borg cosplay


#CecilosWeek Day 2: Future!

We were originally gonna do Cybervale- but then things got pretty Borgy ;)

Turns out Carlos totally creates the Borg race in the future… (so he can date another perfect Being) and also he has Tony Stark esque facial hair 😎

@sarenderpity is the lovely Borg Cecil. @derpkind / @kindofderp as Carlos.


- Join the party, Seven. It’s no fun to stand there by yourself.
- I have no desire to have fun.
- No?
- I am attempting to recalibrate the warp field in order to resist the nebula’s radiation.


Here’s the first set of my Star Trek Dragon*con photoshoot pictures.  If you’re in any of them let me know! I’ll tag you! This was the first year I did the Star Trek shoot and it was a blast! I have some more of the group shots to post, but there not as good/complete because I was in some and only got the others from the sidelines.  But these pics were from just running around and meeting people! Thanks to patti-rn for taking the ones of me/ completing our Star People look by being my Han Solo!

More Dragon*con photos here


I am a huge Star Trek fan and have been watching a lot of Star Trek Voyager lately. Decided to make a Borg themed cake on Nerdy Nummies today with the help of my talented friend Greg Aronowitz.