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Headcanon that Genos is not a natural morning person he has to force himself to get up early and start on chores. Its less of a struggle cause he actually wants to do it, but if has to go in for an early HA meeting hes not happy. Like he is quietly seething for a good two hours and god help the poor unknowing intern who tries to talk to him. He also has fantastic bedhead.

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All of this absolutely YES 

Genos is just half asleep one morning about to drift off again, sleepily fantasizing having a romantic breakfast with sensei before his eyes snap open like ‘wait I actually have to MAKE the breakfast first’ and scrambling up to get started for the day (>W<)

Now about those HA meetings…

Waking up for sensei: yes

Waking up by Sensei: YES!!<3<3<3

Waking up for meeting: …fine

Waking up by meeting (via phone call): Not even God can save you now


I keep forgetting to upload all these different drawings, these are probably two weeks old already ( ; - ; )

regardless of that, @anjelzjelly129 has a precious villain!Genos and I don’t do him nearly enough justice in these doodles (especially his arms, rip me) so you should go to their blog and check him out for yourselves!
We both agree that if our Genos’ met, they would only last a few minutes before trying to tear each other apart even if Nyanos is in his smol body.

SPEAKING OF THAT, I’ve been considering replacing the bracket on Nyan’s face with something easier to draw bc I’ve always hated drawing it hahahhahha and so far everyone likes the look, so it’ll probably be a permanent change.

I just couldn’t keep myself from sketching a continuation to @bandaloth‘s adorable comic that I still haven’t stopped crying over
I featured his synthetic ears here, I hope you don’t mind!! I already headcanon that Nyan is very finicky with his appearance, getting upgrades and trying out prototypes left and right, a lot of times Saitama can’t keep up with all the changes. (Nyan being insecure about his appearance? No, I have no idea what you’re talking about)
I personally like Sai with leg hair and I have no regrets ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

I am… so late for anything christmas related… but here I am ( ; v ; )
I really need to practice things like colors and shading and I do not enjoy it but I also don’t want all my art to be greyscale/not colored at all so, I will try my best

anyways here’s a smol Nyan in an ugly christmas sweater, it’s 3:30 and I need sleep