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ohhhh noooooo hero please i dropped my fucking………… cursed medivh dickstaff in a puddle while fighting this demon i need you to go into. the underworld and find it for me while i follow you around, not doing anything to help, just waxing poetic about my boring life story and all the shitty choices i’ve made. im khadgar

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Name: Jessi[ca]
Star sign: Cancer
Height: 5′5
Sexual orientation: Straight.
Hogwarts house: Never read\seen any Harry Potter’s but I know I’d be in Ravenclaw.
Favourite colour: Red and black.
Favourite animal: Dogs, Squirrels and Cats. Honestly, any animal except insects. 
Average hours of sleep: Fuck if I know. I try to get at least 7.
Cat or dog person: Both but pups more.
Favourite fictional characters: Nana Osaki from “Nana”. Bucky Barnes\Winter Soldier in Marvel Comics. Donnie Darko from “Donnie Darko”. Piccolo from “Dragon Ball” – I’ll end it here.
Favourite singer/band: Alkaline Trio, Blink182, The Menzingers, The Bouncing Souls, The Misfits, Bayside. etc 
Dream trip: San Diego, California. Tokyo, Japan. URGH. So many places, but those two at the top.
Dream job: Don’t really have one anymore. Not sure what I want to do at this age that is 27. What I’m trying to do right now is just get a full time job that I am happy with and can take care of myself financially. 
When my blog was made:  4\12\11 I came back because this started off as a music Tumblr because my last Tumblr that I deleted due to bad memories, was gone and full of random shit. I met a few good people, who I follow here again but my last one was full with bullies who were children younger than me. My old username was taken. Alas, Jessi Remembers Halloween was born. Hi.
Follow count: 663 but I’m sure it’s all thanks to porn\spam. Hey. [If you’re asking me how many I personally follow, it’s 108. Some blogs are dead but I just can’t let ‘em go]
What made you make a blog: Anthony Raneri from Bayside. A friend at the time followed him, told me to make one. I made it for Anthony, to follow his beautiful mind. My return, was to be a music Tumblr but it failed. I’m glad it did sort of.


i wish i could entertain you with a beautifully written introduction. a nice collection of facts and stories about my life but unfortunately i’m quite boring and i’ve been staring at this empty post for about ten minutes. my name is gemma and i really like dogs, cats, amber bain and gordon ramsay. my usual friday night activty is crying my eyes out to bon iver and adele records before treating myself to a block of chocolate and a fine malbec. i’m always looking for new humans to become friends with so if you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain and the feel of the ocean and the taste of champagne, come hit me up at gucci.denims

when i was really young i read a lot of books, and when i reread those books now i notice a lot of words and concepts that my brain just completely skipped over bc i didn’t understand them. and that’s kind of how i feel about attraction to girls, too, like it’s so obvious looking back, but at the time there was no studiously ignoring it or anything, it was just so strange and wrong and foreign that i didn’t even register its existence

I usually prefer to post ‘original’ things, even if they’re just screencaps that I took of old episodes, but this old promo pic has been my desktop wallpaper for over three months now and I am still not tired of seeing Rumple’s come-hither face. I just want to hop in his lap every time I turn my monitor on. How does Bobby make scaly green skin look so good? And that snug vest and those tight leather pants… I’ll just be over here in my corner, drooling shamelessly and giggling like a fangirl.

Once upon a time (hahahathatwasbad), this was supposed to be a more general, albeit Rumple-centric, OUaT blog. At the moment, it’s pretty much just a “How much do I love Robert Carlyle?” blog. #imokaywiththis