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Good idea. For the longest time I thought I was one of the few people who completely maps out their character before the game comes out. Super excited, my first fallout game! I've read the wiki pages to death, haha

I don’t usually do it (but I know plenty who do), because my first runs are usually based on me only, but all re-plays are on characters. 

Ahhh! Congratulations and welcome! I got into the series with 3 (saw the trailer on tv and literally had shivers and spent all my Christmas money to buy it, and spent new years playing it). Are you considering playing the previous games in the series? Even if they aren’t up to par with 4 in terms of graphic and such, they are mighty fun. If you enjoy the lore, even more so. 

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Thanks for the rant. This season so far isn't that good imo. Everyone in Sanctuary is just annoyingly incompetent, Morgan's worldview's cute but gets good people killed and Sam is a complete waste of space. I hope they don't fuck up Negans storyline.

boredwhiteguy Thanks for your opinion and reaching out to me.  My sister keeps me laughing so I always have to share her summations of certain eps.  She had honestly stopped watching TWD and recently started back and she’s still not happy.  I understand her points but I’m also a firm believer in letting the story play out.  This season has been up and down for me, but more up than down so I still have faith in the show and I still love it.  I believe some people in ASZ had potential but really didn’t have enough time to be trained and truly experience anything before basically being tossed into it.  I’m trying to understand Morgan’s point of view and I think he flatly refuses to kill because he is afraid of being the person he was before.  Sam is truly a lost angel as he is innocent in all of this and clearly lacks the parental guidance he needs.  I will agree that some storylines have left much to be desired but overall TWD is still a good show and they’ve kept my interest.  As for Negan, let’s expect the best if there is such a thing with a character as devious and hellish as he is going to be.  Hope we haven’t lost you as a fan just yet.  Keep the faith.

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Sounds awesome! Mine will probably be called Gabriel or Elijah, not sure about the last name. He'll be a US Army veteran, delta force, who resigned after seeing the horrible things at the Chinese frontline. Not easy to get along with, mostly stealth.

I’d go with Gabriel, so he doesn’t get confused with the Dead Money asshole, but hey, it’s your character. 

Stealth is so fun, I really hope Bethesda have improved the stealth system a lot.