boredom solutions

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It was so different, Jessymine thought. Holmes’ street, and especially his flat, was so much different in the day– not in the least ‘cause she had a ground floor view, an’ wasn’t the least bit buzzed. Hmph.

Jessymine sighed, and knocked on the door. It was impressive she had looped back to Baker Street; she wasn’t sure she remembered the address, at first, but Jessi supposed boredom was the best motivator. An’ the only solution to boredom in this city was to bother the detective. She liked when he started to twitch.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to 'traditionally’ break in any place– let along an upper-story flat– this early, but she supposed she could find another way in to 221… whatever. It couldn’t be that hard, an’ she was bored enough that she wouldn’t mind if it was.

Boredom Solutions || Landon&McKenna

McKenna was bored. Not the type of bored that can be fixed with a Sudoku puzzle and cup of tea, or a chick flick and bowl of popcorn. No, McKenna was bored of everything. She was bored of her surroundings, bored of the people she was forced to spend her time with, and mostly, she was bored of herself. Bearing in mind that McKenna was very much a girl who enjoyed her own company more than the bittersweet taste of an ‘infinite' friendship that lasted a solid month before drama erupted on the surface and the cracks began to leak hatred, and so, being bored of herself was causing quite the problem in the blonde’s exhausted brain. 

Twirling a lock of hair around her finger tiredly, McKenna sighed, frowning at the abandoned structure of her current appearance. As a girl who possessed a desire for beauty from such a young age, it came as no surprise that McKenna was deeply ashamed of the lack of effort she’d been putting into her own presentation. Groaning in despair, she pulled a hairbrush from her bag, and began to drag it through the tangled locks that rested just below her shoulders. It took a while for her to finally be happy with the state of her hair, but when she was, she immediately felt better about herself. 

Once she’d started grooming herself, McKenna simply couldn’t stop. The contents of her make-up bag was spilled across the table as she fluttered the mascara wand over her eyelashes, coating them in a thin surface of pure black. Brushing the bright red lipstick over her pouted lips, McKenna furrowed her eyebrows in despair. The worst thing about being lonely, she thought, is that she had nobody to share her new found confidence with. It seemed that the make-up on her face brought out a new McKenna; a happier, less frightened McKenna. And she definitely preferred her to her true self. Probably because it reminded her of her sister.

Tapping her foot impatiently, the blonde wondered who she could go and talk to. She just wanted somebody, anybody, to distract her, even if it was just for five minutes. She wanted to forget about herself just for a little while. A smirk washed over her lips as her brain clicked. Landon. He was always happy to see her, especially since their new-found arrangement seemed to be doing miracles for both of their self-esteems. Pulling an old pair of washed out sneakers onto her feet, McKenna checked herself in the mirror one last time, before making her way to Landon’s room. 

It was a route well known, admittedly, to the girl’s mind. A path she’d found herself on many times whenever she needed that little extra something to help her through the night, or just something to divert her pent-up energy into. Tapping quietly on the boy’s door, McKenna leaned against the opposite wall, a smile playing on the corners of her lips as she waited impatiently.