the signs as cat body parts

Aries: fluffy tail
Taurus: super tickly whiskers
Gemini: pretty eyes
Cancer: back lil’ paws
Leo: smol tongue
Virgo: cute ears
Libra: the tum tum
Scorpio: smol nose
Sagittarius: v soft scruff
Capricorn: front lil’ paws
Aquarius: super dangerous lil teeth
Pisces: v pettable chest

ocean themed asks
  • sea foam: favorite memory?
  • salt water: sweet or savory?
  • sea spray: favorite beverages?
  • waves: dreams for the future?
  • seagulls: tell a story about your pet.
  • coral: something you're looking forward to?
  • sun reflections: something that made you smile today?
  • sea cliffs: something you regret?
  • sand: someone you look up to?
  • palm trees: music taste?
  • surfers: favorite sport?
  • anchor: something that keeps me grounded?
  • bubbles: what breathes life into you?
  • sand dunes: biggest obstacle you've overcome?
  • tidepools: talk about the little things in life.
  • seashore: tell a secret.