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Just Imagine #2
  • Imagine a Halloween Party where Person A and B come as a couple dressed as Superman and Batman.
  • Person C appear dressed as WonderWoman.
  • Some people think that Person A( that is dressed as Superman) and Person C are a couple and other people think Person B and C are a couple
  • In resume, a ship war start in the party
  • Meanwhile
  • Person C: So you're dating?
  • Person B: Yeah Problem?
  • Person C: No actually my date came as Catwoman

If You Were Inquisitor: Ask Meme

1. Race:
2. Class/Specialization:
3. Your homeland?
4. Your family?
5. Who were you before?
6. Would you be religious?
7. Do you have a mabari?
8. Your opinion on other races?
9. What would Varric’s nickname for you be?
10. What would your tarot card look like?
11. Where would you hang out in Skyhold?
12. What would you do for fun?
13. What armor would you wear?
14. What would your room look like?
15. Who would be your friends at Skyhold?
16. Would you have any friends outside of the Inquisition?
17. Who wouldn’t you get along with?
18. Who would you romance?
19. Would you do pranks with Sera?
20. Would you sleep with the Iron Bull (casually if not romance)?
21. Would you keep Cole around?
22. Can you play the game (politics)?
23. What would be on your tombstone in the fade (What are you afraid of)?
24. Who would you recruit to seal the breach?
25. Opinion on Mages versus Templars?
26. Who would be put in charge of Orlais and why?
27. Would you sacrifice the Chargers?
28. Would you go after Blackwall?
29. Would you drink from the well?
30. Where would you go if the Inquisition was disbanded?
31. How do you react to the egg telling you he is an elven god?

I… I’d do anything for you, Diana……

God, this was SO fun to make even if it took like 5 days ahaha… You can open it in a new tab to see the details.

Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.


This was supposed to be posted earlier in the week but I just now managed to finish it. Special thanks to @permanentcross for yelling at me to write it (and for not being mad at me for calling it Snowstorm - she’s cool with it). Let me know if you guys enjoy it! Much love, B xx


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Being stuck at the hotel during a snowstorm, having nothing to do except looking at each other’s faces, Harry’s bored out of his mind. So, while you watch some stupid tv show, he’s lying on his tummy, scrolling through his phone and you’re lying on him, cheek smushed against his bum, cause it’s why not? Even though the heating is on, the view of the city covered in white fluffy snow on your window is giving you chills and you yearn to be close to him but he’s too focused on his damn phone to pay attention to you. 

Tired of the silly TV show and of being ignored in order for him to scroll aimlessly through social media, even though he’s never posting anything, you sigh, moving your head to look up at him, your cheek smushed to his bum as you look at the back of his head. His hair is messy, curling at the ends and with no sunglasses to hold it back, you can truly appreciate just how long his hair has become over the past few months, his sweats are clinging to his long legs and the long sleeved t-shirt make his broad shoulders look even wider with the white fabric straining against them.

He looks good and warm and so cozy that all you want is to snuggle up to him and be close, share languid kisses that make your tummy flutter with butterflies and your toes curl when he presses closer. But he’s on his phone. And, even though your hand is pressing to his back, scratching lightly over his shirt and you’re very much resting against him, he shows no signs of letting go of the small piece of technology he holds so dearly in his hands any time soon.

You’ve tried everything already - calling his name, to which he only gave you a mumbled “hum?” and when you continued to speak, you were left with no response from him; you’ve tried pinching his sides but the boy has a brain of steel and when he’s invested in something like he is on his phone, it’s hard to break him away from it. You’ve tried turning up the volume on the TV to see if the movie playing in it would catch his attention and make him move you up to him for a cuddle while you both watch it but not even then had you managed to catch his eye and you were sick of it.

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