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Could you write something with 2D coming home at like 4am, drunk off his ass and just wanting to cuddle and sleep, and his s/o being like "oh thank god he was only out drinking" but also "I am going to KILL him he was out DRINKING". Thank you!!!!!

A/N: ahahahahahaha @ the anon who asked if that was my time zone it was not you’ll never find me unless you hire a deep web hit man but please dont. let me clear out the drafts and queue before you kill me

  • You come home to an empty house, calling out his name only to be met with silence. You shrug your shoulders as you toss your keys in the bowl beside you, kicking off your shoes as you make your way to the bathroom, a hot shower being ideal after a long day.
  • You dry your hair with a towel as you step out of the shower, finding some comfortable pajamas to wear before you settle on the couch in the living room, turning on the TV in front of you. You flip through the channels, wasting time rather than actually paying attention to what was on the screen. You occupy yourself for a while with various self care activities, checking your phone occasionally as you wait for a response from 2D.
  • You had managed to bore yourself as you lazily pull a Jenga piece from the tower of wooden blocks, games being your last attempt to entertain yourself as you waited. You place the block down before you grab your phone and call him, foot tapping against the floor as it rings. You smack your lips when it goes to voicemail and toss your phone at the couch cushion before you plop down on it. 
  • Eyes study the floor as you wonder where he could be, recalling he’d mentioned nothing about having plans this weekend. You sigh before you collect the blanket at your sock clad feet and pull it over you, staring at the movie playing on the TV before you fall asleep.
  • Cold clamminess over your eyes disrupts your sleep, you shake your head away and hear a familiar throaty laugh.You pull the hands away from your eyes and sit up, rubbing them as you hear him slur something incomprehensible before he lets out a stupid laugh.
  • You check your phone for the time, “Stuart? What the fuck?” you whisper harshly. You get up to turn the lights on and he groans, staggering a bit before he shields his eyes. You walk up to him and pull his hands away from his face, his head leans to the side lazily. “Are you drunk?”
  • He blows air from his lips, “I am… not,” he says, cocking up an eyebrow, his argument completely invalid as it was obvious enough. He rolls his head a bit before he focuses on you, his eyes drooping as a crooked grin forms on his face.
  • You shake your head as you place your hands on your hips, you sigh closing your eyes as you open your mouth to speak but the weight of his body leaning into yours catches you off guard. You stumble back a bit, supporting much of his weight as his legs seemed to give up on him, his hands loosely grabbing at your shirt. His lips rub against your neck, leaving a wet streak of saliva and whatever he was consuming as he buries his face in your neck.
  • Your shoulders rise, ears burning when the stubble above his lip tickles the sensitive skin there, you laugh as you pull him off of you, his face centimeters away from yours as he fans hot air onto your face, the smell of alcohol strong in his breath.
  • He puckers his lips out to kiss you and you lean away laughing at his antics, “Why don’t we talk about this tomorrow?” you say as you try to pry him off to you but newfound strength keeps you locked in his embrace. You awkwardly huddle over to the couch and he pulls you into him as he lays down, snoring almost instantly once his back finds contact with the cushion.
  • let boi sleep he drank too much apple juice
Yoongi x reader Painting Nails

Summary: You were deciding on what nail art you should do when he came in.

Genre: Fluff

You were doing your nails on the living room. You were thinking on doing a Christmas themed nail art. You were still dwelling on what kind looks better on you when Yoongi came out of the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” He asked you while ruffling his hair dry with a towel.

“Nails. But I can’t decide on which design.”

He sat down on the couch next to you. “Just do any kind. They look the same to me. No one’s going to notice your nails.” He grumbled.

“But I will notice it.” You continued to imagine how different design will look on you.

“This is boring.” He turned on the television. “You can’t do anything while waiting them to dry. It’s ridiculous.”

“It’s really fun actually. You just never tried it.” You said. “Maybe you should try it now.” You eyes beamed when you thought of this brilliant idea.

“Nope.” He balled up his hands and hide his nails.

“Aw. Come on.” You begged with your puppy eyes and hands clasped together.

“No.” Yoongi refused to look at you.

“One time. Just this once.” You held up your finger and continued to bed him. “You can take it off immediately too.”

Yoongi squinted his eyes. “No.”

“Please.” You hugged his arm and gently shook his arm. You felt his hand relaxes and he turned his head to look at you.

“Fine.” He gently replied. “But just this time. Plus you have to help me take it off.”

“Yeah!” You leaned over and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you.”

“Yeah yeah. Let’s just get this over with.” He gave his hand to you.

You studied his delicate hand with long and slender fingers. You put your hand against his and compared the size. His hands were much bigger than yours. His hands suddenly clasped with yours. You looked up and saw him staring at you.

“Are you going to paint or what? ‘Cause I’m going to leave if you don’t start soon.” Your boyfriend raised an eyebrow at you.

“I’ll start now so sit down.” You said with a blush on your face.

He smirked and looked at you endearingly.

“Done.” You took a nice look of his newly painted black nails. The color black is a great contrast with his pale skin.

“Finally.” Young let out a sign of relief. He had tried to use his phone but you took it away from him. You told him not to mess up his nails. And he couldn’t do anything about it.

“I think I know which nailers I should do.” You said to yourself.

“Help me get rid of these things first.” Your boyfriend nudged you with a scrunched nose.

“I’ll help you with that the I’m done.” You said it softly.

“Ugh!” He slouched back to the couch, defeated.

You painted your nail with a blue-mint green radiant and with snowflakes stickers. You looked at your nails proudly. The nails were nicely painted.

“Can you help me now?” Yoongi murmured against your shoulder.

He had rested his head on your shoulder while you were painting your own nails because he was tired and bored. He had been looking at you the whole time. You took out your phone and took Yoongi’s hand to put it aside with yours. You took a picture and smiled contently.

“Don’t post that. And can you please get it off me?” He asked, annoyed.

You grabbed the cotton pads and rubbed on his nails.

“All gone.” You looked at his now stained nails.

“The things I do for you.” He shook his head.

“Thank you.” You kissed his nose.

He was shock at first but then he pulled you to his chest. And the two of you spend the whole evening cuddling on the couch.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

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Blood Relations Part 6.1

Originally posted by got7kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 - Extra, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14

A/N: hello guys! I’m finally back! This is the next part, which is gonna be part of a bigger chapter, that’s gonna be completed in three or four parts! I’m really sorry it took me so long to update it (feel free to kill me if you want), but I’m making sure it’s worth your while! Anyways, enjoy!

Gif’s not mine

Words: 3775

Pairing: Jaebum/Reader

Summary: after you began to trust them, a familiar face reappears….

Previous Part: Part 5

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Kissing Meme : Sonamy - Kiss on the Hips (I think it's #14) 🙈😁😉 ❤️- KBSpeeding

Kissing Meme #14 Kiss along the hips.

hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngg KB is that really you??? ;o If it is then why did you go on anon?? Never mind I’m sure you have your reasons. I heard that you were leaving Tumblr?? don’tleaveuspleaseyourloved

Anyway, so this fic is based off a headcanon of mine that I posted ages ago and someone volunteered to write a fanfic for it but they never did(??) 

Headcanon: Sonic finds a case of marker pens in a variety of colors and out of boredom he and Amy have a pen fight, then end up drawing circles on each other, labeling the parts that they like. Until Sonic draws on Amy’s mouth commenting on how he likes the look of her lips. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Winter, an ordinary day in its late evening. Where the days were shortened and it got dark early. Outside was an unexpected gift of rain. The wet season didn’t generally start for another fortnight but the skies don’t lie. It wasn’t a mean rain either, the type that got the streams running with pristine water from the drains. 

Such a dull sight, Sonic thought with a tired expression, he would have run home by now if the rain hadn’t appeared, heck–he still had that choice but didn’t fancy getting soaked. So instead he sheltered inside Amy’s house waiting for the weather to die down. With a sigh, the blue hedgehog turned away from the window, back to the couch behind him. Then stopped. 

Out of the corner of his eyesight, Sonic unknowingly looked back twice at a desk pushed underneath the pane of the window, for what he saw was a smear of purple ink on said desk. At first glance he thought it was a juice stain. At second glance he realized it was a trail of ink smudged across the surface. Sonic’s gaze followed the line where it ended abruptly off the edge of the table, he looked down and discovered a pencil case that had a broken zip. 

Kneeling down he inspected it, until curiosity got the better of him and picked it up with one hand. Pens clattered at his feet as they tumbled out the opening of the case, he watched some of them roll away in retreat under the desk, and some bounced off the floor but remained. 

Just as Sonic was about to clear up the mess, soon enough he heard a door open and close behind him, all of a sudden he felt dread run through his chest, thinking that he was going to get caught doing something wrong. He shot a look over his shoulder where he saw Amy Rose come out of the bathroom, fully clothed and towel drying her quills, she was unaware of his linger presence, too focused on her raggedy appearance to notice him. 

You know that feeling you get when you see something perfect and you get a sudden urge to destroy it? Sonic had that feeling right now. Looking at Amy’s skin it looked as clean as a blanket of snow, which only encouraged his idea. 

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o hamlet! taehyung please.

O Hamlet: my character sees your character’s ghost.

There were a lot of things that sucked in this world, but you thought that having a ghostly boyfriend was the worst of them all.

Of course, tragedies weren’t like cups of flour. They couldn’t be measured out in teaspoons or cups, so you had no way of labelling yours with an objective number value. On a scale of runaway pet dog to world hunger, where does an undead, spectral boyfriend fit in? But you supposed that it didn’t really matter. Grief was subjective, so if you said that yours was the worst, then the world would simply have to accept it and leave it at that.

Not that you weren’t justified in your line of reasoning. When your lover was a semi-transparent spirit who was able to walk through solid objects and hang suspended in the air, probably anybody would have agreed with you and said how, mildly speaking, freaking miserable it was. There were so many things you wanted to do together, but death stood in the way of them all. You couldn’t touch. You couldn’t kiss. You couldn’t do the- ahem- unmentionables, which was absolute torture when you both were horny and aching for some good ol’ fashioned release (it had both amused and impressed you to learn that yes, ghostly boners were actually a thing).

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Fanfic: A Kiss to Begin It

Day one of Sockathan Week; we start it with a kiss…

Title: A Kiss to Begin It

Author: @kita-the-spaz

Rating: Teen

Summary:  Jonathan wasn’t sure what the hell— pun intended— was going on with his personal demon, but Sock had definitely stepped up his annoyance game to a whole new level. While Sock had never really had any appreciation for the concept of personal space, he’d been doing a lot more than simply invading Jonathan’s personal bubble lately.

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9. - Youre a Freak & Your Covers Blown.


Four weeks later.

It had been a total of four weeks since Solana had thrown up on me and I had ended up sleeping in Malakai’s bed. That night had set in motion a routine that we all became accustomed too. Though Kai and I could still not stand each other and we were bickering every chance we got, we always ended up in bed together. 

We never spoke about it, no one in the crew ever mentioned it and we most definitely couldn’t explain it. Whatever it was, it entitled both Malakai and I a good 8 to 9 hours sleep a night, which was more than either of us have had in a long time. No sexual act occurred during our nights together, it was a silent agreement that the only reason we were laying up next to each other was so that we could get some much needed sleep.

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