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Ok so

As someone affected by Jen’s con cancellation, I gotta say this to others in the same place.

Please do not hate on Jen. She loves us, and she even said she was gonna try to juggle everything so she could be there. But it’s not her play and she doesn’t make the rules. She tried and it didn’t work. Acting is her job. And her passion. And something she fell in love with came up and she landed it! That’s so great for her! And I’m so proud and happy for her.

That doesn’t mean I’m not absolutely heart broken. I am devastated. I so wanted to meet this precious ray of sunlight and I SO was looking forward to it. Like. So much… :(

But I’m not for a second angry at Jen, nor blame her. She took an amazing career opportunity. Yeah the cons suck for not offering refunds on the day she was headlining but Colin is (at this time) still attending.


I mean I’m hella excited to meet this amazing person.

So please, be sad and upset. I am. But never ever for a second think it’s ok to express anger towards Jen! Especially on social media! It’s NOT ok! She’s living her life. And I’m sure she’s sad that a lot of people are sad. Do not spew negativity her way. Just don’t. Don’t.

💜 color kpop asks 💜

red; most impressive choreo?
blue; first ultimate bias?
green; idol with the best laugh?
yellow; funniest variety show your faves did?
orange; coolest rap in a song?
purple; ultimate idol fashionista?
pink; cutest idol?
white; idol with most captivating voice?
black; favourite kpop m/v?
beige; best ballad song?
gray; most emotional moment in your kpop years?
gold; the most genuine leader to a groups members?
silver; most handsome/beautiful idol?
rainbow; fave ship?
salmon; best derpy pic of your bias?
lilac; why is your bias your bias?
olive; top 5 groups?
maroon; idol thats most like you?
turquoise; best concept?
fuchsia; subunit you’d like to see?
indigo; tag 10 amazing kpop blogs?

❄️  feel free to add more questions!  ❄️

guys, enjoying mcelroy and polygon content is fine but keep in kind that they are people, not characters. putting them on a pedestal is the worst thing that you can do.

for a lot of content that nick, griffin, and justin, they are just doing their jobs and making content that they hope everyone can enjoy and laugh at. and for the mcelroy family itself, they make content because they want to share their stories and opinions.

don’t pester them about your ships or headcanons. don’t stalk them on social media. don’t invade their personal lives. they each have their own emotions and thoughts so you can’t make headcanons about actual people. its messed up.

the mcelroys and their content are very funny but please respect their humanity.