boring stories about my life

‪I apologize for not being so good when it comes to conversation. It’s just that i know what to say, i’m just afraid to say it and open a topic because it might sound awkward. I’m afraid to say something and tell stories about my daily life thinking you will get bored and you’ll find me boring and weird. That’s why instead of talking and talking, i end up saying nothing.‬

So it was that Octavian had been seized by mad and hopeless passion for all the great feminine archetypes celebrated in art or history one after another.

The Tourist, My Fantoms

Or the one in which Octavian is super relatable because he falls in love with historical and/or fictional characters. 

Possible giveaway??

Hello everyone! I know I’ve been dead for ages if anyone even actually remembers me LOL. But then due to life and other stuff I drifted out of kpop but I feel like coming back strong stanning nu'est when I can adjust my schedule.

Alright let’s get to the point where you all care about aside from my boring life stories. ANYONE INTERESTED IN A POSSIBLE SIGNED ALBUM GIVEAWAY? I’m planning to most likely order from yesasia or any site that has cheap shipping (soz I already bought 16 albums I’m broke eff). Since I’ve been MIA for so long I dont even know if I got people alive here or just corpse?? Not trying to self promote but give this post like/reblog so I know who’s interested? Let’s keep it low and say 50 notes?

when i was really young i read a lot of books, and when i reread those books now i notice a lot of words and concepts that my brain just completely skipped over bc i didn’t understand them. and that’s kind of how i feel about attraction to girls, too, like it’s so obvious looking back, but at the time there was no studiously ignoring it or anything, it was just so strange and wrong and foreign that i didn’t even register its existence

I usually prefer to post ‘original’ things, even if they’re just screencaps that I took of old episodes, but this old promo pic has been my desktop wallpaper for over three months now and I am still not tired of seeing Rumple’s come-hither face. I just want to hop in his lap every time I turn my monitor on. How does Bobby make scaly green skin look so good? And that snug vest and those tight leather pants… I’ll just be over here in my corner, drooling shamelessly and giggling like a fangirl.

Once upon a time (hahahathatwasbad), this was supposed to be a more general, albeit Rumple-centric, OUaT blog. At the moment, it’s pretty much just a “How much do I love Robert Carlyle?” blog. #imokaywiththis

khadgar next expansion

ohhhh noooooo hero please i dropped my fucking………… cursed medivh dickstaff in a puddle while fighting this demon i need you to go into. the underworld and find it for me while i follow you around, not doing anything to help, just waxing poetic about my boring life story and all the shitty choices i’ve made. im khadgar

Yeah, yeah. Sick of me posting yet? XD Here’s another (blurry ;-;) graphic that I’m asdfghjkl; of. PHOTOSHOP,  F I T E  M E  I R L.

Remember the time I kept telling you really weird stories about my life? I thought you would get bored and annoyed with me and ditch me. But you didn’t.

How about the time I just kept on talking and bugging you? I honestly thought that you’d leave me. But you didn’t.

Thank you so much for staying with me.

-Based off “But You Didn’t”

So, even though I posted a Follow Forever on my blog a couple weeks ago (with an insane amount of glitches), I realized that it never really showed an appreciation that I had for my friends. In real life, I’m not going to lie, I don’t feel emotions that well and I’m dense. It’s gotten to the point where my friends call me a robot (Like Hideki lol) because I never react to moving emotions. I almost never tell my friends how much they mean to me or anything. (Unless they’ve been with me for awhile IRL) Throughout the past year, I’ve made countless connections with the fandom, and I will pretty much never regret the choice of joining this fandom. Anyways, long speech aside, thank you for always sticking with me, even if we’ve talked for 2 minutes or 2 days, you’re pretty important to me.

RIP mobile users again ^^;

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