there's three types of people on cutthroat kitchen

1. chef who has to make cake and forgets flour eggs and sugar but manages to grab a single jalapeño

2. chef that gets advice from Alton during the challenge and still fucks up so bad that he does the face at them as the judge walks by

3. chef that has to make a sandwich with no sabotages and instead makes a deconstructed rustic soup

To the boy who called her boring
because she is too quiet,
I would like you to know this.

She may look to you
like a quiet, still day in mid July,
but she is really a foggy morning
on an October day; golden, vibrant
but slowly dying on the inside.

She may seem
like she has nothing to say,
but you have no way to hear
just how loud the voices are
on the inside of her head.

She is a soft, sensitive dream
chased by nightmares
that plague her every night,
she is the sole warden
of a prison full of monsters
she keeps locked away inside.

She looks quiet to you,
but how are you to know
that despite that
seemingly silent surface,
she hides several storms within.

You see, some girls do not need to speak
to show us the things within them they hold 
Some girls are quiet because
they fight demons every night,
and they carry that chaos in their souls.

—  For Girls Who Are ‘Too’ Quiet | Nikita Gill