boring leslie is boring



“Important meeting in the conference room right now! We are all gonna pick our spirit dogs!”

“Remember, it’s all about finding a dog that captures your spirit”

When I read a review on Parks that says that Ben and Leslie’s relationship is boring because it is too perfect this is what I think:

1.  The first thing that comes to mind when I read an article with this sentiment is words of wisdom from Ron Swanson, “Don’t confuse drama with happiness.”

2.  They do have disagreements and fights (aka standing in a freezing water fountain).  We don’t see a lot of fights between them, this is an upbeat positive comedy after all.  They are able to remedy their fights, eventually they can maturely agree to disagree or see things from the other point of view, even if they don’t agree.  Basically they declare it a draw, which is what we should all do.  We fight to get someone to change their opinion and agree with us.  This doesn’t work out.  It damages or ends relationships.  It breeds resentment and words of regret.  What we should do is fight to get our opinion across and then back off.  Agree to disagree and come up with a compromise.  That is how you respect someone.                                                                

3.  Yes, perfect can be boring.  But Ben and Leslie are not boring as a couple because as individuals they are not boring.  They are well rounded characters and valuable to the show.  They have their own identity and relationships with each character on the show so they can have an episode together or spend an episode with another character and we still get these characters being 100% them.  Ben can often be the “straight man” but he can also have grand freak outs.  Leslie is known for her over the top freak outs but she can also reign it in and be a voice of reason when need be.  Individually and as a couple they have distinct and unique quirks and traits. 

4.  Ben and Leslie’s perfectness is in the adorable looks they give each other, the  political role play we know they indulge in, the nerdy handshakes they perform, the unwavering belief and support they give one another, and the way they are so in to each other in every important way (personality wise, physically, intellectually, ect.).  Yes, they don’t slam doors in each other’s faces or flirt with other people (Joe Biden is VP so he gets a pass), or bring up fights from years prior, or have silly misunderstandings.  I won’t argue and say that they are not perfect.  I’ll gladly call them perfect.  But perfect is what we as individuals and as a people aspire too.  We know we’ll never get there but the term perfect gives us something to work towards.  Ben and Leslie’s relationship may be what we call the perfect relationship.  It is what should be aspired too.  They support and accept each other and they like and love each other.  I just don’t find that boring.  I find it inspiring, funny, adorable, and refreshing.

5.  Also, have you seen the Smallest Park kiss?  Or the engagement kiss?  If those kisses don’t prove chemistry I don’t what does.  Some say they don’t see chemistry between Ben and Leslie because they are too PG.  Well, I think these two kisses tell us that Ben and Leslie did some very rated R things after these kisses.