Things I do at night
  • take random videos of myself singing and realize HOW MUCH I MISS IT
  • watch SO MUCH HGTV its unreal
  • contemplate running to a gas station for some diet coke
  • consider doing my laundry
  • do no laundry

this has been my night every night for a while.

Because when other Kages bring guards for security Naruto brings his brain with him and he would fight against the whole world if any part of that community dares to irritate him anyway for Shikamaru’s safety.

And you know I want them to talk about the idea of divorce so hard.

Not being able to kiss someone is physically painful. And not feeling someone’s hands caressing my bare skin is physically frustrating. But not feeling close to someone is the greatest pain I have had to endure. Because it hurts when you wake up to an empty bed every morning. And not having someone to tease (and then give into) is incredibly boresome. I want to attack you at two in the afternoon after getting home from work, and I want to be woken up at four in the,morning because you can’t wait any longer to fuck me. I want more than a fucking “fuck buddy”. But what I need is someone who remembers my coffee order and knows to shut up when I am reading and can taste on my lips when I need to be told I’m beautiful. I need someone that sticks around past my awkward first impression, and doesn’t move on when they realize I’m rather quiet (until we’re alone and I’m given a reason not to be). I need someone to understand just how important movie marathons are for an introvert, and just how much I need to lay on your chest while watching some stupid sitcom. I used to think I could live without that connection, that I could find someone when I wanted it. But I’m not the type of woman that can continuously search for affection, I want to be able to reach out and know someone’s going to reach back.
—  Confession 4/18/2015