So somehow I was able to put together an event where Jeph Jacques of “Questionable Content” fame came to talk to us here at Brandeis!

I did not get too many photos during the actual Q&A portion of the event itself, but if my estimating skills are anywhere near decent, we probably had about 60ish people in the room at the event’s peak.

Jeph is super cool and super chill and super funny - and I think everyone who came had a great time. I know I did.

So thank you to everyone who came out and asked great questions, and thank you especially Jeph for coming to talk to us and hang with us!

I have been christened Lava Jesus among my peers. It is because I refused to participate in a particularly raucous game of The Floor Is Lava and struck them all mad with awe as I strode across the room to get a drink of water.

I occupy both a low and high council position in the Brandeis Official Readers Guild, now. I also inhabit a third, exclusive council, that is only populated by me, your Lava Jesus. Shit, it’s a big ol’ holy trinity of me.

One holy trinity, and I inhabit all of its aspects.

All of these aspects are super queer. And all of these aspects bless you today, friend.

Okay so we watched Con Air at BORG for 4/13 (partially at my suggestion). I went in my John costume of course.

It was GREAT.

Like, awful in every perfect way possible. And so EARNEST! Like, it took itself seriously to the point of wrapping back around to being unbelievably silly.

John Malkovich was obviously having the time of his life, and Nic Cage was a PERFECT straight man.


Best thing.

The Best BORG Werewolf Game

We just played the best (and shortest) game of Werewolf ever.

So the Werewolf wanted to kill a person who was then saved by the Guardian Angel so no one died the first night. But obviously people still needed to be nominated. Zach nominated PJ and then PJ nominated Zach back and the third nomination was Jacob.

After voting Zach was killed and revealed himself to be the Nine of Hearts (who must die) so hooray for the everyone there! But PJ was Zach’s lover and therefore was about to die because Zach died revealed himself to be the Warrior and so right before he died took out Jacob so that all the nominees were then dead. And Jacob was the Werewolf.

So to recap: the Werewolf tried and failed to kill the Warrior because he was saved by the Guardian Angel. Then the lovers nominated each other and the Werewolf. The lover who was killed was the Nine of Hearts, the lover who died was the Warrior, and the Warrior killed the Werewolf before he died.

Oh, and did I mention that it was a High School Werewolf Boarding School of “mutal killing” AU? (Or should I say BORGing school? Get it? Boarding? BORGing?)

It was perfect and hysterical.

So today in BORG we were playing the BORG game, which is a combination of Pictionary, Charades, and “Acting it Out” using our own cards with Sci-Fi/Fantasy stuff on them.

It was Katie’s turn, and her card was “Anakin Skywalker (Not Darth Vader)” and she rolled “Act it Out”. So then this happened:

Katie: (walking) Do do do I am doing things and now I am falling in lava augh it burns
Anna: Oh! You’re Nikki!
Me: =/

…The joke is I’m bad at Minecraft. That happened…a lot…yesterday in Minecraft.

My friends are so nice to me =P

Once again I am dreamblogging! I forgot part of last night’s dream though.

I was on a space adventure with most of the BORGlings and some random dream people. We were looking for…something, though I don’t quite remember what. We were on this giant space station that was where we were supposed to find whatever it is we were looking for when we were attacked by an army of aliens.

Now, these aliens looked just like humans, but we knew they were aliens. Dreamlogic more than commentary on alien biology or a metaphor or an actual alien design. They were trying to kill us all, and they could do it very easily, by just touching us or something. Our new mission was to broker a peace treaty with these aliens, but the only thing that could stop them from killing us onsight is to threaten them with invisible/imaginary flamethrowers. (Like in 4kids’ Yu-Gi-Oh! “I am pointing my invisible guns at you sort of thing. There should have been flamethrowers there, but there weren’t. But they still worked if we used them). There were a lot of chases and tense moments where I almost died.

At one point there was a mob of them facing a mob of us and there was one alien lying in the middle, and I was in front trying to negotiate with him while still holding my invisible flamethrower and some alien girl came from the back of the group said something about him being her "other” boyfriend and something about killing someone.

Then somehow we reached a compromise of something…probably we threatened them too much with the flamethrowers (and that probably /is/ a metaphor) and everything was good. So we were back in the main lobby of the spaceship trying to find where BORG’s club storage was, when all of a sudden we found ourselves in the middle of the Space Oscar Awards Ceremony. It wasn’t called that, but I forget the name of the actual award. We had to sneak away because we weren’t in black tie, we were in war-clothes.

Then as I was figuring out how to get us home I got a text from Dan saying that the music and pictures he took at the last BORG Dance (which has apparently been underwater themed) had been noticed by someone who worked on the score of Persona 4 and so if we were cool with it, our likenesses and his music would be featured in the next Persona game.

Then I woke up.