boring old life again

I just woke up from a really weird (And pretty) dream but it was so weird and.. unclear (?) that I can’t even explain it

#71: Camping

Ashton: After countless hours of you laughing, Ashton swearing, and a struggle from both of you, you both managed to pitch the tent that stood proudly in the centre of the clearing. “Holy shit,” Ashton said wiping his brow with his forearm. You both were standing back admiring your handy work, when you giggled. “That was way more difficult than the manual said.” You said shaking your head, and grabbing your hair to put it in a pony tail. It had gotten a bit warmer since you had arrive a few hours ago. It was both of your ideas to go camping for the weekend, to get away from everything that was going on in both of your lives. This was a weekend just to relax, just you two, and nothing standing in your way of nature, and each others companionship.  “You just stood there and laughed,” He said bumping your shoulder with his. “Hey now,” A peel of laughter floated through the surrounding forest as Ashton grabbed your sides, making you jump and laugh as he relentlessly tickled your sides. “Stop! Please!” You yelled, crouching on the ground in a futile effort to get away from his hands. He was laughing along with you, finally releasing your sides as you stood up to walk over to the tent, unzipping the doorway. “Its actually pretty big,” You admired the net canvas that prevented bugs from crawling in, and the windows that allowed you to see the stars as you lay down to sleep. “Come on, lets go do something,” He said tugging you away from the door. “Like what?” You asked, swatting a bug away from your face. “Hike?” He asked, pointing to the main dirt path that would lead you to a nature path. You agreed, stopping to grab a water bottle and close the tent up. Grabbing his hand, you walked away from your temporary retreat, to go explore the wilderness that surrounded you. Hours later, you came back sun kissed, exhausted, but happy. “That was beautiful,” You said sitting down on a wooden log that was not far from your site. “So gorgeous. Why don’t we go tomorrow and take that path that looked like it went deeper into the forest?” He kicked out his feet in front of him, and tilted his head back to catch the last rays of sun before they sank below the tree canopies. You admired his features, the way the light caught his hair that was held back by the bandana, his eyelashes resting on his cheeks so gently, casting small shadows on his near flawless skin. On a whim you leaned over to press your lips to his cheek, smirking as you saw the corners of his lips quirk into a smile. “What was that for?” He asked, grabbing your waist and pulling you closer to him. “Just because,” You replied, shrugging. “I do agree though, it looked nice. But during the day when the suns high up, it looks like it was pretty dark.” You said, thinking back to the looming canopies of trees that cast a cool shadow on the dirt path that was broken by tree roots and overturned rocks. “This is going to be such a nice weekend,” Ashton said, kissing your temple. “And you know whats the best part?” You questioned. He shook his head, urging you on. “That it’s only you and I. No fans, no paps, no boys, just us.” You said. “I couldn’t agree more,” He said softly, kissing your forehead, as you leaned your head against his shoulder, staring at your little camping retreat, already getting excited for what adventures the two of you could get into.

Calum: The fire crackled and popped as you sat around it, feeling the warmth brush your cheeks and hands. The cool night air caressed your skin, the slight breeze blowing your hair gently, making the flames dance in the dark of night. You leaned against Calum’s chest, his legs around you; you sitting in the middle of them. His arms were hanging in your lap, the silence around you was so peaceful. You could hear the sounds of the nightlife rummaging around, off in the distance you could hear the cry of a coyote, and the haunting song from the loons down in the lake not far from your camping site. “Can we just stay here forever?” Calum spoke softly, his voice breaking the silence. “I know, its so nice,” You closed your eyes and leaned your head against his chest, relishing the moment. “You know, one day we could do this.” He hummed as you opened your eyes to stare at him. “What do you mean?” You asked, sitting up a little. “Well, you know, if we end up spending a lot of time together, like dating, we could always get married, or even if we live together before we get married we could buy a house around here, something on the lake thats secluded so we could have privacy. We could always have this,” He said. “Did I Scare you?” He asked, suddenly, and you could feel him tense underneath you. “No Cal, that’s a really nice idea. I like it.” You said, leaning back against him and smiling as you watched the fire. It was a nice feeling knowing that someday Calum wanted to settle down with you. “You’re not freaked out that I mentioned marriage?” He said, quietly, it was almost hard to hear him. You smiled, shaking your head. “No, its kind of nice. Its nice knowing that you want to spend the rest of your life with boring old me.” You said, closing your eyes once again. “You’re anything but boring.” He said, squeezing your waist. “Listen to that,” He said. You listened harder, and you could hear the howl echo around you. “Thats not a coyote,” You said. “Thats a wolfs howl.” You said. You listened again as the wolf bayed at the moon, its cry piercing the stillness of the night. Neither of you said anything, but only listened to what was around you. Instead of screaming fans, it was a howling wolf. Instead the flashing lights, it was the crackling of fire. Instead of having to deal with cameras and the media pestering the both of you, the only thing around you was the swaying trees, and the little rodents that waddled around you. It was something that you could get used to, and was most certainly a nice change from your day to day life. “Lets never leave,” You said, leaning back into him. “Never,” He said kissing your shoulder, as you both resumed looking at the popping and crackling fire.

Luke: “Do you think its going to rain?” You said pointing to the incoming clouds that didn’t look the friendliest. “It’s not, we’re already wet anyways!” Luke said from the lake. “Come on! Jump!” He yelled up to you. You were on top of a cliff that wasn’t too high, but served as a lot of fun for both you and Luke, this afternoon. You smiled down at him before tossing yourself off of the edge, feeling the wind rip around you as you flailed your arms trying to keep yourself feet down. You screamed as the fall seemed to come to its end, your toes breaking the surface of the water and finally your whole body plunged beneath the surface. You kicked so you broke the water once more, gasping for air as you wiped your eyes. “That was wicked!” You said, swimming over to Luke. He laughed, grabbing your hand and pulling you over to a rock that was a little under the surface. You crawled on top of it, sliding slightly before regaining your balance and sitting. The water lapped over your legs, and you tilted your head back to try and get some sun on your flushed skin. “You really had some height.” Luke commented, smirking at you. “But I’m pretty sure I can beat it.” He said, punching your shoulder before getting up and swimming to the shore. “Like hell!” You called out after him, waiting patiently for him to peak over the cliff. Finally, he did, waving to you. You waved back before seeing Luke jump off the edge. Your heart jumped to your throat, in a fleeting moment of panic. It was crazy to see someone you love launch themselves over a cliff, as you hoped that he landed well. He crashed through the surface, and you held your breath waiting for him to surface. He broke through, coughing a little as he swam to you. Just as he reached the rock, the cloud broke and it began to rain. “We should get back to the campsite.” He said, cringing as the water pelted both of your heads. “Lets go,” You said laughing as you both swam to the shore. You grabbed his hand as you both ran to the shelter of your tent. Laughing and screaming as thunder shook the sky above you, you ran to the safety of your tent. Finally you made it, crawling through the door, panting. He zipped it up, as you shoved the sleeping bags and blankets out of your way so you wouldn’t soak them. “Well then,” He said, pushing back his fringe from his eyes. “And you said those clouds didn’t look to bad,” You rolled your eyes at him. “Hey now,” He said tackling you. You laughed as he pressed himself against you, his bare chest heaving against your bikini clad top. “What was that?” He asked hovering above you. “You clearly disregarded my weather prediction,” You said laughing. “Anybody could have said it was going to rain,” He said, smirking. “And yet you said it wasn’t going to rain when I pointed it out.” You replied, sass dripping from your words. You couldn’t finish your sentence because within seconds his lips were pressed to yours as you two kissed in the confines of your tent, the rain pattering around your still campsite. 

Michael: “Really?” Michael said laying in bed. “You want to go camping?” You smiled at him, like a small child ready to go to the carnival. “Yes! It will be fun Michael, you know, pitch a tent, have a bon fire, go on adventures! Just us two, it will be so nice.” You said. You had gone camping every year with your parents but now that you lived away from home and were much older, your parents rarely went anymore, and you couldn’t find a good weekend that worked with them to go. So you had been deprived from camping for years, and finally you wanted to share a memento of your childhood with Michael. He sighed heavily, “Really?” He said, avoiding your eyes. “Yes! It wont be that bad, there are places to shower, places that have a working bathroom. We used to wash our hair in the lake, but we won’t have to do that.” You said, grabbing his hands. “Just think of how nice it would be to just get away from everything, and just have time to ourselves? We’ll just be in nature.” You said. “But that involves bugs, and animals.” He whined, but you could see him caving. “Its not bug season silly. The only thing out are bees, nothing too extreme. We can miss black fly season. As for animals, its not like we’re going where bloody bears live. The most we’ll see is a deer, maybe a coyote or hear a wolf.” You couldn’t help the giggle that followed your sentence because of Michaels imagination and what he perceived idea of what camping was like. “It would be for the weekend?” He said, and you grinned, nodding your head. “This weekend?” He asked. “Yes sir,” You said squeezing his hand. “Okay, but only because I love you. And you haven’t been camping for ages and I’ve heard about it for like the past three weeks.” He said laughing as you attacked him in a bear hug. “Thank you! You’re going to love it!” You said against his chest. “If I’m with you, I doubt it can be that bad.” You could hear the smile in his voice. “You’re secretly excited, don’t try and hide it!” You poked his side, making him squirm. “God damn you woman,” He said, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you against him. You laughed as he hugged you. “Just us two?” He asked, reinforcing the idea that it would just be you two. “Just us, no boys. Nobody, just us.” You reaffirmed. He smiled kissing your nose in the process. “Good,” He said. “We could use some quality time together,” He said, hugging you. You couldn’t agree more, already excited for this weekend.