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60 things LotR and TH fans can do while not watching the movies

1. Read the books
2. Watch the behind the scenes
3. Read fanfictions
4. Write Fanfictions
5. Spend too much money on merchandise
6. Spend too much money on going to conventions
7. Draw fanart
8. Make a cosplay
9. Take the Ring to Mordor
10. Go to New Zealand
11. Cry because you can’t go to New Zealand
12. Go on an adventure
13. Have second breakfast
14. Spend too much time on Tumblr
15. Scream ‘NAZGUL’ when you hear a loud screeching noise
16. Whenever you see a big bird scream 'The Eagles are coming!’
17. Take the Hobbits to Isengard
18. Go to conventions
19. Cry because you can’t go to conventions
20. Watch all YouTube videos related to TH and LotR
21. Watch all YouTube videos related to your favorite actors
22. Take back Erebor
23. Celebrate Durins Day
24. Sing 'They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard’
25. Do the dishes like the dwarves
26. Sing 'Misty Mountains’
27. Don’t loose the previous
28. Stay in front of strangers and shout 'You Shall not pass!’
29. Keep the ring secret and save
30. Use a sword to kill spiders
31. Learn sword fighting
32. Learn archery
33. Listen to the LotR and TH soundtrack
34. Eat like Bombur
35. Then run like Bombur in DoS
36. Or don’t run like Bombur and end up looking like Bombur
37. Wear a dwarvish/elvish hairstyle
38. Walk barefoot
39. Write all your essays about Middle Earth
40. Name all 13 dwarves as fast as possible (I managed to do it in 3 seconds)
41. Learn elvish/Khuzdul
42. Daydream about Middle Earth
43. Lose your way (twice)
44. Create fan accounts (Instagram, Tumbler, Facebook….)
45. Make edits
46. Kill dragons
47. Read the Silmarillion
48. Go to the book store and buy all the Tolkien books
49. Loose the ponies
50. Throw a party at Bilbo’s house
51. Watch all the movies/TV shows of your favorite actors
52. Try to do the Gollum voice
53. Get a sore throat from doing the Gollum voice
54. Have a food fight
55. Sing Hobbit drinking songs
56. Quote TH and LotR as much as you can
57. Never stop talking about TH and LoTR
58.Whenever you see a red sunrise quote Legolas
59. Try finding as many pictures of your favorite character
60. Spend too much time on creating a Tumblr post

A big Thank you to allow the fellow Tolkien fans who helped me to come up with this long list

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> *Has 1001 things to do*<p/><b>Me:</b> *Rewatches every single Gravity Falls Episode, creates a new book, eats a whole cake, reads 1000 pages of ff, summons a demon*<p/><b>Me:</b> I really need to get shit done<p/><b>Me:</b> *opens tumblr*<p/></p>
Summarizing The MM main characters
  • Zen: Accidental psychic mom friend; endless gladiator fight to the death with Trust Fund Kid; pushing his "ALL MEN ARE WOLVES" propaganda; "Help police! there is a handsome man in my mirror, oh wait, IT's just ME~! *takes selfie*
  • Yoosung: LOLOL IS LOVE LOLOL IS LIFE; too good/pure for this world; they said I would understand life when I'm older, now I'm older, but I don't know sh*t; watizbasicspellin anspazin,HOW2WUD???
  • Jumin: aesthetic sh*tposter; do you want to see my cat? No? T O O B A D; I don't just make it rain, I'm a tsunami; seemingly emotionless, but unapologetic troll (especially to mom friend)
  • 707: #LifeHacks: replace feels with memes; hello my baby~ hello my honey~
  • h e l l o d a r k n e s s m y o l d
  • f r i e n d; HONEYBUDDHACHIPS/PHDPEPPERISOTP, "I'll sleep when I'm dead~! (I hope that's soon! lol)"
  • Jaehee: "I'm surrounded by idiots"; only one who seems to remember that this is a business app; "you seem stressed" "yeah, it's the stess"; mistaken as mom friend, but actually big sister who is highkey done (lowkey into actual mom friend)

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low-key screaming bc u liked my au and i literally just read protection earlier and LOVED it so i'm major fangirling

We can fangirl together because I really love it so so so much and have been waiting for more of it! You have me reeled in with ghostsoo. Eeeee, I’m so glad you liked Protection too! 💖💖💖


I remember Jun once said, “If it wasn’t for Arashi, Riida and I wouldn’t be friends at all!” But that is a total lie, okay? Cos your eyes doesn’t lie when you look at him and even though I ship Ohmiya, Juntoshi is my secret one-true-pair (^~^) 

I do also have this story i'd like to share
  • I was wearing my Misha holiday sweater at work today and one of my co-workers comes up to me (apparently he's done a bit of research on my behalf)
  • co-worker: so uh, him and that other guy they're gay for each other right? I mean...they just seem gay... like I'm not saying it's a bad thing. But, they act gay around one another.
  • me: *trying not to laugh or expose self* I-um... they have wives and children...
  • co-worker: So? I was married when my wife left me for a woman and we have a kid doesn't mean anything. They could still be together.
  • me: *breaks down and laughs*
  • co-worker: What? I'm being serious. I don't act like that around my friends.
  • me: *controls laughter* Oh- oh I know it's just....believe me i know what it appears to be...