At the risk of sounding like a “fat, bitter bitch” I’m not interested in doing emotional labor for thin women. I’m sorry you’re sad about your body but bitch me too and I’ve got actual systemic shit to worry about on top of that. I’ve been coddling thin girls my whole life as the token fatty in my friend group and I’m Tired.


Bungou Stray Dogs S2 » (ep. 21) double black | 双つの黒

Double Black”, the most vicious duo in Yokohama’s underworld, that once wiped out an enemy organization of ability users in a single night, shall be resurrected, just this once.

A/N: I’m gonna combine these two again, if that’s okay! Warning: Name reveal/ after ending spoilers!


  • Yoosung’s mom spent the first few days with you at the hospital. Not because she didn’t trust the two of you, it’s because Yoosung asked, LOL. But ofc, she didn’t want to stay for long.
  • Y’know the “fake it ‘till you make it” saying? Yeah, that’s Yoosung.
  • He looks like he knows what he’s doing.
  • “Wow, Yoosung! He falls asleep in your arms so quickly!”
  • “Y-Yeah, right? Just call me super dad!”
  • But on the inside, he’s internally screaming. The living epitome of the “this is fine” meme.
  • In just two days, he’s already mastered the art of diaper changing and feeding. 
  • But he’s also the type of guy to jinx everything l m a o.
  • “Hey, this isn’t so bad! I’m a great dad huh, baby?” Cue the baby spitting up EVERYTHING.
  • If anyone calls you out for breastfeeding in public, he’ll guilt trip the person. Non-stop until they realize that they’re in the wrong.
  • “Oh, hello there. I can’t help but notice that you’re harassing my spouse. Tell me, is my child not allowed to eat? Is that what it is? My son was just born a few days ago and you’re going to deprive him of food? Is this the world you want my newborn to live in? Wow, how inconsiderate of you. Is this how you’re going to treat the youth of Korea, sir? If not, you’re going to have to apologize. “
  • “S-sorry…”
  • Yandere Yoosung comin’ in clutch.
  • Despite a few mess ups, he’s a natural dad to be honest. After all, this is what he’s been looking forward to since the both of you got married.

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