“so like what if cas was dabbing whilst dragging dean out of hell?” (x)

or the one in which i really shouldn’t be allowed to make impulsive doodles without proper supervision

Tbh i dont understand when people tell teenagers that they’re in the best years of their life or when people say that being a child was so much simpler and easier. Maybe it’s just my own experience as a gay, trans, mentally ill kid that came out pretty young but I associate being a child with confusion and isolation and insecurity and not having the agency to stand up to abusers or know that what they told me were lies. I associate it with a lot of untreated mental illness and anxiety because I felt I was wasting my “best years”.

So shout out for kids that are constantly being told that life only gets harder from here on out because that’s really not true for a lot of people. So many problems can often become so much easier as you gain autonomy and experience and start to find support outside of your immediate family or school friend group. You’re gonna be ok!