bored thursday


“I moved to California when I was twelve and I got a video camera and made little movies because I didn’t have any friends yet. I would force my sister to make these movies with me - which became my YouTube channel.”
                                                                                           -Dylan O'Brien

Play the Game - Ethan Dolan Mini Series

(A/N)- there will be a part 2 to this because it ended up being so long and I really wanted to make this super cute so…. enjoy :)

It was another horribly boring Thursday afternoon spent in 4th period Advanced English. It wasnt boring because you didnt like the class, it was boring because you were incredibly bright and far ahead of the rest of your peers. Being a genius had it’s ups and downs-although you struggled to see anything but the downs. You were always sought out by teachers to tutor struggling students- seeing as you were the smartest boy in school, in fact it was safe to say you were the smartest person in the entire school.

Grabbing your typical teenage boy backpack (a basic black jansport) you packed your English notebook and highlighters into their respective pouches. It was just as you reached the threshold of the orange metal door that your teacher, Ms. Watters, had called your name and motioned at you to walk over to her desk.

“Hey Ms. Watters. I know I’m not supposed to keep reading ahead but it’s just that the class is so slow for me sometimes and-” you babbled on only to be interrupted by the white-haired woman. She laughed lightly before replying, “Oh no honey it’s not that, trust me. I wish I had kids who even began to read the assignments!”

“Oh, ok. Um, then what did you need me to stay behind for?”

“I need you to tutor a student of mine. Hes in this upcoming 5th period class. So maybe I can introduce you two when the class is over. He really needs some help, Im just not getting through to him so I figured maybe someone his age would.”

“Um, I don’t really know, I’m kind of already swamped with ya know, stuff…” wow great lie. She gave you a knowing look, considering she- like every other teacher in the school, knew you were miles ahead of everyone else on the work.

“I figured you might not want to do this so I went ahead and talked to Principal Gordon and we agreed to pay you 15$ an hour for sessions twice a week at a duration of two hours each.” She beamed at you hopeful you would take on a new kid to tutor. You sighed heavily before rolling your eyes, “ Alright I suppose I could do that. Ill be back after lunch to meet the kid I guess.“ She squealed out a ‘thank you’ as you placed the straps of your backpack onto your broad shoulders and headed to the cafeteria.

Thirty minutes later lunch had ended and you headed to Ms. Watters classroom once again for the day. Being a teachers aid was cool because you basically had a free period aside from grading a few papers here and there. The class lolled on as you played around on your phone clicking in and out of different social media apps. The bell had finally rung and you sat at the desk adjacent from the English teachers, waiting to be introduced to your newest academic project. And this is when the one and only Ethan Dolan approaches the desk your body is stiffly planted at.

Ethan walks up to you with a little smirk on a his face “so listen, I need you to not fuck this up for me. If I don’t pass this class I don’t play football. Make it happen okay? Good. See ya tomorrow at my house.” He hands me the piece of paper and walks off briskly- probably headed to football practice.

“Um Ms. Watters I don’t think I can tutor him he seems a little stubborn.” To say your worried is an understatement. Again, she smiles her perfect smile and says, “I’m sure you’ll be fine sweetheart” and then she’s off and on her way to the teachers lounge.

As you head to your old Chevy truck you soon realize Ethan forgot to tell you a specific time to meet at his place. Sprinting to the football field you try and seek out the Dolan boy amongst the sea of numbered jerseys. Soon you notice he’s talking to his coach and he seems to be pretty heated about something. Ethan spots you and strides over grabbing you by your arm to drag you away from his teammates. “What in the hell are you doing here!?” He grits his teeth. “I um, I just came to ask what time to meet at your house for tutoring dude. Damn calm down.” “Oh, uh ok. Like 5. Now leave!” Wow. What a nice guy….

Boring Thursday with piles of work to do.
And i came across a web comic by this brilliant chinese artist, 壇九. It gave me chills, so i decided to do a quick fanart of it.


Check out the comic here:

English version: