I think that the group borikemetics is brilliant

but I got a sever problem with the gun in their logo (it’s the K).


You do realize that on avg. indigenous, non-white and black borikenos experience more violence on the island than our white-passing and white counterparts?

That growing up there you’re ten times more likes to see blood and bodies (speaking from experience here)- especially those living in the metro areas?

And I’m pretty sure the rest of our Caribbean nation might feel the same and have eerily similar experiences (as our taino nation spans to Cuba, DR, Jamaica, ect.).

To this day, when the end of march rolls in I can smell the blood and the death at random through out the week. That shit’s traumatic.

I feel like that gun severely separates American raised puertorricans from island raised ones.

I appreciate the brilliance of the lyrics, the education and the awareness- but it’s all for nothing if it’s going to cast a shadow and pain on the hearts and experience of those of us who have grown up in the Caribbean.

I feel like this needs consideration.