boring is my favorite


I was bored so I drew my favorite character in II,Nickel!
Though,I thought,
How about I try to make him fabulous?
So yeah,At first I laughed it off after I drew the first one,but when I drew the second one
“Oh god I’m actually starting to like this”
“What have I done?”
“It doesn’t even make sense”

Anyways,I sure hope I didn’t ruin Nickel for you,But oh well

FanFic Ask Game

A: How did you come up with the title to [insert fic]?

B: Any of your stories inspired by personal experience?

C: What member do you identify with most?

D: Is there a song or a playlist to associate with [insert fic]?

E: If you wrote a sequel to [insert fic], what would it be about?

F: Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

G: Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write the scenes out of order?

H: How would you describe your style?

I: Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing)?

J: Write or describe an alternative ending to [insert fic].

K: What’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?

L: How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting?

M: Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share?

N: Is there a fic you wish someone else would write (or finish) for you?

O: How do you begin a story–with the plot, or the characters?

P: Are you what George R. R. Martin would call an “architect” or a “gardener”? (How much do you plan in advance, versus letting the story unfold as you go?)

Q: How do you feel about collaborations?

R: Are there any writers (fanfic or otherwise) you consider an influence?

S: Any fandom tropes you can’t resist?

T: Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

U: Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

V: If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?

W: Do you like more general prompts, or more specific ones?

X: A character you enjoy making suffer.

Y: A character you want to protect.

Z: Major character death–do you ever write/read it? Is there a character whose death you can’t tolerate?


Rumiko Week - Day #1: Favorite Female Characters

emoji review: cactus

some apple emojis look better bigger; this is not the case. strange spine composition and overuse of pillow shading, coloration feels a little off as well. 2/5, mostly for it’s #iconic profile in smaller size

google is trying something new with coloration and i can appreciate that. unfortunately, it feels a little drab here. the white stripes, while minimalistic, also throw me off. 2/5 would be stronger with a better color palette

now see??? THIS is what i’m talking about. bold colors, bold outline, simplified yet recognizable spines… i LOVE this. 100% the type of cactus emoji i can get behind. 5/5 masterfully done

all samsung emojis look like something you would find on a 2006-era messaging board, and the cactus is no different. boring coloration with uncreative black/white pillow shading. shape is off as well. 0/5 looks bad todd

now see, i really appreciate lg going out on a limb here having a prickly pear instead of a saguaro, but the execution is somewhat lackluster… again, an over-reliance on pillow shading, not enough spines, a little boring. i do like the color gradation, however. 3/5 creative concept execution needs work

a pretty good cactus! lovely coloration, iconic profile and minimalist design. the spines are lacking, but overall an emoji i would proudly incorporate into my conversations. 4/5 lovely but spines look like clothing stitches

oh man… nothing objectively bad about this jumping out at me, but still not one of my favorites… the colors feel boring i guess, also maybe the size/resolution is throwing me off. 2.5/5, i dont really like it but cant define why

ugh… hoo boy… i like the bright colors here but that’s where the list ends. poorly executed cell shading, exaggerated shape that looks shitty, DOTS instead of spines. recognizable as a cactus but only barely so. looks like a shiny fruit. 1/5 not representative of the plant

ugly. bad. gross colors, dots for spines syndrome, i hesitate to include it in my twitter bio. poorly done. 0/5 i expected more from you twitter

ok, not bad! again, the colors are not my favorite but this is a decent cactus. spines along the top look uncomfortably like cartoon hair but i can let it slide. 3.5/5 very decent design compared to others

again, not bad! the spines seem to be what trips everyone up, though. profile seems slightly off as well, but in relation to some other emojis this one gets the job done. 3/5 alright but try not to make it look like the cactus is wearing a pinstripe suit

i KNEW emojidex was going to be shitty but somehow i did not expect THIS. i hate it. would never use. -3/5 looks like a fucked up balloon

  • Oliver Hampton: I'm not gonna ask what you did with Thomas at Michaela's. I'm asking you now, right now, if you love me, Connor, or even like me?
  • Connor Walsh: Of course I love you, Oliver. But I can't give you the answer you want.
  • Oliver Hampton: Why?
  • Connor Walsh: You are so perfect. I've never been good enough for you. I'll never be good enough for you.

LISTEN patater is totally that classic romcom nerdxjock pairing. 

Tater: Just because everyone like Kent Parson doesn’t mean I like Parson, fuck that guy. He is WORST.

Kent: Mashkov? Oh, that lame dude? I would never be interested in him are you kidding? 

Then Tater sees Kent doting on his cat and helping out at animal shelters and his heart melts, and Kent sees Tater in a tight shirt and shorts and his brain melts.

Kent reads Anna Karenina for Tater while Tater washes Kit for Kent. 

Tater: You…read my favorite book? I thought you don’t like boring novels.

Kent: Well, you like it so much, I figured I should give it a try and we can have something to talk about. A-are those scratches?

Tater: Kit doesn’t like baths.

Kent: Yeah, she’d do that. Um, you did that for me?

heart eyes all around