark. The sapphires that had just been winking at me now burning in a different way. I swallow hard in my throat, unsure whether to move away or not.

               Will answers my silent question, one hand lightly brushing against my leg as it snakes around my back. Being on my knees, I’m a few inches above him though he doesn’t seem to mind. Instead his breathing changes, now deeper and louder as his eyes flicker to my mouth and back again. I keep my eyes trained on his, seeing desire there and something else I can’t put a finger on.

               Ever so achingly slow, our faces come closer together. My hands still rest on his shoulders as his other hand runs from my knee to my waist, the thin fabric of my leggings isn’t much to shield the trail of fire his fingers make. He breathes in and I breathe out. Everything in sync.

               “Y/N,” Will whispers just before his eyes flutter closed, mine following suit as he tips his head up to mine, his warm lips brush my own.

Fire, white hot soars through my veins. My heart hammers against my chest when he pulls away just slightly, gauging my reaction. I open my eyes and just barely turn the corners of my lips up in answer of his silent question before his lips are back on mine.

               My hands seem to remember how to work and I drag them through his now perfect hair, messing it once more. His hand presses into my back, urging me closer as his tongue lightly traces my upper lip. I open immediately, the taste of spearmint and something sweet mix together in a delicious manner. I instantly crave more and give into the hand pressing against my back, moving so I’m straddling his one stretched out leg.

               His head is now fully turned up to mine, I breathe in deeply, my hands on either side of his face. My belly against his chest, but only for a moment and then he falls backwards, pulling me with him. The feeling of his strong body beneath mine is equally delicious to the taste of his mouth. Will makes a noise and I move to pull back but he beats me to it, rolling so I’m now beneath him, my head almost dangling off the foot end of my bed. First kiss turned make out session, nice.

               Will’s weight presses into me, and its a thousand times better than before. I can feel every part of him, the strain of his muscles as he holds some of his body weight off of me, his elbow beside my head. Our kiss deepens and I feel like I’m falling with no fear in the world. My hands spread out across his back, his dress shirt is thick but I can still feel every muscle, defined after years of hard work.

               My other hand snakes back up to his hair, pulling harder than I intended to and Will groans low in his throat and I can feel another part of him suddenly. Will finally breaks his lips from mine, both of us breathing like we just ran a marathon. But he doesn’t stop, one hand finds my cheek, angling my head back slightly so he can kiss along my jaw and neck. I whimper at his assault of my senses. I swear I can see the sun behind his head.

               “Will,” I whimper, my feet rubbing together. His only response is to bite my neck softly. I yelp and rake my hands down his back again. I lose all sense of time. Eventually his mouth finds mine again and I explore his neck as well.

All hands and tongues until there’s a knock on my bedroom door.

EXO Reaction: Playing with your long hair

A/N: so as I was doing ships, I was writing what Chen would do if you had long hair and I felt inspired. Arguably, this could also be titled ‘who in EXO can actually braid”. 

Chanyeol: Chanyeol had been begging you to let him play with your hair and you’d finally agreed to let him. He swore he would make your hair look even prettier than usual. However, once he’d sat down behind you and tried to braid your hair like he’d seen you do a thousand times, he would realize it was A LOT harder than it looked. After about 45 minutes of struggling, he’d sit back with a small ‘tada’. You’d run your fingers through your hair and try not to laugh. It wasn’t really a braid so much as a bunch of loosely tied knots. 

“Don’t laugh. It’s a great look on you!” 

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D.O.: Kyungsoo would have started playing with your hair as you were laying in bed. He’d begun to aimlessly run his hands through your hair, twirling the end of it around his fingers. He loved how soft it was and he loved running his fingers through it, tucking loose strands behind your ears. 

“How do you get your hair to be so soft jagi?” 

Originally posted by osehu

Sehun: Sehun would love to play with your hair. He’d attempt to braid it, though he’d claim it was going to be better than a normal braid. He’d basically just twist your hair together and when it turned out kinda sorta cool, he’d act like he knew what he was doing to whole time. 

“See, I told you it’d be cool jagi.”

Originally posted by vane-sky948861

Baekhyun: Baek would randomly be twisting your hair when he was bored. You’d be watching T.V. with him, but he wouldn’t be too into the program. He’d zone out and keep twisting your hair. It was only when you laughed and brought him back to reality that he’d look down and see that he had completely knotted your hair. 

“Jagi, you love me a lot right?”

“Baek, what did you do?”

“I made your hair a little, um, messy…”


He’d just grin sheepishly and apologize. 

Originally posted by exoturnback

Lay: Lay would have been in love with your hair since day one. He would always look at it and finally you’d ask him if he wanted to try and braid it. He’d nod enthusiastically and carefully and slowly braid it. It would probably be a little lumpy, but it would resemble a braid very closely. 

“Wah that was fun jagi!”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Xiumin: Xiumin would probably be sitting with you on couch with his arm around you and you snuggled into his muscular chest. His fingers would be idly twirling the ends of your hair and occasionally he’d place a small kiss on the top of your head. 

“Your hair is very nice jagi.” 


You’d be the one to ask to play with his hair. You would ask if you could put his hair up into a tiny palm tree on the top of his head and he’d just look at you like “no, never ask me that again”. 

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Kai: Kai would know how to braid hair. He had awful corn rows once upon a time, so he’d know how to braid. He’d probably try different types of braids like a four strand braid or a fishtail. He would have looked up some tutorials just so he could make the braids look good too.

“I’m kind of like a pro at this Y/n.” 

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Suho: Suho would have wanted to try to put your hair in a ponytail for a long time. He was always fascinated when you put your hair up and wanted to try it for himself. He’d sat behind you, running his fingers through your hair and trying to smooth out any lumps. When he had it perfect, he carefully slipped an elastic around your hair and twisted it… only to create lumps in your once smooth ponytail. He’d try again and again to make it look good, and finally, after a lot of struggling, he’d achieve the perfect ponytail. 

“How do you always manage to do this so well Y/N?” 


“That must be it.” 

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Chen: You would be sitting reading a book and Chen would be perched behind you, playing with your hair. He most likely would have looked up videos on how to braid hair just to impress you with his braiding skills. You wouldn’t really have been paying attention to what he was doing, too engrossed in your book until Chen practically yelled, “Yes, yes, this looks so good what is life”. You’d be so confused until he showed you the lumpy braid and he would be so proud of it. You couldn’t help but smile since it was obvious he’d put a lot of effort into it and, honestly, it wasn’t that bad. 

“This is the greatest braid to ever exist. I should be a hairstylist, honestly.” 

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Luhan: Luhan would be running his fingers through your hair as the two of you sat on the couch and watched a new kdrama. Your head would be on his stomach and he’d unintentionally be making you fall asleep by running his fingers through your hair. When he realized you were asleep, he’d stop playing with your hair and smile. 

“Tsk, you’re going to miss the best part Y/N.” 

Originally posted by famousidol

Tao: Tao would swear he could braid your hair. He’d practically beg you to let him and you’d finally give in. He’d try his best, but when the braid didn’t really even look like a braid but more like a giant, loose knot, he would blame it on you. 

“You were moving too much! That’s why it doesn’t look good!” 

Originally posted by k-pop-logic

Kris: Kris would think he was going to do really good. However, the braid looked awful. He couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed. He’d start over about 30 times and on the 31st try, he’d finally manage to twist your hair into a pretty good braid. 

“Nice job Galaxy.” 

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Request something! 

Jimin x Reader

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Some Jimin smut for my friend. And for you guys. It has submissive Jimin.

Prompt: You make a bet with Jimin to go a whole seven days without touching. No kissing, hugging, or even sleeping in the same bed. Whoever loses has to be the other’s personal slave for a whole day. Who’ll give in first?

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NCT U Reacts to You Waking Them Up in a Sexual Way

Request: hey hey…. i was wondering if you could do a NCT U reaction of you waking them up in a sexual way pleeeeease btw love your blog and its name ;)


Jaehyun: Tonight was one of those nights where Jaehyun was going to bed early. You didn’t like it because it left you with nothing to do. You grew bored rather quickly, the T.V not capturing your attention. You shook Jaehyun next to you, telling him to wake up but he didn’t. You rubbed his chest soothingly  and got on top of him, rolling your hips to create enough friction to get him hard. He suddenly reaches his arms out to grab your hips, “Bad girls need to learn their places.”

Originally posted by t-yong

Ten: You were staying the night at the dorm with Ten and the other NCT U members. You were extremely horny that day but since the guys were around, Ten wouldn’t do much with you. Your head was on his chest, listening to his steady breathing as he slept. You were still in the mood so you reached your hand in his pants and fondled his length, waking him instantly. “You couldn’t let me sleep huh? I’ll have you under me for the rest of the night.”

Originally posted by n-ctu

Taeyong: Taeyong stirs in his sleep as he feels weight on his lower half. He opens his eyes slowly to see you on his lap, grinding yourself on him. “Oh my…mmm” You lean down to leave love bites on his neck and this wakes him fully. “You’re a tease.”

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Taeil: Taeil is a heavy sleeper so it will take a lot to wake him up. He was supposed to be up hours ago but you tried everything and he wouldn’t budge. When you started rubbing his member through his jeans, he woke up seconds later with a small smirk on his face. “Impressive. This is the first time you’ve successfully woken me up. Now you have to take care of this problem you created.”

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Doyoung: He’ll wake up with a startled expression and pink cheeks. He wasn’t sleeping heavily yet so your neck kisses made him even more alert. Kissing his neck always made him flustered and needy. 

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just a prompt that I am indeed a sucker for (take it as you please): neil somehow turns into a kid. the foxes and ofc andrew have to deal with kid!neil until the effect wears off.

( yES. )

The creepiest part was: Wymack’s house looked untouched.

Easily tipped papers towered in the study, dirty plates littered the kitchen counter, a discarded sweatshirt or sock could be found here and there, but all of it originated with the tall, tattooed home-owner. Usually that wouldn’t concern anyone but Abby, whose weekly ritual involved whipping Wymack into doing his chores. On this particular summer day a week after pre-season practice began, however, it concerned every visiting Fox.

And all of them, short to tall, old to very, startlingly young, visited.

“He’s not all that different. A little less mouthy, a little more short, still constantly wanting to play Exy… Aside from the occasional question about you-know-who, he’s basically the same.”

“We are not keeping him like this.”

“I’m just saying, it’s not a completely awful development. Look how cute he is! And he’s so well behaved - if I have a kid, I want one as nice as him.”

“Nicky, seriously. Do we have any new ideas about how to turn him back? Or what caused this in the first place?”


Dan buried her face in her hands. Nicky gave her a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.

In the living room,  an eight year old’s eyes were glued to the T.V. At his side sat Kevin, whose gaze was also glued to the T.V.

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Blinds Man Bluff (Josh x Reader)

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(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Until Dawn

Character: Josh Washington

Word Count: 848

A/N - For a special friend of mine, hopefully this helps to cheer you up, stay strong love <3

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Josh asked for the millionth time today. “I’m fine” you growled again, not meaning to snap but everyone kept asking you that question. You continued to walk down the crowed school hallway, Josh was by your side with a concerned expression, “You don’t look fine”, he said worriedly. “Then stop asking!” you shouted, your patience finally snapping. Luckily the bell rang and you speed off to your next lesson. The truth was you were a little upset today and everyone asking questions about your mood hadn’t helped at all, but you were determined to get through the day.

You trudged out of class, the day was finally over and you were ready to go home. You walked faster so you wouldn’t bump into any of your friends, you didn’t want to spread your bad mood. “Where do you think you’re going?” Josh asked, his arm wrapped around your shoulders as he yanked you into his side. 

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