Things I do at night
  • take random videos of myself singing and realize HOW MUCH I MISS IT
  • watch SO MUCH HGTV its unreal
  • contemplate running to a gas station for some diet coke
  • consider doing my laundry
  • do no laundry

this has been my night every night for a while.


MAD MAX - FURY ROAD (2015) directed by George Miller

What a disappointing movie. And the trailers and its practical effects got me so hyped. The movie is well shot and has plenty of over-kinetic action but no heart. It’s basically a two-hour escort mission from point A to point B. Of its 2 hour runtime, it feels like 90 minutes is car chases and gunplay. And what felt like 45 minutes we see Hardy strapped on the front of a car and does nothing. It got really boresome.

The script is simply crap. None of the characters have any development and they’re just there to look somewhat interesting. Like the main villain Immortan Joe for instance. He had such a badass introductory scene and I was like this might be a classic villain in the making but the character is so hollow and doesn’t do anything that matters in a big way that he ended up being totally forgettable. Love the mask though. I love Tom Hardy but he was so tame and uncharismatic as Max and was petty much a secondary character anyway as this was more Furioso’s story (played by Charlize Theron). In the beginning of the movie they promise a bit that we might finally get more into the “mad” part of Mad Max but no. He has these super used and badly made flashbacks that serve no real purpose either.

There’s a some really cheesy and overused scenes (eg. Furiosa’s scream in the desert) which would be fine if they were at least well done but they aren’t. Was the “state of the world” narration - that starts off the movie once again - really necessary? The story lacks meaningful and well-written moments between characters, any surprises and the apocalyptic world that we see a glimpse of feels like it could be interesting but it’s not fleshed out at all. Like that fat little blob of a guy. Sure, I’m sure he looked cool and badass as a sketch on a paper but what’s his function in the film? It felt like everything we see is just there with no real purpose within the story.

And the “thing” between the pale skinny guy and the redhead couldn’t have been more unbelievable and tacked on. Why does she fall for him exactly? Up until that point he’s done nothing but tried to kill her and her friends. What is her motivation? How much more could you possibly over-use the “hood engine zoom”? The “promised land” thing? Wasn’t it already a thing in one of the earlier sequels? Really original.

To sump up. The first 15 minutes, the stunts (although becoming repetitive after a while) and the score were good. Everything else.. meh.