“Masked Hunter” Assassin Bug Nymph (Reduvius sp., Reduviidae)

The nymphal stages of members of this assassin bug genus (referred to generally as “Masked Hunters”) exude a sticky substance that covers their entire body, including the antennae and legs, to which their environment (dirt, frass, plant fragments, etc) adheres to, effectively rendering them invisible. This affords them protection against predation, and allows them to function as ambush predators themselves.

In the top image, the nymph was a resident of a termite and borer infested tree stump, so carries a livery of sawdust and wood fragments. The bottom image shows another individual with a soil- and leaf litter-based coating. With the final moult into adulthood and the addition of wings for mobility, the assassin loses its cryptic capabilities and assumes a more conventional appearance.

by Sinobug (itchydogimages) on Flickr.
Pu’er, Yunnan, China

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Somebody better help me ID this beetle quick, before I just name it the ‘bad-ass-rave-beetle’! What a beautiful little jolt of amazingness! I looked around in my field guide and I can’t find it. Help me!!!

PS since this is a secondary blog, I have a hard time responding to comments on posts. Please know I’m not ignoring you, I love any kind of input! I wish Tumblr could make responding to comments on different blogs more user friendly! UDATE: Thank you for the comments, it may be a metallic wood borer beetle… but, I think it just needs some glow sticks and good beats.

Fallout Alternate Abbreviations and Cuss Phrases

OMG = Oh my Ghoul
FFS = Ferals’ Foul Sh*t
TMI = Too Many Institute
LMFAO= Lost My Freakin’ Ammunition,
Officer (or) Last Minuteman
Fetches Alcohol Order
ROTFL = Run Over The Flamin’ Lot
WTF = Where’s The Fatman

‘I don’t give a molerat’s left nut!’
‘You A-bomb!’
'Cult-hole’ [Dunwich Borers ref.]
'Children of Assdom’
'Green as a Supermutant in May’
'Up and Atom, baby!’
'About as secure as a Pulowski’ [i.e. not at all]
'You radsucker!’

So….if Strong joined the Railroad, would that make him…the Green Lantern?

Edit: Thanks for all the likes and reblogs so far. I had no idea this would go down so well! Please, please submit / send your ideas to add to this list! Additional: GTFO= Gunners Throw Frags Over
'Sharper than a Bloodbug’s nose’
'You got a Deathclaw wish?’
'Hotter than an Assaultron’s wink’
'Such a ProDickTron…’
'Sour as Brahmin milk’
'Crazier than a rabid radstag on a rampage’
'FTW = For The 'Wealth!’ (As in Commonwealth).
'FUBAR = Fried Under Bright Atomic Radiation’
'SNAFU = Sanctuary Now A Friggin’ Urinal / …Fantastic Utopia
'TITS = The Institute Talks Sh*t’ (e.g. “Everybody knows TITS”


“Lacerated Spirit” by Ash Borer - From “The Irrepassable Gate” (2016)

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm looking for some black metal bands that are free of fascism or fascist ties. Any suggestions please?

Eh it’s gonna be a tough one. Usually, you can name a black metal band and they’re two or three steps removed from some kind of Nazi. It wasn’t that way at the beginning but the Right is culturally bereft and black metal is not very difficult to play or produce so they latched onto it.

Woe’s new album “hope attrition” is so hot right now….they’re antifa

Book of Sand is extremely anti Nazi

Ghost Bath have no Nazi connections, don’t play with or fuck w/ Nazi bands and support antifa bands on their tours

Ash Borer and Wolves in the Throne Room are considered “Cascadian” black metal because their music is long form black metal which evokes the atmospheres of the Pacific Northwest, but are totally unaffiliated with the settler colonialist movement of the same name. Both bands are totally unaffiliated with naziism.

Gudsforladt from Boston is my band. We play antifa black metal, we’ve been on Benefit comps for no more dysphoria and no one is illegal.

Dawn Ray’d from the UK is really good, aggressive anarchist black metal unaffiliated with naziism

Deafest is lo fi instrumental black metal from Colorado

Anti-Freeze is anarchist bm from Canada

Woodland Tomb from Jersey is good is the one demo of a band called expropriator which i know is a communist black metal band

Skagos also, anarcho communist black metal Panopticon is dope and extremely famous

Omggggg Cora thinks it’s a good idea to release alien plant life into a new galaxy with no containment or oversight. Like omfg Cora have you heard of invasive species
Have you heard of biodiversity devastation and ecosystem death
Species extinction, Cora. All because you wanted to be Significant and fake-deep.
You are the emerald ash borer of the universe, Cora. You may not have destroyed a unique tree species yet, but you destroyed my joy.


My good pal @goldmono invited me to post 6 albums I’ve been listening to, so there y’all go. As you can see, I’m pretty hyped for Ash Borer’s gig. The albums are:

Ash Borer’s self titled

Iskandr’s Heilig Land

Ash Borer/Fell Voices split

Nothing’s Tired of Tomorrow


D.A.R.F.D.H.S’ Mörkret, kylan, tystnaden & ensamheten

I tag @ihtiriekko @daemonspawn @vvitchcr4ft @aurademortt and @p0stapocalypse


Biker Beetle


White Oak Borer  


Goes tigrinus

Larvae live in living white and related oaks - , but which one?  Where is a Coleopterist when you need one…  Collected by Bob Trumbule, fab entomologist for the state of Maryland, in our building (likely because there elements of dead wood present).  


Even though we’ve been treating our ash with insecticides every year for a while now, it looks like emerald ash borers might have it–a branch that exhibited strange growing patterns last year was full of insects when we cut it off today, and we found a single healed-over insect lesion on the main trunk (and have no idea how old it is). Though there’s a chance this might, somehow, be confined to the one weird branch… I’m going to start preparing end rites for that tree. Fucking insects, fucking disease. 

It’s gotten so bad in my area that the city is paying to have all of the ashes still standing cut down. But I really thought I could save this one.

The Essence of Trees

By Samsaran

Have you ever sat under a tree quietly and felt the energy of the tree?  Trees have senses just different ones than we. The tree senses time but  slowly and in tune with the seasons. Winter passes slowly to the tree and summer very quickly.  The tree’s consciousness is concerned with water, light and air.

The tree feels pain when cut or broken. She feels the living things within her. The birds, the insects. The creepers, the crawlers and the borers. She expresses joy in fresh green shoots and ripened fruit. She offers shade because she thirstily drinks in the sun. She breathes through the pores of her leaves and her roots grip the black earth and drink the subterranean waters.

The tree senses us but we are a blur to her so fast do we appear. Like fleeting whirlwinds she sees us. She recognizes in us the earth and water of which we are made. She welcomes us and invites us to leave our earth and water when our souls leave us and to nurture her and become part of her. She welcomes us with her spreading arms outstretched.