i have been in america lately and tried its Various cuisine’s here is my review


  • what i had: four for $4 burger and lemonade.
  • what i thought: this is the same as mcdonalds but there is a smiling girl! the guy who invented wendys was called somethng else so who is wendy. Food apparaition?
  • rating: 3/5. food was boring but mysterious girl warmed my heart

cook out

  • what i had: hot dog and shake
  • what i thought: holy shit. also milkshakes in america are like, solid ice cream. i was expecting nesquik
  • rating: 5/5. the hot dog was nauseating but cost a dollar and the cashier liked toys

steak n shake

  • what i had: you can only have burgers and shakes from this restaurant so thats what i got baby!! when in roam!! hasta la vista!!
  • what i thought: siri didnt know how to get there so we got lost on the highway at 1am. WOOPS!!! thats the american life
  • rating: 4/5. tasted like i was dying, but pleasantly

cracker barrel

  • what i had: friday fish fry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • what i thought: there was lots of old people in this restaurant. the waitress avoided me because my nails were painted. this is a well documented phenomneom but biscuits are definitely something different in this country than my country
  • rating: 2/5. scary torture cabin


  • what i had: piza slice
  • what i thought: i know this isnt technicaly a restaurant but drinks were 50 cents so it gets an honorable mention. there was a crate of mayonnaise but i didnt try that.
  • rating: ???/5. costcos most precious secrets are lost to us all
there's three types of people on cutthroat kitchen

1. chef who has to make cake and forgets flour eggs and sugar but manages to grab a single jalapeño

2. chef that gets advice from Alton during the challenge and still fucks up so bad that he does the face at them as the judge walks by

3. chef that has to make a sandwich with no sabotages and instead makes a deconstructed rustic soup

i’m 100% sure that when tater gets bored he texts bitty food ideas such as ‘potato pie’ ‘potato cupcakes’ ‘potato cake’ ‘potato ice cream’ ‘potato pizza’ ‘potato brownies’ and literally anything else made of potatoes that should definitely not be made of potatoes, and i’m also 100% sure that bitty always replies ‘i can make that happen’

Beak Trims Are Not Normal

Parrot beaks are composed of bone covered in a layer of keratin, the same substance our hair and fingernails are made of. The keratin layer of the beak continues to grow throughout the life of the bird to replace parts that become worn down. Unlike fingernails, parrots should not ever need their beaks trimmed, this is not a normal grooming requirement.

A parrot with an overgrown or misshapen beak has a health problem or a lack of proper environmental enrichment. There are numerous causes of beak overgrowth including:

Liver Disease
Improper Diet
Lack of Proper Toys
Birth Defect
Low Vitamin A

Diets composed mainly of seeds are high in fat which can affect the liver and low in vitamins which directly impacts how the beak grows. Parrots on seed diets should be slowly switched over to pelleted diets supplemented with fresh vegetables.

Proper diets also help parrots because they must manipulate the food with their beaks which helps keep them worn down. This is also why having lots of toys and other environmental enrichment activities is important. Birds that simply reach into a dish to eat and don’t have to work for their food become bored and the beaks overgrow from lack of use.

Some parrots are on wonderful diets and have lots of toys and other activities and still have beak problems. Often these are due to bird defects like an over or underbite or trauma. X-rays are often needed to diagnose this and these birds do need frequent beak trims but this is not common.

Trimming a beak is not a simple task like trimming a nail. The entire beak has to be assessed and it must be correctly shaped. Simply trimming it short in one spot will change how pressure is applied to other portions of the beak which will cause even more malformation. An understanding of the physics of the beak and how even a small change will impact the entire organ is very important. Sometimes we have to make very small changes over several trims to slowly force the beak to grow correctly.
Because there are so many reasons the beak may be in need of a corrective trim it is very important to do a complete medical work up and find the cause. The concern is that if there is a medical problem not only should we address it and fix it, but the stress of a beak trim on top of an illness can actually be fatal in some birds.

can you imagine

ryuk as a human (fuck probably even as a death god) would literally be matt’s best friend

stay with me


- mario golF

- being bored af

- probably food all the time apple thing kind of freaks him out tho

- weirdass fashion sense no one else understands

- goth & a cyberpunk caN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THE CHAOS 

- bad jokes and puns on the daily

- annoying light & mello

- what do you wanna bet they do something stupid like steal grocery cart

that’s it thank for your time

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31 from the prompts list

31. “Stop biting that fucking lip!”


“Just the boy I wanted to see.” Y/N smiled, revealing the door open to a fluffy haired Harry.

Harry rolled his eyes, pushing and pawing his way past her grabs for a hug and set the grocery bags on top of the kitchen counter — his favorite organic grocery store logo printed out in bright, neon letters on the plastic.

“I hope you didn’t buy a bunch of boring organic food for our movie night. Those vegetable crackers you brought last time were disgusting.”

“I would never. And they were not!” Harry laughed, pulling out the various candies and snacks.

Eventually they settled next to each other on the couch, Harry throwing his favorite blanket of Y/N’s over the both of them as she clicked through their movie list.

“Can we watch a thriller tonight?”

Harry snorted. “Unless you want me stayin’ the night because you’re too scared to sleep alone again, I suggest no thrillers. What about a Rom-Com?”

“Romantic comedies put me to sleep, you know that.” Y/N sighed.

They bickered and searched a few minutes longer, finally settling between a documentary or a horror movie.

“Fine, fine. Thriller it is. Put on Hush, haven’t seen that one yet.”

Y/N clapped, clicking play and settling in closer to Harry’s side.

The movie played a long, getting to the point where the masked murder stalked the young, deaf writer in her house. Y/N lay frozen, forgetting the space around her and becoming fully invested inside the world the movie played out.

Harry’s hand suddenly made her jump, his thumb coming up to her chin and tugging the fleshy part of her lip down and out of the grip of her teeth.

“Don’t hurt yourself.” He whispered, smiling back as Y/N gave his cheeks a silly squeeze of thanks.

But Harry wasn’t watching as the masked killer shot the woman’s best friend, dragging her bloody body up the cottage stairs and into the view of the deaf woman, no. Harry was watching his best friend watch the movie. How Y/N unintentionally fidgeted with her fingers in her lap, or how she twirled a loose piece of hair strand at her ponytail.

More importantly, how she had gradually made her way in Harry’s lap, the equivalent steady breathing patterns of their chests lining up with one another and lastly, the swollen, pink lip she once again chewed on with her teeth.

Y/N jumped from what played on the T.V screen, her whole body twitching further in Harry’s embrace. All the while, his cock jumped with the sudden weight on top of his lap, Y/N unintentionally grinding herself into him as she shifted her position and became reglued to the screen.

“Don’t bite your lip.” He scolded once more, feeling the pressure on his cock heighten as she looked back at him with her wide eyes, ignoring his comment.

“Did you see that? Oh my God, the guy just stabbed the boyfriend in the neck!”

Harry adjusted his position back on the movie, watching the two men roll around and wrestle in the dead leaves and blood. The man eventually fought off the boyfriend and killed him, the over dramatized death making Y/N shiver as he stood victorious from the fight, making his way back to where the dead woman hid in her cottage.

Harry drummed his fingers lightly on Y/N’s shoulder, ever so boredly fidgeting with her bra strap and tugging on it, before curling it around his fingers and letting it loosely snap back down.

“What’re you doing…” She mumbled, not completely caring enough to turn around and look.

“Look at me fo'sec.”

After a second of hesitation she did, gasping as Harry wetly and fully enclosed his open mouth onto hers. For a mere second he was afraid she was going to push him off and kick him out of the house but she took a hold of his jaw and kissed back even harder.

Y/N leaned back with a nervous smile, biting down on her lower lip, reveling in the tingling feeling in her tummy.

“Stop biting that fucking lip.” He groaned, the strength of his next kiss tipping her backwards on his lap as he leaned forwards to kiss her, eventually scooting them sideways onto the couch and climbing over her.

“Harry!” She moaned, feeling his hips grind down into hers, the bulge outlined perfectly between her legs.

“Feel what you do to me?”

“Are you —” She giggled, her laughs turning into more moans as he began kissing down the column of her throat. “Are you sure it isn’t the murder movie that’s what did it for you?”

“Fuckin’ minx with your sassy mouth. Let’s see what we can fill it up with instead, yeah?”

hi i finally finished alsdkjfsdj HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY  lmaooo. also pretend this is from ferret-face because i can’t submit from my sideblogs okay okay


Narcissa cradled the head of her baby boy as she gently bounced him up and down, threading her fingers through his fine blonde hair. His face was relaxed, mouth slightly opened as he drooled on her shoulder, snoring quietly. Narcissa hummed softly. Her life changed when she had Draco. She had never loved anyone as much as she loved this beautiful, sweet, perfect boy.


It was six in the morning on a chilly April day when Narcissa was awoken by a small hand on her cheek. She opened her eyes sleepily and smiled when she realised it was Draco, his mouth open wide, his giggles filling the room. She tucked a lock of hair behind his ear. He reached up for her hand, gripping it tightly with both of his own. Narcissa squeezed back, tugging him closer, pulling him into the bed. It had only been three years, and Draco had taken over her whole heart. Draco snuggled up to her, burying his head in the crook of her neck, and they both drifted back to sleep. This was everything she could had ever hoped for.


Draco’s eighth birthday started with dozens of owls dropping parcels off at the Manor. His eyes lit up when he opened one up and it was his very own broom. He shook with his excitement, bouncing up and down as he begged to fly it. And how could Narcissa say no to that face? She took his hand and led him outside, reminding him to only try to fly low and stay close. He nodded and took off with ease, his broom listening to him from the start. Narcissa watched with a grin on her face as Draco flew in small circles, his head thrown back with laughter.


When his Hogwarts letter came, Draco ran first to his mother. His quick footsteps echoed off the walls of the Manor, his laughter like music to Narcissa’s ears. He had been waiting impatiently for weeks, ending each day with a frown on his face and complaints on his tongue. Why hadn’t Dumbledore sent him his letter yet? He was magic after all. When he turned the corner and ran into Narcissa at full speed, she scooped him up into her arms and twirled him around, kissing the side of his face. Draco couldn’t stop chattering, the excitement bubbling up in him and spilling over. Narcissa just smiled and listened, unable to get a word in.


Narcissa got a letter from Draco in December of his second year. All he did was complain about how stupid Harry Potter was, and how everyone thought he was perfect, but he wasn’t. Apparently their duel hadn’t gone well, and Draco was taking it badly. This wasn’t the first letter Narcissa had gotten like this. She chuckled to herself as she piled it on top of the others, all complaining about Harry Potter. How he wouldn’t be Draco’s friend, but he was friends with everyone else. How Dumbledore had given him house points for breaking rules, and those points cost Slytherin the House Cup. How he flew a car to Hogwarts and nobody seemed to care. Narcissa wondered if she’d ever stop hearing about what Harry Potter was doing at school.


Narcissa stood outside the closed door, trying to swallow her sobs as she heard Draco screaming. This wasn’t fair. This wasn’t her son’s war. He shouldn’t be punished because her husband had failed. The screaming got worse and Narcissa turned away, holding herself up with the wall as she tried to escape. She couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t help her baby boy. She couldn’t listen anymore. She choked on her tears as she collapsed on the stairs, screaming to try and block out the sound of Draco’s cries. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. He was supposed to have a better life. This wasn’t fair. This wasn’t fair.


Narcissa walked slowly towards the body in the dirt in front of her. The Dark Lord at her back sent chills down her spine. As she crouched down to check that he was dead, she noticed a slight movement. She leaned down, her heart racing, as she whispered in Harry Potter’s ear, asking about her son. Her heart burst when she found out he was alive, he was still in the castle. She let out a shaky breath, tears stinging her eyes, as she stood and turned, pronouncing him dead. She would get her son back, Harry Potter would save the day, because by some miracle he still fighting, and her precious Draco wouldn’t have to live this life anymore.


Narcissa and Draco sat at the dining room table, their meals untouched in front of them as Draco stumbled over his words, unsure how to get them out. His mother reached out and grabbed his hand, urging him to relax. He held back tightly and forced out how he and Harry had been seeing each other. It was Harry, now, and he would really like it if his mother respected it, and it just happened and… Narcissa stood up and Draco stopped talking, his hands making his way to his lap, twisting together there, his eyes boring into the food in front of him. It was silent for a moment, before Narcissa made her way around the table, wrapping Draco in a tight hug and kissing him on the top of his head. All she could think about was how Draco could finally be happy again.

@ferret-face STACY OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! THANK YOU!!!! it’s adorable and gives me feels from our Narcissa headcanons! 😭 this is so great!! i knew you have nothinggg to worry about ❤️

Neighbour Part Two | Jimin, You

Part One | Part Two | Part Three 

Part Two of my Father!Jimin AU! I hope you like it! :)

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If I know what love is, it is because of you.

Every day after that was a new adventure, how was your body going to react when he smiled at you this time? Was it going to go into overdrive again and prevent your fingers from working? Or were you going to lose your breath and have a heart attack?

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hey! i’ve heard your requests, i’ve dusted off my old redbubble account and now some of my matsu art’s available as stickers!

any profit made (if any) will go toward boring stuff like food, gas, bills and loans, blah blah blah~ so thanks if you do help provide a little support lol

want to see different kinds of merch? more designs?? please let me know! if more interest grows, i might add more variety in the future!

Gorgeous Glasses

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Request: Barry Allen imagine? where you wear glasses but the team don’t know because you always wear contacts and one day you run out of contacts and the whole team is confused on why you are wearing glasses but Barry finds it adorable? thanks xx

Notes: I actually really liked writing this, I usually wear contacts but I have like stereotypical-nerd glasses so this hit close to home. I think this is a little shorter than most of my fics, but I hope you all enjoy it!

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Since we are talking about recovery and coping stuff, I thought I’d throw some stuff out there that helped me. And I’m not saying all of this stuff will work for anyone, but maybe it will, so if you feel up to it, you might try it if you think it’ll help. 

-The big thing for me is that you don’t have to change your whole lifestyle all at once. One example is this: a lot of people hear “try eating healthy” and they think “i have to cut out all sugar and carbs and eat only organic salads for the rest of my life” and stuff, but you don’t!! Even the smallest of changes can help. Some smaller healthy things I used to do (and still do) are 

—When you make ramen, when the noodles are boiling, throw in an egg or two, and some frozen vegetables. it will cook with the noodles with no extra effort on your part, and it’s really good. 

—You don’t have to stop eating when you’re bored but you can swap out the bored-eating foods for carrots or nuts or whatever. (If it’s not overwhelming, I really love apples in peanut butter.)

—Add some spinach to that sandwich. Obviously this won’t work for all sandwiches but I like to add it to my tuna sandwiches and like, sandwiches with lunch meat (when I eat those.) It only takes a couple seconds and I actually like the taste, it adds some crunch but not in a bad way. (I’m really sensitive to texture with my food.)

–For me, it was also really important to not deprive myself. I’ve struggled with EDs (still do) so it was and is really important for me to not get into this mindset of “i’m not allowed to eat this” or “you don’t need this.” I don’t need this blueberry donut, but it makes me happy. It’s okay. Don’t focus on cutting junk food out; focus on working healthy things in. 

-If you’re having a day when you do have more energy than usual? Run with it! It can be hard when you’re used to like…not doing stuff, even when you have the energy, it’s hard to break the habit. But it’s okay if you only do small stuff. Do a load of laundry, or take a shower, or take a walk if you find that that helps you. 

-Identify things that make you unhappy and, if possible, stop doing them. Honestly I didn’t really and truly start healing until I stopped going to church with my parents, because no matter what progress I made, it would just be zapped away when I went to church. Any confidence I built, any small joys I found, just disappeared. If there’s something you do that you don’t have to do and makes you miserable…don’t do it. 

-If your illness gets worse when you go outside, or are around people, you can take it slow and build up a tolerance. I used to get really bad anxiety when I went out and it would just drain all my energy. You can choose places that give you some relative privacy/solitude, are easy to get to, and leave when it gets bad. Spend a half hour at a local park. Or fifteen minutes, or five. Whatever you can do. 

I used to go to the library because I was living with my sister and we had no wifi. I’d hang out in the corner on my own, and it really was the perfect way to slowly acclimate myself. I was doing the same shit I would’ve been doing if I stayed home, it was quiet, I was given space (most of the time), but I was out of the house and there was sunshine coming from the windows. 

-If it’s warm, you can go outside and lay in the sun. If not having something to do makes you anxious, take a book or a coloring book. I used to lay out in the sun with my dog for a few minutes each day and it really did help. 

-Try to remember, if you can, times that you were happy, or like, less sad. Try to recreate those circumstances, if possible. One thing about MI is that it makes it really hard to keep track of the correlation between environment and emotions, because most of the time you’re just fucked up for no reason. But environmental influences can still be things, and keeping track of them can really help. (I guess this is the flip side to “don’t do things that make you miserable.” DO do things that make you less miserable.)

-One thing that helps me with executive dysfunction is to just take it one step at a time. Don’t think about what you’re doing as “getting dressed.” Just think about the first thing you need to do. Go get a shirt. Okay, good. Put the shirt on. Good. Find some pants. Good. Put the pants on. Good. Etc. 

I’m autistic so this is something I still do with myself all the time, and it’s a method I taught my nephew, who is also autistic. One time I was at their house and my sister told him to clean the bathroom and he went in there and he just like. Stood there, and I was like, “okay, I think I know what’s going on.” So I went in and asked if I could help, and I walked him through it. “Okay, put away the toothpaste. Good. Now put away the toothbrushes. Good.” According to my sister he still uses this method. 

-Gummy vitamins are good because I wake up, I see the gummy vitamin bottle, I’m like “sweet, gummy vitamins!” and then I remember I also have to take my meds and it’s very helpful. 

-If you have trouble talking to your therapist or psychiatrist, write down the stuff you want to say beforehand, and then let them read it when you get there. That’s the only way I finally got diagnosed with bipolar disorder; I could never really talk or be honest with my psychs so I just lied and said I was okay, but finally I wrote down everything and handed it to my psych and when she read it and didn’t immediately laugh at me or throw me out it was a lot easier to answer her questions. I was diagnosed probably like a couple minutes later. 

Like I said, I can’t promise this will work for everyone. It probably won’t. But if you’re up to it, and you don’t think it’ll hurt, it might be worth a shot. That’s all.  

As you start to go for something deeper in a relationship, you start to meet another human being in truth. And truth is scary. Truth has bad breath at times; truth is boring; truth burns the food; truth is all the stuff. Truth has anger; truth has all of it. And you stay in it and you keep working with it and you keep opening to it and you keep deepening it.
—  Ram Dass