boredom graphics


Who honors those we love for the very life we live? Who sends monsters to kill us, and at the same time sings that we will never die? Who teaches us what’s real and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what we’ll die to defend? Who chains us? And who holds the key that can set us free… It’s you. You have all the weapons you need. Now fight.


When two people are physically unable to let go of one another there’s an undeniable force that links them deep within outside of the evident attraction. Emma Swan wouldn’t hold onto him for dear life keeping her eyes closed after their lips had separated if she wasn’t trying to treasure the momentary euphoria he’d given her at a time where she genuinely needed contentment. While the kiss exposed how deeply Hook’s fallen in love, it brought their kindred connection to life gorgeously by detailing just how intensely captivated they are by one another. 


First try at using Prismacolor colored pencils

Just as the title says, I bought a bunch of Prismacolor colored pencils a little while back and thought I’d try em out. I recently finished Bioshock Infinite and loved it so I thought I’d try out recreating the poster image for Burial at Sea. I think it was a success!