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coconutvevo  asked:

Do you have any recommendations for really good, long fics? I've read Performance in a Leading Role, School for Scandal, and Cure for Boredom, and I've loved them all. I also like teenlock/unilock/teacherlock stuff. Thank you!!

Ahhh, the fandom classics! For those of you who are interested, here are Performance in a Leading Role, School for Scandal, and A Cure for Boredom.

I’ll divide this into long fics that are specifically teenlock/unilock/teacherlock and just excellent long fics in general. I took “long” to mean anything over 40k.

School/Teen AUs:

The Magic of Deduction (Potterlock)

Sherlock: Give Me A Label (I’ll Make Confetti) (super, crazy long, but the main pairing here is Mystrade).

Feel the Tide

Common Grounds

Saving Sherlock Holmes

Two Years As Your Interpreter

Other Long Fics (these are basically all my favorites and the fandom favorites, so you’ll see these on almost every Johnlock rec list you go to):

The Swan Triad

Two Two One Bravo Baker

The Paradox Series (My personal favorite)

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes

The Quiet Man

All the Best and Brightest Creatures

The first three I can personally vouch for as I’ve read them and absolutely loved all three (they’re also three of the fandom’s favorite fics). The remaining three I haven’t personally read, but you can most likely take the fandom’s word that they’re wonderfully brilliant. Given that I chose these simply based off of reputation and length, it’s kind of a mix of subject material. 

Please check the rating on all fics as many of these are MATURE READERS for smut and triggers like depression, self harm, intense angst, and more.

That being said, enjoy!

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