the positive masterpost, to help defeat boredom and to make you cheerful

need to relax?:

here’s some different tea recipes

make your own bath bomb

use a face mask

paint your nails

the quiet place

zen garden

virtual pet:

online pet

puppy to lick your screen

cutest animals

koi fish for ur blog


make healthy snacks

bake healthy sweets

bake muffins

make a smoothie


detox water


write a letter

write in a journal

write a story


snow globe


memory jar



brass necklace

dream catcher


guess who

photo frames



try new hairstyles

try a exfoliating scrub

try out clear mascara

try a new scent

very random things to defeat boredom offline:

try planning a party (photo booth, drinks, foods, gifts, invites)

print out a quote & hang it somewhere noticeable

study your horoscope

sell unneeded junk in a yard sale or donate to goodwill

hang christmas lights in your room

repot plants

start a small garden

have a picnic with some friends

photograph people

buy a betta fish (research before you buy!)

go vegan for a week

minimize your junk

listen to new artists (try these: marina, lana, halsey, melanie, florence, coldplay, vonda shepard, joan jett, ed, george ezra, the mowgli’s, walk the moon, 1975, lady gaga, charli, lorde, sky)

replace products with products not tested on animals

artsy sites:

weave silk

this is sand

printable coloring pages !!

draw a stickman

make origami

sweet lil sites:

free rice

1000 awesome things

love yourself !!



coffee sounds??

rain sounds

mixtape maker (really cool)

happy playlist

random sites:

ninja ???

everyday the same dream

clever bot

the world

stars nearby

free movies:

super hero movies

animated disney movies

80s & 90s movies

horror movies

free television:

doctor who



gossip girl

american dad


bob’s burgers



once upon a time

websites to help with school:

studying snacks

flashcard maker

speak korean FAST


plan your future

language translator

Pic by @disvicious1 of yours truly and @realalicecooper. We were about to knock off a fruit stand, hence the mask. “Gimme all your berries or this whole cart goes up in smoke!! And don’t even think of giving me that cantaloupe!!”
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the signs when bored

Aries: gets angry and starts a fight
Taurus: eats everything in the fridge
Gemini: socializes 
Cancer: sleeps
Leo: what do you mean boredom? ha
Virgo: reads 7686 books
Libra: listens to music
Scorpio: parties
Sagittarius: watches fave tv shows
Capricorn: googles random shit 
Aquarius: scrolls endlessly through tumblr
Pisces: plays videogames