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And on that day, Bakura knew he needs to strive harder to get Marik’s mind off of his revenge and focus on the more important things in life like him and his procrastinating ass

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dirty little mouth

inspo/propmt: “fuck me!” “at least let me take you out on a date first..”

warning: swear words? implied smut if u look with a microscope??

words: 988

an: lmao the title makes it seem like this is a smut but.. its not!! also, i found this prompt on pinterest, feel free to use it. sorry that this is pretty short (gif aint mine doods)

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It’s been an adventure so far!

To think that just a week ago, I was in Hungary with her breeder and we took her to a specialty show where she did terrible but got nice critiques. Then she was so outgoing and took the airport in stride.

Back home in Chile she was really shy - she refused to leave my room for too long and just lay on her bed, sleeping calmly after crossing the Atlantic. She had a bit of a fear period after that - refusing to get inside the kitchen and just being more cautious about everything. She was shy about my friends but loves my in-laws, totally oblivious about other dogs but social with ham-smelling strangers in puppy class…all in all a pretty odd fear period, specially considering she met my friends in my backyard and my in laws in their house, after a car ride which she hates.

Today? Today she wanted to eat the world (and my clothes!). She spent the morning tormenting Noah and Khali and then proceeded to make a hole in my coat, but somehow behaved calmly when I crated her while I took Noah for some bloodwork.

Now it’s 3 am and I’m doing a night shift. Without her. It’s the first time I’ve left her for so many hours (yay for 12 hr shifts 😑). I miss her.

Pocky Game

Pairing: Glaciershipping
Rating: PG

“I don’t see why biting both ends of a chocolate covered stick will strengthen our relationship.” Zane said rather bluntly, still not seeing the point in this Pocky Game. Cole really didn’t understand it either, but he thought since a ton of other couples did it, why can’t they? He shrugged it off, saying “let’s give it a try” and opened the box of chocolate sweets.

“Does it matter what end you want?” Cole asked, taking his eyes off of the pocky to look at Zane. Zane shook his head ‘no’ and Cole nodded back, holding the chocolate end of the stick between his teeth. Zane leaned in, biting onto the non-chocolate side. Cole held up three fingers, counting down. Once his fingers were down, they started to nibble towards the center.

Cole closed his eyes, his nerves pricking at him because he knew Zane’s eyes were open. It was a weird habit he had, and it would make Cole super nervous whenever they would kiss. Anyways, he continued to slowly nibble. He was just about to kiss Zane when the pocky stick snapped. “I won.” Zane stated happily after he finished eating the pocky.

Cole blushed, quickly taking another one out of the box. “Let’s do it again.” Cole said, a bit of determination in his voice. Zane looked at him confused, his head slightly tilting to the side.

“I thought doing it once would increase the level of our relationship? We must do it again?” Zane questioned, looking down at the stick. Cole didn’t answer and put the pocky stick in his mouth, pointing to it. Zane didn’t protest and he leaned in again, biting onto the other end. Cole started to bite it a little faster, Zane slowly following behind. Yet again, Zane bit off the longer piece of the stick and won.

Zane smiled once more at his victory, but his lips were quickly met with Cole’s pressing against his own. His eyes widened a little, taken back by the sudden actions. However, he soon relaxed into the kiss. He could feel Cole’s lips curl up into a smile. Cole pulled back after a few seconds, a sorta smug grin on his face.

“You may have won the game, but I think I got the best prize.” Cole folded his arms and let out a small chuckle. Zane blushed(even though he’s a robot)and touched his lips, Cole’s words and the kiss making him feel butterflies(not real ones). Cole noticed the light color on Zane’s cheeks, his smile softening as he placed his hand on his shoulder, “sorry for throwing you off guard buddy.”

“I-It is quite alright,” Zane quickly cleared his throat and pushed himself up, “affection is harmless.” Cole chuckled, taking out another pocky stick and sticking it in his mouth.

“How 'bout another round? I’m sure I could beat you this time.” Cole grinned, resting his hands in his lap. Zane felt his body increase in heat and he waved his hands.

“No, that is alright, uh,” Zane looked up at the clock on the wall and headed towards the kitchen, “the time for dinner is about to start, I need to begin cooking.” Cole nodded and winked to Zane as he walked out. As Cole ate the rest of the chocolate sweets, he decided that this game wasn’t such a bad idea.

The Calm Before a Storm (Newt x Reader)

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Summary: Newt x reader - Newt is friends with reader, but when he meets a girl named Leta he seems to forget all about his closest friend.

Warnings: Some angst, little bit of fluff at the end.

Author: @xfandomqueenblrx

Words: 2,494

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It was your third year of Hogwarts when you had your first encounter with Newt.

You were sitting at your house’s table when you heard someone sit down next to you.

“Can I sit here?” they asked. 

You turned your head to the side to see a short boy with tousled brown hair and freckles sat next to you. He was wearing a Hufflepuff shirt and he looked distressed. As you were about to respond to him, you heard a couple of Slytherins yelling from their table.

“What a loser!”

“Haha, yeah! That kid will never be as smart as Theseus!”

You glanced at the boy sitting next to you and you could see the tears starting to gather in his eyes. Your heart really felt for this kid, even if you hadn’t met him before. Taking his hand, you gave him one glance before pulling him up from the table and walking out of the dining hall.

“W-where are we going?” he asked, slight tremors racking his voice. You could still hear the Slytherins yelling and laughing from where you were.

“You’ll see. I just don’t want you around those people anymore.”

You led him up to your house’s common room and sat him down on one of the couches. 

“I’m sorry, I never even asked for your name before I dragged you up here!” You gave out a small awkward laugh and shyly glanced towards him.

“Oh, my name’s Newt, Yours?”


And those were the good days. The rest of the year was spent being with Newt, studying with him, exploring with him, and creating many memories. You had even started to develop feelings for him. However, once you entered your sixth year of Hogwarts, everything went downhill. Things weren’t the same when a girl named Leta entered Newt’s life. 

You boarded the Hogwarts Express yet again, walking around in search of Newt. You looked around a little bit more and then recognized Newt in one of the train’s cabins. But, wait… He was with someone else. There was a girl sitting across from him. She had long, pretty black hair, and her porcelain skin was blemish free. She was gorgeous. Her and Newt were talking animatedly, smiling and laughing at what the other said. 

Racking up the nerve to go in and introduce yourself, you slid open the cabin door. Both Newt and the girl looked up at you in surprise. Newt’s eyes widened and a grin spread across his face.

“Y/N! I was waiting for you to arrive! Meet my new friend, Leta. And Leta, meet my best friend, Y/N. I’ve known her since my fourth year here in Hogwarts.” 

You glanced at Leta and smiled. She looked at you and smiled back. She seemed pretty nice. 

And that was the calm before the storm. Ever since that day, Leta has been attempting to make your life a living hell, slowly creating a distance between you and Newt so she could latch onto him. 

At first, everything seemed normal. But you soon started to notice that Newt was starting to ditch you more to be with Leta. She would try her best just to get Newt away from you, making up excuses that she’d need help to study or that she wanted to take notes on some of the animals Newt had found in the Forbidden Forest. There were no more late night hang outs with you and Newt, no more studying with Newt, and no more exploring with Newt. He would always be so gullible to believe in every word Leta said, leaving you in the dust.

Just like today. You had eaten breakfast with Newt and Leta today in the dining hall. Yesterday, Newt had promised to help you study for your Herbology test after breakfast today. As you were eating your food, you looked up at Newt to see him still talking to Leta. You had to ask him if he was still up for studying today.

You cleared your throat a little bit. Newt still didn’t look at you. 


“Hey Newt.”


Nothing, Leta looked at you a little strangely, smirked, and then turned back towards Newt. 

You then dropped your fork onto your plate, resonating a loud noise.

“Are you ok Y/N?” Newt finally looked up and decided to talk to you.

You were close to your boiling point now. Newt hadn’t talked to you in several days and he could barely take his eyes off of Leta just to talk to you. You felt betrayed, and a little heartbroken.

You sighed loudly. “Newt, I’ve been trying to get your attention for a while now. Anyways, do you still think you can help me study for my herbology test?”

“Oh… about that.” Newt glanced at you and then at Leta.

“I-I can’t help you after breakfast because I promised Leta that I would go to the forest with her so we could look for some new creatures. But, when we come back I promise you I will help you study!”

You looked down at your plate in despair. You just wanted to spend some time with Newt after being thrown out the window so many times, yet now he can’t even help you study for a little bit. 


You stood up abruptly. “Nevermind, I’ll just go study on my own. Have fun.” Your voice was monotone, void of any emotion. At this point you just needed some time to really think about what your friendship with Newt really is now.

“Are you sure? Look, I’m really sorry, I promise I’ll come back and I’ll meet up with you at our meeting place at five tonight. Ok?”

You glanced back at Newt and Leta. Newt was staring at you with worry in his eyes, while Leta was looking at you with boredom. What else did you expect?

“Yeah, I’ll see you there.” You then rushed out of the dining hall. You felt like crying, you wanted to give Newt another chance tonight. Maybe he’d actually show up this time.



You started to gather all of your things from the library. You’d been studying all day just to take your mind off of your freckled face friend. Hopefully he’ll be on time today.


You arrived at the meeting place you and Newt had found a year back. It was an abandoned classroom that none of the teachers were using, so the both of you had figured that you might as well use it as a late night meeting place.


Nothing. Ok, well, the clock just struck five, he might just be a little late. You decide to wait a little longer.


Is there something wrong? Maybe one of the beasts that they found was being troublesome. Or maybe Leta was just holding them back a little bit. That wouldn’t be a surprise.


Ok. That’s it. You’ve given him enough time to return and yet he still wasn’t here.

You sighed angrily and packed up your things. As you left the abandoned classroom you could only think:

“Is it really that easy for him to forget me?”

The next day you woke up and went down to breakfast. You still hadn’t heard a single thing from Newt about his whereabouts last night, and strangely enough, he wasn’t at breakfast today. 

You sat down at your houses table next to a friend of yours.

“Have you seen Newt? I need to talk to him.”

Your friend turned towards you and looked at you quizzically. “Haven’t you heard? He’s in the nursery because he got all beaten up by a troll last night in the forest. Leta was talking about it all morning.”

Your eyes widened and you glanced over to look at the Slytherin table only to see Leta laughing and smiling about something her friend told her. 

What is wrong with her? Is she not at all worried about Newt? Did she even try to help Newt? There were no scratches or cuts on her whatsoever. You started to become so angry at Leta, but there was no point in starting a fight now. You needed to check on your best friend. 

You stood up abruptly from the bench and rushed out of the hall. Little did you know, Leta had seen you leave and already knew where you were heading. She also stood from her seat and began following you as you quickly walked to your destination.

You had almost made it to the nursery when that annoyingly shrill voice stopped you.

“And where do you think you’re going?”


Inhaling sharply, you paused before swiftly turning around to glare at her. She looked as beautiful as ever, her hair put up into a braided hairstyle, her face held no blemishes whatsoever, and her robes were void of any wrinkles, the Slytherin emblem standing proudly on the crest of her heart.

“Why do you care?” you sneered.

“You know, you don’t deserve him. He doesn’t even like you, yet you’re still lovesick for him.”

This pompous little brat I swear to God-

You almost laughed at your thoughts, before throwing all of your hatred for her into one sentence. “At least I care for him, unlike a certain witch-bitch I know.”

You didn’t stay to see Leta’s reaction, although if you had, you would’ve seen her perfect face scrunch up in absolute anger. 

Walking away from Leta felt like the best thing you had done in a while. However, that feeling was soon shrouded by your worry for Newt. 

You walked into the nursery, gazing at several white beds before coming across the eyes of your best friend.

Newt was battered up. He had a wrap around his head, several cuts and bruises on his legs, arms, and even his face. His left eye was swollen shut and was colored in a dark shade of purple. He looked terrible. 

Your face soon contorted into one with worry, and you slowly walked over to Newt, almost as if you had to approach him like he would a wounded animal. 

“Hey… Newt.”

He winced before turning to you. His right eye widened and he attempted to smile, but it soon turned to a grimace as a shock of pain spasmed through his head like a lightning bolt. Seeing his reaction to the pain, you rushed over to him and sat on his bed, taking his hand in yours. You couldn’t help but feel a slight shock run through your hand and up your arm, leaving a tingling sensation in it’s wake. God, you missed this so much. You haven’t had a moment alone with Newt in what felt like years, and your heart sped up with the feelings you had been trying to hide for so long.

“Shhh… It’s ok. What happened?” You brushed away a stray hair that had fallen onto his face, then allowing your hand to gently rest on his cheek to reassure that you were there for him. Newt sighed and leaned into your touch.

His voice was hoarse and low when he replied. “Leta and I were exploring in the forest when a troll came trudging by. Everything just went downhill from there and all I remember is trying to get out of there in one piece.”

You could only imagine how scared he must’ve been. Thoughts of the frightened kid you had met in your third year that had soon became your best friend. “I’m sorry that happened, Newt. Do you know how long you have to be here for?”

“It shouldn’t be much longer. There are always healing spells I can use. Listen, have you seen Leta?”

And there she was again. Plaguing his mind. You slowly took your hand away from his cheek and looked away. “Yes, she was at breakfast this morning, why?” Newt’s brows furrowed at the loss of warmth from your hand.

“I haven’t seen her since the incident.”

Sighing, you looked down at your hands before looking up at Newt, annoyance showing clearly in your eyes. “I don’t know what else you’d expect from someone like her.”

You regretted the words immediately once they came out of your mouth. Why would you say that? Granted, it was time Newt realized how toxic she was and how she had been using him for homework and to get under your skin. However, the look on Newt’s face made you feel absolutely terrible. He looked so confused and lost in what you had just said.

“What do you mean, ‘someone like her’?” The annoyance in his voice stabbed at you.

“Newt, look. I understand you care deeply for her, but can’t you see she’s using you? She only asks for help for homework, she never wants you to hang out with me alone, and just recently she had tried to stop me from coming here to see you! I can’t let you allow her to hurt you anymore!” Your voice had begun to rise higher and higher nearing the end of your sentence and your breaths were heavy after all you had said.

Newt laid there, pondering and turning the words you had said over and over in his mind.

“Did she really try to stop you from coming here?”

You only nodded in response. He looked down and began to fiddle with his own hands. 

“I’m sorry I never realized before. I just thought she really cared for me. And she really seemed like my only friend for a long time.”

Now it was your turn to be confused. “What do mean ‘your only friend’?” Your voice was soft. He couldn’t really think you would’ve abandoned him. Right?

Newt looked to the side, averting your seemingly harsh gaze. “Well, you just seemed to distance yourself from me after a while. I thought you didn’t want to be around me.”

You paused, thinking of all the times you had refused to go somewhere with Newt after hearing he had invited Leta to join him as well. You cringed, not only was Leta attempting to distance you from Newt, but you allowed it to happen. You lessened the amount of times you were with him only because she would be accompanying the two of you. And you had failed to realize that you may be hurting Newt too.

Taking his hand in yours, you rubbed your thumb over the back of his hand. “I’m sorry I distanced myself from you. I just… couldn’t handle being around Leta after a while and I tried to avoid her as much as I can. I really care for you Newt, and I never intended for that to happen.”

Newt smiled. “I care for you too.”

He gently took your hands in his, pulling you down onto him. You gasped at the sudden contact with chest, however he only shushed you and began gently stroking your hair.

“Y/n, I care for you more than you think.”


This is so sucky, mainly because it was the first draft I ever worked on and I just decided to pick it up again, so I’m sorry if it’s absolutely terrible!! 

please leave feedback and tell me what ya think.

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Sentence Meme [Game of Thrones style]
  • “Winter is coming.”
  • “I am not your little princess.”
  • “I don’t want to be a queen, I want to be the queen.”
  • "We’ve have idiot kings and we’ve had vicious kings, but I don’t know if we’ve ever had a vicious idiot for a king!”
  • “More wine.”
  • “Everyone who isn’t us in an enemy.”
  • “I am the god of tits and wine.”
  • “The next time you raise a hand to me will be the last time you have hands.”
  • “Tears aren’t a woman’s only weapon. The best one is between her legs.”
  • “The gods have no mercy, that’s why they’re gods.”
  • “Nobody cares what your father once told you.”
  • “There are no men like me. Only me.”
  • “Why have the gods condemned me to love a hateful woman?”
  • “Everything’s better with some wine in the belly.”
  • “You were kind to me, I remember.”
  • “All these years and I still feel like an outsider when I come here.”
  • “I wish I was the monster that you think I am!”
  • “My brother has his sword, I have my mind.”
  • “Woman? Is that meant to insult me?”
  • “Honor made you leave, and honor brought you back.”
  • “Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it (the world). I don’t want to be most of us.”
  • “A man without friends is a man without power.”
  • “Everyone is mine to torment!”
  • “A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep.”
  • “A mother does not flee without her children.”
  • “Any man who must say ‘I am the king’ is no true king.”
  • “I will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who have wronged me.”
  • “I want to look him in the eye and ask, ‘Why?’”
  • “They’re a family. I’ve never had a family.”
  • “I can be your family.”
  • “Those who have the most power have the least grace.”
  • “I will answer injustice with justice.”
  • “I am not questioning your honor. I’m denying its existence.”
  • “All I know is that she was the one thing I ever wanted.”
  • “What we don’t know is usually what gets us killed.”
  • “I did what I did not to slight you, but because I loved another.”
  • “Given the opportunity, what do we do to those who have hurt the ones we love?”
  • “I will not become a page in someone else’s history book.”

“The Game”

Happy Lowman x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)

[A/N: Ok so this is the dream I had last night lol. I added some theatrical shit to make it flow but overall this is what I dreamed about. I hope y’all enjoy!] 


“Haaaaaap,” you whined from the opposite end of the couch, “I’m bored.”

Happy looked away from the movie he had on to meet your eyes and you could tell he really didn’t care, but he also knew that if he told you he didn’t care, you would be mad at him. Since he wanted less to do with your attitude than he did your boredom, he offered what he thought was a helpful suggestion, “We can go in the room and fuck,” he said bluntly.

You laughed for a second until you saw he was being serious, “No, Happy. That’s what we always do when we’re bored. I wanna do something different,” you bit your bottom lip and scooted to his side of the couch, sitting on your knees at his side. He looked at you and raised an eyebrow, your demeanor worried him, because it usually meant you were going to request something outrageous.


“I want to play a game!” you grinned and he narrowed his eyes at you.

“Hap, pleeeeease,” you begged and he threw his head back against the couch.

“Fine,” he spoke at last and you squealed with excitement, “but I get to pick the game,” he finished with a smirk. Your excitement faded considerably because Happy’s idea of ‘a game’ was much much different than yours.

“What kind of game requires us riding out to the Wahewa to play?” you questioned as you stepped off of his bike. Nothing but the dirt road his bike was sat on, desert on either side, and the blue sky surrounded you.

Happy held his hand out for the backpack he had given you to wear on the ride and you shrugged out of it, tossing it to him and wondering what was inside.

You didn’t have to wonder long. Soon Happy was tossing something towards you, “Catch,” he said as it was already in the air.
You looked up, shielding your eyes to find the small black object falling down towards your face and you snatched it out of the air.
You pulled the object town to study it and as soon as you realized what you were holding a loud popping sound made your head snap up towards Happy.

He was grinning mischievously, holding a taser identical to yours in his hand,
the blue electric arc beading across the two terminals creating the cracking sound that startled you.

Your eyes widened with confusion and worry as you watched him lick his lips. You were speechless and wondering what the fuck kind of game involved tasers until Happy, of course, answered the question you hadn’t dared to ask.

“Taser Tag,” he triumphed, his eyes were glinting with anticipation and delight.

“Oh my God, Hap, you’ve got to be kidding me!” You were both exasperated and horrified that this was his idea of a game, but when he stepped towards you, the taser in his hand snapping as the electricity coursed through, you had no choice but to play along.

You ran away from him across the sandy ground, jumping over bushes and cactuses, trying but failing to tase him before he could get you. Happy jabbed at you with the black stick of death and got you in the ribs, the voltage stunning your body and making your whole left side freeze up as you fell to the ground and he chuckled. He stood over you, reaching down to help you up when you lunged up and jabbed him in the chest. The audible crackling sound coming from your taser and the vein in the side of his neck popping out was the only indication that your device was even working, as the voltage had no affect on your old man at all.

He smiled down at you as you scowled back at him, “You bastard!” 

He had conveniently forgotten to mention that he had built up a tolerance to electrocution, and you honestly didn’t care to know why or how he had done so.

You couldn’t help but laugh as this exact scenario was the reason you both questioned, and also justified your relationship with Happy Lowman.