boring mom stuff

fun fact: the original sketch of this picture was a result of this

(that is not at all what my bed looks like and I hope you can read my handwriting)

please do not like or reblog if you are kin or anything related with Crona, thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum!   ^u^ /)

My poor soccer mom heart is currently crushed into small pieces. Out of this entire season, I have missed two of S’s games. I had to missed tonight’s because I’m at work, and naturally he scored a goal on a penalty kick. I am 100% sure it will be the only goal he scores this season, and I managed to miss it. My super privileged problems, let me show you them. 😪

My day:

9-10:30: Skype call with supervisors

10:30-12:45: Pick up borrowed truck, hardware store with mom

12:45-2:00: Lunch, chill

2:00-4:00: Go to friend’s place to bend rebar around a tractor tire, go to other hardware store, unload stuff at home, return borrowed truck (also with mom)

intermittently: texting about confusing transportation issues because I agreed to help coordinate people offering rides to immigrants 

now: I am made of nope. nope nope nope nope nope.


“The moonlight is, perfect right now.”

I did it! I finished! I wasn’t sure if I could get it to look the way I wanted, but overall I am pleased with how it looks!

Please let me know if you see any character design mistakes. The cool thing about paint is that you can paint over almost anything and fix it.

Thank you for all the love and support as I worked on this. I hope it was worth the wait and you guys like it.

I did this for all of you. I did it for the fandom.

Ok so now all the boring stuff. Credits.

Mom for buying me the canvas and supporting my art.

Refs were used. Sooooo many.

Official Strange Magic FaceBook pictures.

The movie- watched and paused scenes. The scene where Bog says, “The moonlight is, perfect right now.” was a big reference for the background. I even used the DVD case for refs.

Personal pictures.

I can’t even remember all the refs.

And I just bought 7 new canvases for more fanart! More to come!

Thanks guys!

Strange Magic © Lucas Films
Art © Me

I’m super excited to meet my kids teachers next weekend! I want to be involved like I used to be in TX. I wanted to sign up to volunteer for all the things, but I need to find a job and I don’t know what that schedule will look like.

The boys really want to ride the bus. I remember the bus being really rowdy and awful when I was a kid, but I don’t think I actually rode the bus til middle school. And middle school is just awful in general. So I guess I’m going to let them try out the bus. But the thought makes me cringe.

I hope they like their teachers. I hope they make friends at their new school. I worry too much, but my 8 year old is awkward and has ADHD and I just want him to be happy. The kindergartener will probably be just fine.

Sorry for the brain dump. I’m so nervous you’d think I was the one starting school next week!

I survived this day with minimal problems! When I’m in charge of all three boys I tend to worry we’ll have a big blowout and I won’t know how to handle Jack’s son. He’s just got a completely different personality than I’m used to. Assuming a parenting role with a kid who’s already ten is tricky and I’m so so glad that his mom is supportive of me. And Jack, of course. Duh. We had a few waves here are there, but no major seismic activity. I’m calling it a win! :)