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Omg I am in love with this blog 💕💕 I love how well written everything is!! So I read the rules and I wasn't sure if I could request only one character or if I had to do RFA+the characters I wanted;;; but I was hoping for some kissing headcannons (like how they kiss, etc.) of the RFA+V please and thank you!

Oh hi~! Thank you for your support! You can have individual characters or the whole gang when making a request. :) We don’t normally do Vanderwood (or Rika, or Driver Kim lolol), but for HCs, we usually write for the five main characters + Saeran and V. ♥

This was fun to write, so I hope you enjoy~!!!


Kissing HCs


  • You were surprised when he first kissed you at the party
  • He seemed so… confident.
  • But he becomes a blushing mess when you initiate kisses
  • Likes eskimo kisses, rubbing his nose against yours, and then finishing it with a quick peck on the lips
  • Attacks you with multiple kisses on the face when you call him cute
  • To the point where you’re already holding his face away from you and he’s still puckered up like a cartoon octopus, trying so hard to reach you
  • “Yoosung, nooooo~“
  • “But whyyyy, emshee jush one mooorreee pweeeeaaash“
  • Makes obnoxiously loud smooching noises until you give in
  • Will steal kisses when you’re super serious or unaware
  • Expect a moan or two when you bite him during makeout sessions
  • Loves it best when you’re cuddling and he reaches from behind you to kiss your cheek.
  • “I’m sorry MC, I just can’t help but want to kiss you ‘cuz you’re so cute!“
  • Yoosung, what’re you talking about you’re the one who’s cute asdfghjkl

Zen / Hyun Ryu

  • Good night kiss. Good luck kiss. Goodbye kiss.
  • Basically makes each and every excuse just to give you kisses.
  • Chooses the highest seat on the theater just to make out with you
  • “But Zen, we won’t be able to properly watch the movie from up here…“
  • “You don’t need to look at anything else but me, MC.“
  • Who needs 3d and 4d when you’re always having a very interactive movie experience™?
  • But he really lives for morning kisses
  • Chuckles at the sight of you since your hair is always a disheveled mess
  • Starts with kissing the top of your head and then tucks away some loose strands so he could kiss your forehead
  • You always automatically roll away from him, exposing his favorite part to kiss : the crook of your neck
  • Lmao Zen are you a vampire
  • He goes to wrap his arms around you, burying his nose at the junction between your neck and shoulder, breathing in your scent before he licks a path just below the shell of your ear
  • And then he goes back, peppering said area with small kisses
  • Doesn’t care whether you’ve brushed or not, nothing will stop him from kissing you on the lips when you turn to face him
  • “Good morning, jagi. ♥“
  • What a good morning, indeed.


  • Was really shy at first, so she wouldn’t kiss you much.
  • But she gradually gets used to it since you usually rain kisses on her.
  • Would give you a quick kiss when you least expect it.
  • And blush innocently.
  • Baehee what did we do to deserve you aaaaaaaa
  • Sometimes though, she would just rest her forehead against yours, and give you butterfly kisses, your eyelashes touching as you lazily kiss
  • She’d smile and laugh with you afterwards
  • There was one time when you had icing on your cheek and she was feeling adventurous
  • So she gathered her courage, and then…
  • “MC, there’s icing on your cheek.“
  • “Eh? Where?“ you ask, touching the opposite cheek
  • “No, no, not there. Here, I’ll get it for you“
  • She reaches out, and then licks the icing off of your cheek in a way that it made you shiver and feel light and tingly inside
  • There was an awkward silence right after, until she coughs and then carries on with work as if nothing happened
  • (≖ ͜ʖ≖)
  • You made it a point to smear some icing on your cheek from then on and pretend that you didn’t know you had it on


  • Tries so hard to act cute with you sometimes, it’s almost painful to watch
  • Jumin, please stop watching cheesy dramas and copying it; we’d still love you even if Zen calls you a bore
  • Pretty shameless when he kisses you on the lips during parties, much to his father’s disdain.
  • “As much as it’s a pleasure to meet your daughter, I only have eyes for my wife.“
  • He doesn’t kiss much, but when he does, it’s always the back of your hands first.
  • And then the forehead, then the lips.
  • Or forehead, eyelids, tip of your nose.
  • When you’re being intimate with him, he’d gently gather a few locks of your hair in his hand and kiss it
  • Also loves kissing a path from your knees down to your inner thighs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Hickeys on your neck, collarbone, chest, upper arms; he likes marking what’s his.
  • Would sometimes take you out for evening walks, and then kiss you under the fireworks or when you’re alone at an observation deck on a tower or a cruise ship
  • “Wha… what was that for???“
  • “Do I really need to have a reason to kiss you, my love?“
  • It usually leads you to melt on the spot, but he’s always there to catch you ♥

707 / Saeyoung

  • Spiderman kiss? Lizard kiss? Australian kiss?  ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)
  • Name an unusual type of kiss, and he’d convince you to try it with him.
  • Saeyoung, stop trying to hang upside down from there, it’s dangerous pls stop
  • On a serious note, he’s more likely to casually flop on your lap when you’re on the couch and ask for a kiss.
  • Or he would distract you from a card or board game with a breathtaking kiss to win. Lmao you cheat
  • Biter. Also a tease.
  • His favorite part to kiss is your tummy, then making his way down, down, down… but then he suddenly backs up to give you a deep kiss when you think that he’d kiss there
  • Also loves kissing from your back down to the swell of your butt, where he proceeds to bite.
  • “Saeyoung!“
  • “Eheheh. Sorry, I got carried away, it’s just so soft and bouncy, I couldn’t resist!“
  • There are also times when he’d take you out on a drive
  • He’d spread a blanket on a dry, grassy patch and you’d just lie side by side, holding hands while star gazing.
  • When he thinks you’re starting to doze off, he’d hover over you
  • “Hey, don’t fall asleep on me, MC,“ he says, caressing your face and then tilting your chin upwards.
  • Proceeds to place soft kisses on your lips, moving to the corner of your mouth and then your jaw.
  • And then he stops and flicks your forehead.
  • “It’s getting late, we should head back home.“
  • ( ಥ ʖ̯ ಥ) ….

Unknown / Saeran

  • Polar extremes
  • You’d have to either coax kisses out of him, or he would slam you against a flat surface and aggressively kiss the crap out of you.
  • “Saeran, you rarely kiss me. C’mon, pleeeaaase? With mint chip ice cream on top?“
  • “Fine, but you better live up to your promise“
  • Gives you a half-assed side kiss, then carries on with his task
  • “Saeran that’s not even a proper kiss“ ( ಠ ʖ̯ ಠ)
  • “Beggars can’t be choosy, MC.“
  • He might say that while sporting a bored look, but he’s really screaming inside.
  • Very embarrassed bean. Give him space. Let him scream. Give the boy his ice cream.
  • Likes giving one-lip kisses, either kissing your upper lip, or biting your lower lip and then making a swipe inside your mouth with his tongue
  • But there are also times when he’d ask nicely for a kiss on the lips.
  • “Can I kiss you, MC?“ kiss. “I want to kiss more. Can I kiss you again?“ kiss. “Another.“ kiss.
  • This usually leads to heavy makeout sessions.
  • Lets you take the last weiner, cake, nugget, etc., but then he steals it from you through a french kiss before you could even chew
  • “It’s your fault for not swallowing quickly.“

V / Jihyun Kim

  • Will randomly pull you in for kisses when he’s in a happy mood
  • His favorite is when your back is turned to him and your nape is exposed.
  • Will hug you from behind and starts with a number of soft kisses on your nape, going to your shoulder.
  • And then he’d just rest his chin on your shoulder and smile at you as he watches you work.
  • “I would take a picture, but I don’t think I’d be able to perfectly catch this moment on camera, MC.“
  • Would usually lead to you accidentally cutting or burning your fingers when he does this during meal prep
  • “Oh no, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for you to get distracted! Here, let me see your hand.“
  • Unconsciously puts the burned/bleeding area to his lips, lightly sucking on it.
  • “Uhh… V, the… the first aid kit… “
  • “Hmm? Oh. Oh, right. Just stay there while I get the kit.“
  • Likes to lightly nibble on your earlobe, neck, collarbone, shoulder, and hip
  • Showering together? He would kiss your back while you’re both under the shower spray.
  • Most likely to take you skinny dipping, and then make out with you in the water
Silver Lining| Min Yoongi

Life has its hardships especially being fresh out of college luckily you have a gummy smiled friend to help you with your struggles. You managed getting a shabby apartment with a shared bedroom and when worst comes ends up having to share a cold shower as the warm water is shut off. Things arent going so pleasant as the electricity follows off too but the most treacherous of all, you being able to face what your feelings might actually hold. But your just friends right?

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Warning: Smut, cursing, stuff, Best friend Yoongi!, So much friendly bickering like damn just fuck already

Genre: Smut and fluff

Word count: 13.2K Got a little carried away..

A/N: A wild update appears. Okay this damn comeback needs to back the fuck up. Yoongi looks like a meal and bighit is now becoming a jin stan everything it beautiful. School sucks thats the main reason my updates are late as hell. also i found this promt on pintrest but switched some shit. ALSO i am supposed to be doing homework but needed to update please pray for my grades. ALso my teacher was talking about college and im not even a senior so you need to calm the fuck down with that damn word. Okay im done

Oh and you know i had to get a blue hair yoongi on the screen.

Having a longing companion was a necessity to a longing life. Having someone to share the necessitates you were used to sharing alone. The feeling of having another comforting body against your side defeating the odds always seemed appealing. It was often rare for something to come along like so. You would rather find a needle in a hay stack then finding something as extraordinary as other couples demonstrate so. It was never an easy task to accomplish as everyone seeks for so, making your chances limited.

I soon accepted this fate and decided on second best, another companion that seemingly resembled the same. A best friend was well suited for my need, as they held the same traits but still remained rather different. A significant other held the qualities of love and romance as a best friend held the traits of honesty loyalty and bundles of fun. No argumentative sides or going a long period without talking as being away from the seemed like the end of your whole soul. I needed someone to rely on and cherish without that sexual desire yet it seemed almost impossible to find. I was hovering over ever possibility i could get, still lost in the endless hay stack.

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Hello, Robin. Please help! I want to be a video editor, but my parents aren't on board : editors sit at computers all day and ruin their eye sight, the work amount is very unstable, it's boring and tedious, etc. What do you have to say about these remarks, as a real life video editor? Thank you for your time! Anna.

Well, I think we have to accept the fact that.. your parents.. might just be.. a little bit dumb :(

Most, and more and more, types of work these days require the use of computers daily. So that’s a stupid argument already.

Next, I’ve sat at the computer pretty much every day for the past 15 years of my life, and I still have no problems with my eyesight. There are farmers with glasses too, tell them that.

Third, work amount is only gonna go up. With more and more platforms producing their own videos, anything from Youtube to Netflix to smaller studios and pop-ups like Seeso, to whatever else. And more and more platforms supporting, and focusing on video, ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat(?). Editing isn’t gonna go away anytime soon. Futureproof.

Number D.. Boring and tedious? Is that for them to decide what is boring and tedious? I think sports are boring and tedious, does that mean no one is allowed to play sports? As far as I know, that’s an opinion, not a fact.

Something like that? :P

The Foxes face Breckenridge again and Breckenridge’s players are just as aggressive

  • Everyone’s getting knocked around
  • Aaron’s striker slams him shoulder-first into the wall
  • It takes a second, but Aaron gets back up
  • Aaron is doing a convincing job of pretending he isn’t hurting
  • But Andrew can see through it from the sidelines
  • Because Andrew has experience watching Aaron for injuries
  • And seeing when Aaron is in pain and trying to pretend he isn’t
  • At half, Andrew tells everyone how Renee is playing goal again second half
  • Everyone argues, especially Wymack, Kevin, and Neil
  • Andrew insists they can have Renee in goal or no one
  • Wymack and the team think it’s just Andrew being his usual aggressively indifferent self
  • But then Neil and Renee get a clue that there’s more to it when Andrew ignores Neil’s arguments and hauls Aaron off
  • Andrew tells Aaron they’re switching equipment and uniforms

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signs in sports anime
  • aries: wants to fight everyone. is usually the guy that the rest of the team needs to hold back bc they have no chill
  • taurus: senpai material who everyone secretly has a crush on (very beautiful)
  • gemini: comedic relief who gets hit in the face by the ball too many times
  • cancer: actual angel who probably finds cats they see on the street and smuggle them into class
  • leo: thoroughly convinced that they're the best, and probably very interested in the homosexual agenda
  • virgo: the bitchy one who always has something bitchy to say. probably doesn't care about u
  • libra: the mom friend that desperately tries to keep everything chill
  • scorpio: quiet at first but then you discover that they won't hesitate to kill a man if needed
  • sagittarius: very excited ball of sunshine and often hurts themself by accident in the process
  • capricorn: the serious one who everyone thinks is cool but is actually the biggest nerd in existence. probably lives off memes.
  • aquarius: the bro friend. the homie. successfully mastered the art of swag. will beat ur ass if u talk shit about them
  • pisces: the one that tries to act tough and has piercings and acts like a punk but is actually the biggest crybaby ever

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Imagine Steve going off on a rant during a PR event about his strong feelings about the current state of baseball.

In Steve’s opinion, it took the once Brooklyn Dodgers far too long to ask him to throw the first pitch out at one of their games.  Sure, they’d moved to Los Angeles (and Steve wasn’t about to let them forget it) but he still considered himself the biggest fan they’d ever had.  The morning of the game was sunny and warm, and Steve gave the ball a throw with all his might.  As he heard the satisfying smack of it hitting the catcher’s mitt, he smiled towards the camera, fully aware that his face was on the jumbo screen, and made his way off the field.

It only took a few minutes of being off the mound before the press swarmed him.  He didn’t even have a chance to find his seat before experiencing the too familiar feeling of ten reporters shouting questions at him.  This time, however, one really caught his attention.

“Captain Rogers, what do you say to the young people who claim that baseball isn’t a real sport?”

“What?” Steve asked incredulously.  “Baseball is not just a sport, it’s an American sport.  It’s in our blood.  Next they’ll be saying that New York isn’t a real city.”  He scoffed and shook his head.  “Baseball might not be as fast-paced as some other sports, but it takes skill and heart to play it.  You have to be versatile, you have to think on your feet, you have to smart and quick and ready for anything.  That’s the American way.  Those boys out there, playing our country’s game, they’re doing it for the love of it.  Really, the only way I could be happier with the current state of baseball is if my team came back to Brooklyn.”

I hate when everything about Dean gets turned in posturing in fics (and meta). I know that he lies about things he likes and I know that he says he doesn’t like things then does them anyway, but that doesn’t make everything he says about himself a lie. I hate fic that makes Dean’s entire canon personality a front. He’s not a fluffy teddy bear pretending to be a tough guy: he’s both a tough guy and a nice guy. He may be kind, but he’s literally decapitated creatures and that doesn’t go away because he is good with children. Why are people so unimaginative that they can’t see multiple sides of Dean?

FRIDAY was meant to be the replacement AI. An Irish voice to inform Tony of what was going on, what to do. Nothing more. Nothing that could replace Jarvis. Ever. 

Well, she didn’t replace Jarvis, but she’s not just a synthetically Irish voice. She’s her own person. (Sometimes, Tony is just great at his job.) FRIDAY cares. She really does. Because Tony made Jarvis when he was young and slightly buzzed, he gets the coding right on some things. It doesn’t take her months to learn everything around her. It takes weeks, sure. But she picks up on colloquialisms, sarcasm, and phrases. 

He’s…kind of proud. When she shuts down the lab in the first two months after he’s worked nonstop for ten hours. “Your body needs a break, Boss,” she informs him. “And I’m having drinks with friends soon…” FRIDAY says it as a joke, and Tony kind of laughs. 

“What, motor oil and loose codes throughout?” 

“Even better. Long Island Teas.” Tony doesn’t know if it’s because he finds it funny or just amazed, but he laughs. 

FRIDAY becomes Friday. She’s a good woman. Always respectfully petty when need be. She turns on news reports, makes suggestions about possible business ventures when Tony gets bored, and always reads random Wikipedia pages. Tony’s not sure where she got that habit from, but now she won’t stop bugging Tony about watching Young Frankenstein starring the effervescent Gene Wilder. “It’s good, Boss.” 

“I know Fri, I was alive when it aired. Don’t sass me.” 

“I’ll beg for forgiveness,” she deadpans. 

The bots love her. They’ve never really had a sister before. Butterfingers and her bond like no one else has seen before–Friday animates a suit against orders to be able to have a dance party with him. 

“He’s my brother, we have to have fun when I don’t have a flesh sack,” Friday comments after Tony gets mildly upset. 

“Don’t ever call human bodies ‘flesh sacks’ again,” Tony says with a shudder. 

Friday worships the ground Pepper walks on. She analyzes her clothes to buy some new designer shoes and dresses that Pepper can wear on business or just for fun. 

“My girl Friday,” Tony says one day. “Thank god you got her shoes, I forgot her favorite drink. Again.” 

“Three strikes and you’re out, Boss.” 

“You don’t even like baseball!” 

“And you do?” 

“Okay fair point, it is a very boring sport. Hey, quick question, did we or did we not buy vanilla ice cream?” 

“No, we did not. You saw mint chocolate chip and decided that you must have it.” 

“Damn my mood swings,” Tony curses. “We need vanilla ice cream.” 

“I also want to see Pulp Fiction. I heard John Travolta is devastating in it.” 

“Honey, his entire career is devastating. The last time you picked a movie U had ideas. That can’t happen again, I’m not having him trying to reenact Titanic on the balcony like a lovesick teen.” 

“Well to be fair, I did play the recorder version of ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ I think it made the scene.” 

“Friday, you have the weirdest sense of humor, it’s like having a Millennial in my house all the time.” 

“If we’re getting ice cream then I demand that we get avocadoes.” 

Tony smiles. It’s good to have someone in his corner for banter alongside Rhodey. It’s nice to have just someone back. 

ID #23929

Name: Johnathan
Age: 21
Country: USA

Hey guys, I don’t really know what to write. I’m a guy that loves sports. Baseball and soccer are my favorite sports. I love to eat also and I like watching tv shows. I know I seem kind of boring but we can be friends and get to know each other!

Preferences: I don’t really have a preference anyone can be my friend.