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How could you have looked and seen anything but compassion
Left to watch alone, jealous of false attentions
You’d felt it in my touch, tasted it in my kiss
And still, darling, you screamed my affections were passionless
Despite every example of devotion, every memory made
You still succumbed to boredom,
You let the pictures fade

Dissolve- Being As An Ocean 



OMG I am so glad you guys loved my Actors!AU for FFXV xDDDD for those who missed, I made a last post about it and you’re free to check it out. SO here comes another FFXV ACTORS!AU coz I havesomanyofthemandIjustwantthemtoberealhumanexistingbeingslolol

  • One time the actors/actresses were stuck in the airport due to a storm that hit Altissia (where the next scene is going to be taken)
  • Out of boredom Ardyn took pictures of them while in the airport… without their knowledge.
  • he said it’s for science
  • And that’s the title of his Snapchat story
  • He took a picture of Lunafreya eating a massive MASSIVE pizza slice to her mouth with a caption “BE WARNED LEVIATHAN AHMNOMNOMNOM”
  • There is also a sleeping Gladio and a Prompto playing his favorite video game with Noctis with a caption “look at these kids holy shit so cute”
  • Ignis didn’t know what was happening since he was practicing his lines through his phone and Ardyn captures it with a caption “NEEEEEEEERD”
  • Ravus saw him and just frowned at the camera since he had no sleep for the last 8 hours
  • “why are you so smol and anger ravy”
  • Because ARDYN happens to be taller than RAVUS
  • At last the boos made it to the plane after 4 hours of waiting (Ravus was getting cranky too)
  • And Ravus just flopped on his seat and slept not caring for anybody
  • Luna slept beside him since she was awfully tired too
  • The flight was many hours.
  • “Why tf didn’t we take the plane when we had the chance?” asked noctis
  • “Becaaaaause we did take a boat to Altissia when it truth it’s on the other side of the map, so we need to make it real” says Iggy while trying to sleep.
  • “But why? that’s bullshit.”
  • Ravus groaned at how loud Noct is and he just stopped.
  • then…. ALTISSIA YES!
  • Ravus is OKAY NOW!!!! Gladio got motion sickness. somebody help him
  • When they got to Altissia, they all just… scrambled around the country and their bodyguard needed to know where they are.
  • Ravus just jumped out of the plane with a WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
  • Prompto joined in as well.
  • There was also a time where Gladio pushed Ignis to the water. Good thing it was shallow at that part.
  • Yes…. Ignis does swear.
  • Prompto starts recording: “Well high theeeere, opening!” he said as the camera started recording a changing IGNIS taking his shirt off.
  • The recording went on as he went to rooms. There was Luna and Ravus in the other, Gladio and Ardyn in the other, while him Noct and Ignis shared.
  • If you are watching NigaHiga, you know this line:
  • “Welcome to the FIRST scene ofdaday!” said Prompto as he walks around the hallway for food with Ravus.
  • “Are you excited for the next scene?” Then Ravus looks at him with a quite sad puppy face…
  • “OF COURSE NOT :((”
  • “Awwww.. so Ravy and I are hungry as the Behemoth and we NEED to find something to eat because if we don’t then… we’ll end up eating the others.”
  • So this VLOG they have can be the same as what other Youtubers have in their channel.
  • YES they make VLOGS about BTS screen. Their adventures, their travels, Gladio constantly asking if he can wear his Hawaiian shirt while Ignis tells him THIS IS NOT A VACATION GLADIO.
  • So they do their line.
  • of course there are bloopers
  • There was one scene with Ravus looking up at the church and Ardyn comes to him with an umbrella. In that scene Ravus needed to walk away in the rain from Ravus as he followed him.
  • they did the scene
  • but because the floor is tiled and slippery, RAVUS SLIPPED.
  • “HOLY SHI—tooooooooot”
  • Ardyn came rushing and almost slipped but PHEW close one.
  • “Heeeeeey you alright?” Ardyn was laughing even
  • Prompto got sick in the set but he needed to go on. of course the chocobros took care of him. poor baby.
  • and on that day was his birthday too.
  • So….. they all went to the hotel room to the sick Prompto and surprised him with a birthday cake.
  • It was a nice party.
  • But they all needed to go back to work.
  • Tired Ravus groaning intensifies.

anonymous asked:

Peter being all protective because Tonys not in his armor during a gun-fight, so he just shouts: 'Groot! Get Tony out of here!' And Groot just grabs Tony by one of his vines and grows about 25ft so Tony's way too high and out of range of any of the bullets. 'Not what I meant, but ... it works.'

I want you to know, anon, this prompt has made me smile all weekend long. Thank you!!


“Not what I meant, but…it works.” Peter grinned. 

“I am Groot,” said Groot, somewhat apologetically. 

Peter gave him a firm pat. “You did great, buddy.” In a lower voice, so no one could hear, he added, “Keep him there for a moment, will ya?" 

Before Groot could question him, he activated his boot jets and flew up to where Tony hung in the grip of one of Groot’s branches. He couldn’t help smiling at the sight; Tony was the picture of boredom, one elbow propped up on the branch wrapped around his waist, his chin in his hand. It was a perfectly calculated pose, of course, but it worked. 

"Having fun?” he asked. 

“Ha ha,” Tony said. “Can I come down now?" 

"I don’t know,” Peter said, all exaggerated innocence. “The danger might not be over yet." 

Tony gave him a look that was part amusement, part exasperated glare. Even with his legs dangling and his hair a mess and one of Groot’s leaves nearly hanging in his face, he looked very kissable. 

And seeing as how Tony couldn’t exactly do anything about it just then, Peter took full advantage of that fact. He leaned in and gave Tony a long, searching kiss – then yelped a little as Tony bit his lower lip hard enough to hurt a little. 

He pulled back, ready to protest, when he saw the light in Tony’s eyes. "Ah,” he said. “I see how it is. The danger has just moved on. To this location." 

Now Tony did smile. "I think you might be right,” he said. “But just to be safe, we should check it out." 

"We should,” Peter said. He extended a hand and wrapped one arm firmly about Tony’s shoulders. Into the comm he said, “Now, Groot." 

Groot reeled in the branch coiled about Tony’s waist. Smoothly, before Tony could fall, Peter pulled him in so Tony stood on his right boot. He held on with his right arm, and Tony slid his left arm about him. Ready?" 

Usually this was the kind of thing Tony did for others, using his flight capacity as Iron Man to carry superheroes who lacked the ability to fly. It made Peter smile to think that  it was his turn now. 

"Ready when you are,” Tony said, and they took off, headed for the ground.


kuroko no basket + song lyrics

may or may not make more of these because i only made these out of boredom. apologies for bad picture quality as these were made on my phone