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This beautiful scene of sagebrush with its colorful pink blossoms is a common sight in the southwest. It stretches as far as the eye can see and besides being beautiful, has practical purposes, as deer and other wildlife feed on it. Sagebrush blooms only after a heavy rain but will bloom in any season. It’s referred to as Cenizo by many Anglos as well as Latin Americans.

Bus Rides (m)

Word count: 5,081

Warning: Namjoon smut

“Ticket, please.”
You drag out your purse, smiling apologetically at the bus driver. This isn’t the first time you had to rummage through your purse in search for the ticket, finally pulling a bus card with your name on it out between two fingers after what seems like several minutes. He glances over it, then grunts in approval so you can make place for the next passenger that looks at you with annoyance. Why is it so hard to prepare your ticket in advance, you ask yourself, feeling the need to slap yourself hard. This way, you only seem like a nuisance. Not that you don’t feel like a nuisance anyways.
But soon you are distracted, because your eyes find the seat you always choose to sit in - and right next to it, a familiar golden haze. Your fixed company, with his blonde hair and full lips that turn into a cute smile sometimes. Right now he is looking through the window, studying the to you boring scenery, yet to have noticed your arrival. You can’t help but smile every time you see him again, as if it’s an instinct that hadn’t occurred to you before. Quickly, you throw your bag over your shoulder and approach him.

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Motorbike- Daryl Dixon (Smut)


Hi!Can you write a smut where Daryl and the girl ride on his bike on a supply run and she gets horny and starts jerking him off and he needs to pull the bike somewhere safe and punishes her for being ‘a bad girl’. Thatd be awesome.Love your work btw

Tagging: @outlast-fnaf-bio-stuck @grindonmegrimes

Warnings: Smut, outside sex, light bondage, swearing, oral

You were on a supply run with Daryl. You had been riding on his bike for what seemed like ages.

You were getting bored of the scenery and you didn’t know if it was the vibrations of the bike or the sexy redneck in front of you but something came over you.

You had your arms tightly around his chest but you let one come loose and fall.

You placed your hand on his thigh as he tried to focus on the road.

You walked your fingers up and gently started to rub his bulge through his pants. You heard his breath hitch and could feel him hardening underneath you.

You slowly unzipped his zipper and let your hand wander down.

You didn’t even realise that the motor bike had stopped but you were now in a clearing and Daryl was looking at you. Staring daggers.

Neither of you spoke for a while until he broke the silence.

“Darlin’ if ya wanted to fuck, you coulda just asked.”

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