borgy manotoc


I don’t know who I have a crush on more. Georgina Wilson or Borgy Manotoc.

But I really love them together. I used to be a hardcore shipper of Georgina and Richard, but I think Georgina and Borgy just makes more sense.

I want my own Borgy.

Intellectual. Funny. Has a sexy back and lips. Attractive but not overrated. Mysterious. Six years older. Moreno.

KChan will probably reprimand me again for being too specific.

Back to my fantasies!

(some) Georgina Wilson Facts :


  • George was born in America, grew up in England and moved here when she was 11. Left at 19 to study in Sydney and worked in London too
  • she have a british and filipino passport
  • She started Modeling when she was 18y/o
  • she thinks “inquisitive” is the best word to describe her (next to HOT of course)
  • 5'10 is george's height

  • she attended Assumption San Lorenzo when she was in grade school and high school 

  • she graduated from the university of sydney with a bachelors degree in commerce w majors in accounting and finance :)
  • favorite song to sing :Killing me softly

  • George loooves corned beef, it’s her food craving 

  • George looooves sinigang! she thinks that its the the best comfort food (Solenn also loves Sinigang) 

    George and Borgy have been together for like about a year now

  • her fave subjects:maths! economics, physics, accounting and finance.

  • She and Maggie Wilson are not blood related but they’re friends

    she loves the movie closer,Natalie Portman is her super crush

  • she recently dyed her hair  light brown  like JLO’s but her hair is naturally redish brown

  • She’s 2 years older than belle

  • George and Erwan never dated 

  • Geroge has been friend with Sos,Anne and Liz for like 5years now

Human, Kashieca and Bench @ the Philippine Fashion Week [10.23.11]

Yesterday, the Philippine Fashion Week kicked off with Human, Kashieca and Bench. Thanks Enchong for the pass! =)

I am not uploading any pics from Human, sorry, but the rest, you can check below!

The only one that mattered in Kashieca, the beautiful and sexy Bea Alonzo.

Rayver Cruz started the ROB.

Steven Silva

Sarah Labati. She was hot!

The now Kapamilya Paulo Avelino.

Isabelle Daza

Jake Cuenca

Jon Avila

One of the best shots. Who’s this model again?

The Binondo Girl Kim Chiu.

Group shot. Also in this pic are Julia Montes and Rocco Nacino.

One more look at Kim Chiu.

That’s the end of Randy Ortiz for Bench collection.

The beautiful couple Borgy Manotoc and Georgina Wilson.

Diego Loyzaga. One of my fave shots too.

Ron Morales

Joseph Marco

Regine Angeles

Carl Guevarra

Ejay Falcon

Aljur Abrenica

Kathryn Bernardo

Melai Cantiveros

Enchong Dee. Love the golden bowtie!

Angelica Panganiban. Love the second one!

And the last to come out (no pun intended), Piolo Pascual.

Group pic for the Bench collection. Enchong was feeling it! lol

Jessy Mendiola, Enchong Dee and Piolo Pascual.

Next was the Bench Body collection but I did not take pics. One last look at all the celebrity models below.

Confetti!!! Always gives you that extra “grand” feeling. lol

Too bad Enchong was on the other side, I could barely see him.

After the show, we met up with Enchong’s family and Enchong himself. Tito Keren Pascual (manager) was there too and the people from Nutrilite, Enchong’s latest endorsement. Can’t wait for the meeting with Tito Keren next week! ;)

Angelika (Enchong’s sister), Demie, Gemma (AJ Dee’s PA) and Tita Tess Dee

Enchong!!! We didn’t even talk. But I’m sure you saw me. ‘Wag ka na magtampo! lol

Overall, it was fun. Next show to watch is Penshoppe’s, and probably Martin Bautista’s.

[Please reblog if your favorite celeb was mentioned above. :)]