wade and peter have an action figure collection, it started out as a joke, it really did, and then it just sort of… got out of control

so now they have little poseable versions of themselves and all the heroes they know plus some villains, and every time they meet a new super, they place an order and add their new figure to the collection

peter and wade keep posing the figurines when they’re bored

sometimes they make little tiny props for the figurines just for the hell of it

they’ll deny it if asked, because what hero would admit they’ve been giggling about the way wade posed the dolls so that it looks like thor is about to give hulk a blowjob, it was hilarious tho

they have a mysterio figure that has like a giant googly eye inside the fishbowl head and it follows you wherever you go, so of course they hide it around the apartment, trying to see who can scare the other more

they’re both terrible when it comes to their own action figures, they’ve already commissioned several tiny doll sized outfits and working weapons

and one day when peter wakes up and sees doll wade proposing to doll him he cracks a smile that quickly turns into something else when he turns around to see wade already down on one knee

he’s already saying yes before wade can get out the ring