Queenie x reader

this is just a short one cause im v bored

It was just a cute idea I thought of, so I hope you guys like it!

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“Y/n,” you heard Queenie’s voice call your name in her accent. You genuinely always felt at home whenever you heard her call your name. 

You were in Tina and Queenie’s apartment and just finished dinner. Her infamous strudel always made your stomach feel full, in a good way of course.

“Yeah Queenie?” You get up and help her with the dishes, taking away the plates from the table. She grinned when she saw you helping her. 

“Oh it’s nothing just-” she stopped herself from going any further and you arched an eyebrow. You shook your head, dismissing it as a little thing.

Finally you washed all the plates with her, getting the guck and grime off. She started chuckling and you frowned. 

“Now what?” Your tone sounded a little more irritated then you would’ve liked. 

She shook her head and walked close to you, very close.

You knew you had the biggest crush on her for the longest time. You met Tina as being an auror yourself and you both became friends. You then met Queenie and fell in love with her the second you heard her voice. 

She grabbed your loose collar of your dress and yanked you, gently, to get you impossibly close.

Also yes, it was a little unfair she could read minds because all you could think about was her. It wasn’t sexual or dirty, it was loving. Thinking of her reminded you of the cold weather in New York, bittersweet. If you weren’t busy, you were thinking about how she laughed or when she smiled, her dimple showed. 

Her eyes were gorgeous, you thought. You’ve never been this close to her until now and it felt relieving, awarding almost. Her eyes were a grassy green, like right after snow falls and it all melts away to show spring. 

While you were thinking, you didn’t notice the fact that her lips were on yours and all the sudden it was like 100 butterflies tried to escape you all at once. You were shaking as you suddenly put your hand to her cheek, caressing it.

She giggled into your mouth and you couldn’t help but taste how sweet her lips were.

After a few minutes of regaining your self control you ask, “Why did you kiss me?”

It might’ve sounded like a stupid question but you never thought she liked you like that.

“You had food on your face so I got it off.”

You touch your face and blush hard as the whole time you were like that, your face was dirty.

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Jax i think you were so right, Ever since you mentioned it I cant stop seeing Fed up Lapis as Saitama

TELL ME YOU DONT SEE IT. Its the first thing I thought. an OP Person whose so fed up and bored

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ITs all I saw when watching the new episodes

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can i request a blurb w/ calum in which like you've never rlly talked before but there's a bug in you apartment that ur too scared to kill

this is fucking gold o m g

(this might turn into a blurb night if u ppl want idk im so bored

It wasn’t your fault that you were absolutely terrified of bugs.
You were just planning to have a calm night in, lounging around, drinking a glass of wine while munching on some snacks while listening to music. But then, out of the corner of your eye, you saw it.

It had probably 10 legs, and was crawling at a brisk pace, towards you. Jumping up from your couch quickly (with a little scream) and grabbing a decorative pillow to shield you, you cautiously made your way around the thing, maintaining a 10 foot distance between you and the bug until you made it to the door of your apartment. You threw open the door, and closed it almost as quickly, still clutching the purple pillow to your chest.

“Oh… hey Y/N,” You were a little startled by the greeting, jumping a couple of inches in the air. Your neighbor gave you a weird look. “Is everything okay?”

A feeling of relief washed over you when you realized it was just your neighbor. Calum had just moved in a few days ago, and you hadn’t really gotten to know him yet. Great. You thought. First impression: me, clutching a throw pillow in fear over a little tiny bug. Awesome. He had a guitar case over his shoulder, and was wearing a sleeveless tee. You were slightly caught off guard by not only his amazingly toned arms, but the look of genuine worry on his face. You caught yourself staring at him, and quickly came up with something to say. “Um, hey Calum!” You started, trying to save yourself from embarrassing yourself even further. “But yeah, everything’s fine, there’s just a bug in my apartment.” You laughed at how ridiculous you sounded.
Calum dropped a worried expression from his face, laughing at your response. “Alright cool Y/N, see ya around.” Calum turned around, and started unlocking the door to his apartment.
“Wait, Calum?” You began, he looked up at you. “Can you get the bug for me, please??” You asked, holding your pillow close.

He laughed again, agreeing to kill the bug for you. You sighed with relief, inviting Calum in.

“Where was it the last time you saw it?” Calum asked, looking around the room.

“Over there,” You answered, pointing towards the wall. Calum walked further into your apartment, and you stayed put under the door frame. He grabbed a tissue, and continued the search for the bug. You were watching your neighbor attentively, feeling equally awkward, yet also intrigued. Calum had your complete attention until you saw it wriggling towards you. “Cal– Calum!!” Before you could even squint your eyes closed, Calum’s shoe had landed right on top of the bug.
“Got it.” He looked up at you and gave you a smile. “But there might be some bug juice on your floor.”

You hit him playfully with your pillow, “Thanks Cal,”

“Any time Y/N.”