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“Please stay with me tonight, I don’t want to be alone.”

Featuring: Kit and Ty

Requested by @eternalstorming || I included a couple more characters. Hope you don’t mind :)

Okay. First of all, Kit was not scared of horror films. At all. Those high-pitched squeals you heard from him—excitement. Him covering his eyes half the time—he was thinking of scarier stuff in his mind, ‘cause the movie was too tame. And every time he yelled, “Ty-Ty, help me!“—he wanted Ty to drag him away from the screen for the movie had bored him to death. So like Kit says; he’s totally not scared of horror films. Or at least that’s what he told everyone else. To his dismay, no one was buying it.

Dru called from the living room, "Laaaaaame”, as Kit exited the living room.

Kit retorted, “Oh shush. That movie’s not scary.”

Diana sat with Gwyn and Dru on the couch. She muttered, “You know he might be saying the truth, Drusilla. After he’s seen his grades, I don’t think anything could frighten him.”

Kit just sighed and stepped out. Then he remembered that it was three in the morning and the only light on in the Institute came from a TV Dru was playing. And there was no way he was going back in that room. He could’ve turned on some lights but he didn’t want to bother anyone sleeping.

So he made the only logical choice he could think up— run to his room as if somebody was chasing him. Of course he could’ve calmly walked to his room but where’s the fun in that?

He frowned. Then bolted down the hall, up the stairs, and he came in contact with a strange figure. He didn’t mean to scream, he really didn’t but it just came out.

Soon, room lights came on and Julian leaped out with a blade. Emma clutched Cortana. Both in rumpled pajamas. Kit, in the midst of the confusion, thought Did they just come out of the same room? But he only blinked. Tavvy was awake too.

When the parabatai sensed no danger they put away their weapons and frowned at Kit.

Kit immediately apologized, “I’m sorry. I really am. Please don’t kill me.”

Julian shook his head, “Why were you screaming in the first place?”

Dru cut in from downstairs, “Because he watched a scary movie and now he’s paranoid.”

Diana also cut in, “You ruined the main character’s screaming with your screaming, Christopher.”

Julian and Emma sighed and shut the door. Yeah, they definitely stayed in the same room.

Tavvy spat, “Meanie. Ty, tell him you don’t want to be friends anymore”, and with that he went back to bed.

Kit looked at the figure he bumped into. Tiberius had his headphones on crooked and his hair was disheveled.

Kit’s mouth went dry. He croaked shamefully, “Did I hurt you, Ty? I’m so so sorry. I—”

Tiberius interrupted, “I’m fine. I came to return your electronic tablet.” He offered it to Kit. Ty was using it because the one computer in the Institute was broken, no one knew how to fix it, and it’s not like they could call a guy. Well they could but it’d be embarrassing. Excuse me, but why should I open my window? What does this have to do with my computer?

Ty continued, “You weren’t in your room so I was going to leave it outside your door. But you’re here now so…”

Ty seemed achingly uncomfortable. Kit wanted to apologize a million times over, each time sappier than the last but he wouldn’t. Ty didn’t want that. Kit followed the path of his slate gray eyes. In fact, he wanted something else.

“Ty? Do you want to keep using my tablet?”, Kit asked cautiously.

Something in Ty’s eyes sparked. “Yes, actually. I found this really cool nature documentary on rhinos. And this other one featured cute little bumblebees. Did you know a queen bee can lay up to 2000 eggs a day?”

“I did not know that. Wanna go watch them in my room? I’m not tired. Are you?” Kit held a shy smile. Was he really inviting someone into his room? That someone being Tiberius Blackthorn? Kit felt like screaming again but he did it internally that time.

Ty knit his brows, “How can I be tired when the bees need saving? And yes, I’d like to watch.” He pulled the tablet out of Kit’s hand and flopped onto the Herondale’s bed like he owned it. Ty did own Kit’s heart so his bed wasn’t much in comparison.

Kit shut the door as Ty pulled up the videos. The Blackthorn was in pajamas he was quickly outgrowing. His onyx locks were damp from a recent shower and his eyelashes were impossibly long. His lips in the state of a hard, pink line. Kit’s heart fluttered and he might’ve died for a second when he sat remotely next to Ty.

Ty looked up from the screen, slightly bashful. “Can you see from there?” Kit sat a meter away from his friend. “You can come closer if you want.”

Gingerly, Kit filled in the space between him and Ty until he could feel Ty’s hair tickle his ear. Which meant Ty could feel Kit’s body move at every outburst.

When the documentaries were over, Kit wiped away a stray tear, “It’s just…rhinos get poached and the bees are dying?”

He looked beside him to see a dozing Tiberius Blackthorn; Kit resisted the urge to kiss him. As he was about to step out Ty sat up.

“Please stay with me tonight, I don’t want to be alone.”

Kit blinked about twenty times and finally answered, “But I ruined everyone’s night. Your family hates me and you’re tired of me.”

Ty shook his head vigourosly. “You didn’t ruin my night; that I know. And my family doesn’t hate you. You just bothered them. They’ll be over it by morning. We’ve all done it.”

Ty gazed at his bare feet and picked at Kit’s sheets. “Plus, the only thing that tired me is my lack of sleep. Not you, never you.”

Kit was dumbfounded yet he managed to turn off the lights, climb into bed, and curl up with the boy he loved.

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I heard that you're doing Halloween asks (not really, I just read your discretion). I have one, human and bot(s) of your choice watch a really scary movie but human isn't scared of the movie and bot is, if that made sense. If not I can ask again in a more understanding way. Luv ya!

These two were basically the same so I decided to combine them and do reactions! I hope that’s alright! (Most of them aren’t scared because it’s the cons and I… just can’t picture them being scared of a human movie;;)


The only reason he even agreed was because he’d found himself spending less and less time with you, he’d found it a bit unfair and… He missed you. However, now he’s bored, this movie is ridiculous and so clearly fake, he’s getting impatient. Then he looks down at you on his lap, you’re so enamored by the movie, so happy to be curled into him, he’s struck with a sudden surge he refuses to accept as affection. He picks you up and places you on his shoulder, this movie is terrible, but you’re too cute for him to just get up and leave because he’s annoyed.

He’s acting like he’s not scared, he’s not doing a very good job. You’ve long had to move off his lap and to his shoulders, cling to his cables with every jump. The way he shakes vibrates through your body from the metal underneath you. He hates this movie, he hates that he agreed, he hates that you’re not scared and so damn cute. At one point he moved his servo to his neck as if to protect you along with himself. You curl into his neck and smile, telling him you cans top watching. His determined to be as brave as you. And so the movie continues.

He’s not scared, he couldn’t be scared of such a ridiculous movie anyway, but he’s completely enamored by how caught your are in this movie. The way your eyes move along with the movement on the screen, the way you’re gripping onto his plating half excited half waiting. He loves you. A heart flashes across his visor and you barely catch it, smiling. You kiss his visor softly and the smiley face pops up. You both go back to your previous actives, his watching you and yours watching the movie.

He’s seen these kinds of movies before, they’re not particularly scaring. Much the same as you, he’s invested in the movie, it’s interesting, but he is not scared in the least. His helm ever so slightly leans into you as you lean against him, it’s comfortable and you’re both enjoying each other. You never thought you’d get such a quiet moment with Knockout, but God are you glad you did.

He is not scared. He is, but if you say one word about it you’ll be stuck watching this movie by yourself. He’s shaking just the slightest bit and you can feel it underneath you. You’d tried to put a reassuring hand on his plating, he’d just told you he was fine. However, his optics watched you after that, noticing that you weren’t scared at all, not even a little tense, he was almost jealous, but definitely impressed. He reminded himself this was why he loved you.

He’s not watching the movie at all, didn’t even agree that he would, you’re just watching it in the lab while he works and occasionally he peaks over when he hears the screaming. The peaking is more curiosity as to what in the hell you’re watching, rather than wanting to watch it. He’s caught on that this is what humans call ‘horror’ and he’s a bit surprised you’d want to watch it. He’d always though you a scared child, but here you are, not even flinching. He’ll put that in his notes.

He’s not scared he just hates this movie, the gore, the gross, the sick, he’s not a fan of it. It’s unnecessary. He, however, is going to continue watching because you are so invested and so damn cute. You lean forward when you know something is about to happy, you tense just a bit, not out of fear, but knowledge, when someone is hurt. You’ve seen this movie before, he sees. He will continue to watch it, because you are having so much fun and he loves you. Don’t ask him to do it again, though.

He’s not watching the movie, he doesn’t care, he thinks it’s ridiculous. No, instead he’s watching you and the way the light of the screen dances through your irises and reflects off the watery surface. He notices the way the light looks in your hair, bringing out colors he hadn’t ever noticed before, little strands of highlights that flash and then disappear. He smiles softly and brushes a claw through that same hair, you looking up at him. You smile and lean into his touch, but your attention goes back to the movie. He may not be watching, but at least he’s here with you.

Stay like this

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It happens out of blue, when you suddenly change your eyes and Jimin sees it and when you sit up, he is taken by surprise. 

Fluff, one shot, little smut. 

Female x Jimin

It was his day off. Recently you noticed that Jimin would come home more often. He would spend time with you more often. When you offered him once to go to Busan to see his family after a long time, he refused strongly to leave without you. Those two or three days were one of the best days of your life tho. You both had sex more, where Jimin would make you lose your mind out of pleasure. You both cuddled more. Everything you did together was done even more and you couldn’t be happier than that. You never got bored of the movie night with him every day. You never got bored of the cuddles he insisted to have on the mornings or his admiration to you stroking his hair. 

You just knew this was temporary and you wanted to create even more and more memories with him. And every little memory was very important to you and Jimin too. He was not dumb. He knew it all too. That’s why he became more  clingy and so, did you. 

It was one of his days off when you saw that adorable sides of him. After watching Goblin’s x ep, you two stayed still cuddled to each other on bed. 

“I still can’t believe it. How could that eve happen?” Jimin said, while he had his head rested on your shoulder. You just took the remote and turned the TV off. “As if I do believe it…” You said quietly, placing the remote back to where it had been before. Jimin got up and went in the bathroom, while you went in the kitchen to get a little bit of a chocolate. You were sucker for it, just like you both were suckers for Goblin. It always shocked you no matter which series you were watching. 

When you went in the bedroom again, you saw Jimin on the surface of bed. Laying flat on it like a star. You smiled at him and joined. Jimin immediately, just like a reflex, snuggled to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. Your legs were not fully on the bed but he still managed to make you feel comfortable(Just remember when he coulsn’t please.). 

“You know, I was reading this article for some reason the other day…” Jimin started speaking. “What article?” He looked up at you, catching your eyes with his. “The one that said that…” He now hovered over you out of blue, his lips being close to yours and instead of the eyes you were expecting from him, you met his idiotic like grin. “laughing is great for the human’s health.” 


And that’s when he attacked you with tickles on your waist and you immediately broke out laughing. “Ji-Jimin! Sto-stop please!” You somehow managed to let out those few word form your mouth but Jimin never stopped. He never really stopped until he didn’t see your tears. 

he looked down at you, his grin even wider now. You were also grinning. He then with his thumbs, removed the left tears on your face. After bringing his hand next to your hand to keep himself from falling on you. 

But he looked so beautiful right now, his lips felt so kissable, his smile made him look like a total angel. He made you to believe in ones. Just by looking at  him, you felt like you were given an energy to live more. You couldn’t stop yourself from imagining things you could have done to him at that exact moment. 

When Jimin noticed te change in your eyes, you smile changing into the one you would make when you were needy and were trying to seduce him into the bed, he was going to respond to your neediness. But then, you sat up. 

Jimin was totally shocked. he never expected you to do something, he woudl do to you sometimes:flutter you so so much and make your cheeks go bright red. He was fluttered and he found that so hot at that moment. A third person would thing you acted more manly and Jimin showed his feminism. You never thought about that at that moment and so did he. 

Your hands went to his waist slowly. His hands were cutely laid on your shoulders. “What are you doing?” He asked you. “I don’t know. You tell me. What am I doing?” He looked at you just like a puppy, when you had gotten closer ad closer to his face. “You tell me, why am I so addicted to you? You tell me why you make me go crazy over you. Why don’t you explain to me the reason why I want to spend every second with you?” Your eyes were glaring at each other. Jimin tried to stood up, but you immediately pulled him with his waist  down. Making his butt land on your lap again. “Y/N.” He let out but didn’t continue. “Stay like this. Please. I want to admire how beautiful you are.”

With that your mouth found their way to his neck and started leaving hickeys on it. Starting from his jaw, you went on to his ear. He wrapped his arms around your neck now. Making his own one titling a little bit. You took this as a sign and started to kiss all the way down to it, leaving beautiful, pink and purple marks on it. He threw his head back from the pleasure. He loved when you left marks but this was truly different from the usual ones. Then you sneaked your hands down to his ass, feeling them and grabbing them a little too hard. Jimin moaned and that gave you even more energy and you started nibbling on his collarbone even harder, biting it after which made Jimin let another moan out. 

“Y/N.” He let out beautifully and you looked up at  him. He looked back at  you.  His eyes sneaked their way to your lips and he immediately crashed them on you, wrapping his hand firmly around your neck to get even more closer to you. He started grinding and that’s when you let out a moan, making Jimin go wilder with his grinds. your hand made its way under his sweater, stopping at his waist and then caressing his whole back. 

Jimin then started nibbling your ear since he knew you loved it. Earning moans from you, he continued with the back of the ear and after came back to your lips. You tongues played with each other, sometimes teeth crushing against each other but the feeling of this all was amazing. Lips sucking each other until you stated to feel the need of the air. 

You both pulled away together. Looking at each other, you still were caressing his back with one hand, while other held his hip. “I should do this more. I should do even worse things to you than you do to me. But baby, trust me, you will think they are the best ever things you will have ever felt.”


FANCASTING: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Milo Thatch: Andrew Garfield

‘Kida’ Kidagakash: Zoe Saldana

Commander Rourke: Tommy Lee Jones

Helga Sinclair: Charlize Theron

Audrey Ramirez: Francia Raisa

Dr. Joshua Sweet: Terry Crews

‘Vinny’ Santorini: John Turturro

Gaetan ‘The Mole’: Timothy Spall

Mrs. Packard: Helen Mirren

King Kashekim Nedakh: Morgan Freeman

oncest only existed because y’all weren’t brave enough to ship the onceler with the lorax

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