Guess who just crafted 540 love potions to see everyone’s 100fp dialogue?

I know there’s already a post about their responses, but I wanted to see it for myself (with pictures too). I spent almost 250000000g in this (only have around 17000000g now) but it’s not like I was going to spend it anywhere else.

It’s taking about ten freaking minutes to reach 100 friendship points with one person, gifting piles and piles of love potion one at a time… Then I register, reset, rinse and repeat. IT’S SO BORESOME.

And then later I’ll still have to edit all the screenshots and post it…


The things I do for love…


Lmao kinda sorry. I forgot to make an announcement. 

I can’t tell you guys why I won’t be online because it’s too personal, but I can assure you I won’t be around for all winter.

 I’ll try to get back on February. I’ll prepare a lot of answers, animations and misc drawings for when I come back again. Next time you’re going to message me with a “Dude, chill. It’s boresome to see your posts all over my dash”. At least I hope so.

Until then! Take care.