Allen Stone @ The Troubadour on Flickr.

March of 2012 brought about a double header of Allen Stone, who is our most blogged about Showcase artist to date.

The Picture here was taken on the first of his 2 nights at The Troubadour. It says so much with just one frozen pose.

Read all about it:

Headphones are great.

I mean I’m sitting on the floor of what has to be the most mundane laundromat in the short history of laundromat a surrounded by a bunch if stereotypical suburban white parents listening to the sickest piece of death metal I could find on my iPod like we’re talking screaming and raging and guitar crazy enough to melt someone’s fingers like these people are calling to the apocalypse or some shit for nine minutes straight and

No. One. Knows.

Like it might just be me but I think that’s pretty glorious right there.

its-a-fucking-spoon-steve asked:

I know you sent it to me, but your blog is amazing sooooo -- Tell us six random facts about yourself and when you're done send it to ten favorite followers! :D

Bahaha XD cheersss mate
1) im a dog person
2) if you have a dog i will not hesitate to pet her/him
3) im boring af
4) i like music, probably to much tbh
5) i cant do maths for shit
6) nextdoors cat is in my room atm

Emeli Sande @ Bootleg Bar [04/18/12] on Flickr.

Shot with The Canon Powershot S100. Loved that camera so much at small venues. (It’s retired BTW)

Can you imagine that fresh British pop artist Emeli Sande was first showcased at LA’s Bootleg Bar in April of 2012. Now she’s all over the radio. And I was there. Great talent.

More reasons why you should check her out:

2013 Jubilee Music & Arts Festival - Day 1 (06/07/13) on Flickr.

The Band called ‘Kitten’ ending their set at 2013 Jubilee. #blurred effect created by rubbing my greasy/sweaty finger on the lens by accident.

Sure it’s goes against everything I’ve learned, but art isn’t suppose to be cliche.

Vans Warp Tour 2012 Kick Off Party @ Club Nokia on Flickr.

Emily Armstrong of Dead Sara. 2012 Vans Warped Tour Kick-Off Party headliner. Became a member of the ‘DEADICATED’ that night.

This is one of my favorite photos in my raw, guerrilla, collection. Not sure why. The quality mixture of colors + shadows, maybe. Probably look way better if I touched it up.

However, not the point. See more below: