A symbol in Game of Thrones and what it can mean for Jon and Daenerys.

I don’t think I will surprise you when I tell you that Game of Thrones’ makers are dedicated. This dedication for example gave us a very subtle and repeated symbol before our face for years and very few noticed it, not even saying how many went into analysing it.

What symbol am I talking about? Well actually I would use plural here, but they all go back to meaning one thing.

I’m not sure who was given the job to put those symbols in there, as they are taken from ancient art and mathematics, for example these ones:

It’s a Greek Letter Phi, which symbolies The Golden Ratio, which is shown on the right.

So it’s the same thing really, just one has a specific symbol to define it, like we could write 3,14…..or use the Pi symbol. And they reveal a hidden link between two obvious characters and foreshadows their fate.

I want to explain what those two mean before showing them used in the show. D&D obviously never directly explained any of it, but they had suggested that its meaning agrees with the mathemathical meaning. They said that “we see the creation of absolute evil, (referring to the Night King), but since we can see its creation, it isn’t really absolute”,  Golden Ratio is all about proportions, which you can see in the pic up there. It is often called the Magic Ratio or Divine Proportion. So if Night King is a part of this and represents evil and those symbols being about proportions and balance, who is the good to balance the evil in the story?

These two symbols are shown in different ways on the show.

 They can use the Phi Symbol inself:

 Season 1 Episode 1 with bodies that later become the wights, spread in a weird pattern, the first time we see them, we are shown this symbol right before:

Or Season One Episode 10 when Daenerys Targaryen burns Khal Drogo’s body, setting the pyre rather strangely.

And then we see her in the middle of it.

With the spiral pattern, that means Golden Ratio.

In Season 3 Episode 3, when we see the dead horses, cleary the White Walkers’ doing with Jon Snow being the one in the middle, his companions a bit to right.

And obviously in Season 6 we see those two shots.

Connecting us to the creation of The White Walkers - the evil

Before that we’re shown these two:

Dany in the middle of a circle, which are connecte both to the Phi and Golden Ratio.

And in the middle of a spiral:

Did you ever wonder why the Dothraki did that? It was so weird the first time I watched it.

And for me, the most important part in 7x04. When both of those connected to these symbols characters go into a cave, full of them.

Other easter eggs were present in the series as well, but only these two were shown in the middle of them, and Jon is already directly connected to WW and later Dany becomes too. They are the two leaders who are fighting them now. 

So what does it mean?

As i said, all those symbols mean balance. Between good and evil perhaps. They are the ones who will fight the evil, not eliminate it all maybe, some losses are bound to happen, but find the balance. Betweem life and death. Love and Duty. And Ice and Fire.

It’s another argument for them being the title’s meaning, if that wasn’t obvious already. Those symbols mean them balancing the NK,but also each other. All their parallels (READ ABOUT THEM HERE) connect them and also contrast them,as they faced similiar problems for different reasons, but with the same outcome that eventually got them together. Their fates are prophetic. They are borh tied to prophecies and magical events. 

So if all this is right, they are the ones to defeat the dead with their union. Their love scene was called a Union of Ice and Fire. Their fates were always bound together.

Poslije nekog vremena naučiš suptilnu razliku
Između držanja za ruku i okivanja duše,
I naučiš da ljubav ne znači oslanjati se na nekoga
I da društvo ne znači sigurnost.
I počinješ učiti da poljupci nisu ugovori
I da pokloni nisu obećanja,
I počinješ da prihvataš svoje poraze
Sa podignutom glavom i otvorenim očima
Sa gracioznošću žene, a ne tugom djeteta,
I učiš se graditi sve svoje puteve na danas
Jer je tlo sutrašnjice previše neizvjesno za planove
A budućnost ponekad propadne na pola puta.
Poslije nekog vremena naučiš…
Da čak i sunce prži ako ga imaš previše.
Zato posadi vlastitu baštu i ukrasi svoju dušu
Umjesto da čekaš nekoga da ti donese cvijeće
I naučiš  da stvarno možeš izdržati
I da si stvarno jaka.
I da stvarno imaš vrijednost.
I učiš, i učiš…
sa svakim doviđenja, ti učiš.
—  Horhe Luis Borhes, Naučiš
Kada bih svoj život mogao ponovo da proživim
pokušao bih u sledećem da napravim više grešaka,
ne bih se trudio da budem tako savršen,
opustio bih se više.
Bio bih gluplji nego što bejah, zaista
vrlo malo stvari bih ozbiljno shvatao.
Bio bih manji čistunac.
Više bih se izlagao opasnostima,
više putovao,
više sutona posmatrao, na više
planina popeo,
više reka preplivao.
Išao bih na još više mesta na koja nikada nisam otišao,
jeo manje boba, a više sladoleda,
imao više stvarnih, a manje
izmišljenih problema.
Ja sam bio od onih što je razumno i plodno
proživeo svaki minut svog života:
imao sam, jasno,
i časaka radosti.
Ali kada bih mogao nazad da se vratim,
težio bih samo dobrim trenucima.
Jer, ako ne znate, život je od toga sačinjen,
od trenutaka samo; nemoj ih propuštati sada.
Ja sam bio od onih što nikada nikuda nisu išli bez
toplomera, termofora,
kišobrana i padobrana;
kada bih opet mogao da živim,
lakši bih putovao.
Kada bih ponovo mogao da živim,
s proleća bih počeo bosonog da hodam
i tako išao do kraja jeseni.
Više bih se na vrtešci okretao,
više sutona posmatrao i sa više dece igrao,
kada bih život ponovo pred sobom imao.
Ali, vidite, imam osamdeset pet godina,
i znam da umirem.
—  Trenuci samo - Borhes

me at 5 am: omg awesome idea for my fic let me get my phone :)

me later that day fully awake: *picks up phone to look at notes*

note: “At Dinnnnmnmmmmnnmmmer MUNCH! they are just POPPING TOGETHER WASTING NO TIME naruto womdered if hed find anyone like that…. he really doubted it them borh TALK ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS”

me: oh okay!

The first time.

Requested - yes - a remus lupin smut and first time they have sex.

A/N: SMUT. Requests are open!

“Remember that day where we all went swimming in the Black Lake?” you asked as you rested your head on Remus’ shoulder.

The two of you laid in his bed in the marauders dorm. It was a quiet thursday night - most people were at dinner but the two of you weren’t that hungry tonight.

“How can I forget?” Remus laughed slightly, running his fingers through your hair. “We got together that day.”

“It’s been almost seven months.” you whispered, frowning slightly. Remus and you never went any further than just kissing. Which, of course was alright but in the last few weeks you’d began doubting youself. Was he really that into you?

“Seven wonderful months.” Remus agreed - a loving smile on his face.

You sat up and faced the sandy haired boy. He was the most beautiful guy you’d ever laid eyes upon and you never wanted to lose him. He was too precious and kind.

“Do you actually like me?” You regretted the question right away when you saw the look on his face.

“What kind of question is that?” he asked, sitting up as well. “I’m crazy for you, love.”

“I know - but,” you felt awkward bringing your non-exciting sex life up. “It’s silly actually.”

“Tell me,” Remus encouraged you. “Nothing you say is silly.”

“Well,” you started. “We’ve never gone any further than kissing and I thought that maybe you’d never want too. Is there something wrong with me? Or do you just don’t want too with me.”

“Oh, y/n” Remus sighed. “There’s nothing wrong with you. You have no idea how much I want to have sex with you. I just didn’t want to force you into it.”

There was a small smile on your face and a dark red blush on your cheeks. “I really want to, Remus.”

Remus leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. The familiar feeling you’d always get when he kissed you filled your stomach and you wrapped your arms around his neck.

He smirked slightly and leaned forward so you fell back onto the bed. His body hovered over yours and lips never leaving your plump pink ones.

His hands roamed your sides before going to your buttons. He looked at you to ask for permission and you nodded your head. His long fingers worked your buttons and your blouse fell onto the floor.

His lips moved down your jaw and to the exposed skin of your neck. Leaving you panting slightly as his hand grabbed your breasty over your black lacy bra.

Your hands roamed his back and you pulled at the material of his jumper - he pulled it over his head quickly before going around your back to unclasp your bra. He slid the straps down your arms and leaned down to take a nipple in-between his lips.

“Remus,” you gasped as your hips bucked up to meet his. A low groan escaped his lips sending vibrations through your chest.

Remus gave every breast the same attention before sliding his hand under your school skirt and running his long fore finger over your clothed core.

“Ah, fuck.” you muttered, as you closed your eyes.

“You like that?” Remus mumbled as he pushed your panties to the side and running his finger up your slit.

A loud moan escaped your lips as you bucked your hips harder. Remus smirked and pushed his finger in slowly - making you arch your back.

“Remus… Please.” he stopped his movements and slid your panties along with your skirt down your slender legs. Within moments his jeans and boxers laid on the floor forgotten as well.

“This may hurt, love.” he whispered as he pulled on of your legs around his waist to get better acces to your core.

“I don’t care.” you moaned, as he placed his lips to your jaw again.

Slowly he pushed into your core - making you squeeze your eyes shut and whimpering under his touch. It hurt, yes, quite a bit. But at the same time it was such a special moment.

“I’m so sorry,” he said, kissing the pain away. He moved in further so you could adjust to his size.

“Please move,” you moaned after a few moments.

Remus began thrusting in and out of you. Low moans escaping his mouth as he did so. The feeling was wonderful - even louder moans escaped your lips as you clutched onto him.

“Fuck,” you moaned as you threw your head back in pleasure. “Remus,”

“I love you so much.” Remus panted in your ear.

“I - I FUCK!” you screamed as you came loudly. Remus growled as he came as well. Both your breathing was ragged as he thrusted a few more times before collasping next to you.

Your chest moved up and down rapidly. “That was - that was,”

“Amazing.” Remus finished for you.

“I love you so much, Remus.” you whispered as he pulled you closer while pulling the covers over the borh of you.

“We should’ve done that a long time ago.”

“Agreed.” you smiled, nuzzling into his chest.

EreMika as a couple hc’s:


- Get mad and fight for everything and then make up

- “then fine” “fine” fine” “FINE”

- “I want a kiss, now” “Eren we are at a meeting” “so?”

- Lovey-doveys

- couple shirts

- they don’t even remember when it all started

- the “omg guys get a room” kind of couple


- Would be the one to confess obvsly

- Would make really cute handmade gifts for him

- And write letters

- And cook for him

- And is a good kisser

- Would send him cute selfies


- Gets jealous when other guys stare at her but calms down


- “I know you liked that blue sweater we saw yesterday so I brought you an apple”

- Would organize the craziest dates ever, such as going on a road trip all sudden

- Would be a gentleman

- would give her his favorite shirt so she could use it as her nightgown

- send funny selfies to cheer her up

- Would make her get angry just to tell her how pretty she looks 

- “babe I know it’s 2 am and you were sleeping BUT I REMEMBERED THIS JOKE AND OMG”


- “Can I touch your boob?”

I shouldn’t be allowed on the internet after a certain hour and surely shouldn’t be allowed to post things drawn in 20 minutes but whatev YOLO

They are watching the stars. Or something exploding. Or borh at the same time. And Tony is a koala.

(Edit: I didn’t noticed I included my amazing eevee pen in the pic but whatev look at it it’s cute)

So today I finally got my taohun copies of “Exodus”

And let’s see, maybe I got their cards too?..

thirdwheeling level: Chanyeol

  • Arrow writers: we're gonna keep it light in season 4
  • Past two episodes: ton of people got killed on borh episode, Oliver standing infront of mystery grave, Thea got really violent, Laurel dug out Sara from her grave to save her in the lazaruz pit and we got to see Sara's dead body that will scar us for life
  • Me:
  • Me: we have very different definitions on what's light

Truly sorry.

2 days in the same clothes and IK JUST WHAT SHE’ll say IF i can Make All GHIS PAIN GOO! Can we stop this FOR A MINUATE!!! U know i can TELL THta ur heart isnt in it. Or with it. TELL ME WITH UR MIND BODY AND SPIRIT! I can make ur tears fall down like the showers that are british! Whether we’re together OR APART we can borh remove the marks and admit We FRGRET IT FROM THE SGART

Love of Mine- Jongin Scenario

WOO!!! My third scenario and my first one with Kai! Sadly this is a oneshot but I’d love to write more with Jongin in the future~ To help set the mood for this scenario I would recommend listening to this song. There’s a little bit of everything in this scenario. Some smut, some angst, lots of fluff.  Enjoy!!!! 

You scrub away at the dirty dishes, drenching a plate into the warm and soapy water, placing it on the drying rack. When you pick up another dish, a pair of arms snake around your waist and a head rests on your shoulder. 

“Do you want help?” a low voice asks. 

“Yeah, duh.” you reply, shaking the man off in a shimmy and you both snicker. “I cooked, so the least you can do is help me clean.” Jongin rolls up his sleeves, runs his hand through his hair one last time, and gets to work. When you finish, you lazy lovebirds slide into bed and into each other’s arms. Your head rests comfortably on his chest, the sound of his heartbeat and steady breathing resonating in your ears. He plays with your hair, combing his fingers through your locks as you draw mindless shapes into his skin. 

“Did I tell you that the food was really good? Because it was,” he says. 

“Yeah, you only said it about a hundred times.” You smile and he chuckles, a satisfied and slightly bashful smile on his face. Sleep begins to creep upon both of you, but both you of want to stay awake, stay in this moment of bliss for as long as possbile. You can barely keep your eyes open; after that big meal and being so happy and warm, how could you not start to fall asleep. 

“Sleep,” Jongin says, still petting your head, his voice low and soft. You try to protest, but he lovingly shushes you and places a long kiss on you head. “We still have a couple of hours together tomorrow. My plane doesn’t leave one.” 

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